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00:00:07,580 --> 00:00:10,430 SARAH SWALLOW: My passion for cycling
kind of started with the fitness side of it,
but then was introduced to this whole other side.
I really got into exploring new places
and finding new places to ride.
I typically gravitate to like national forests and state
We're riding through Humboldt Redwoods State Park.
00:00:40,910 --> 00:00:44,529 You're surrounded by these huge redwoods
that are covered in moss.
And it was just incredible.
00:00:54,930 --> 00:00:57,341 It started really raining.
But it was also when we discovered that car
off the side of the road.
We should make sure that there's no dead bodies
on the other side.
00:01:08,602 --> 00:01:10,900 It looks like there's a whole bunch of, like, snacks
in there.
00:01:46,560 --> 00:01:50,046 Seeing the world from the seat of my bicycle
is an incredible experience.
There'll be hardships.
And it's not always, uh, comfortable.
But it'll be rewarding, no matter what,
even if it's cold and rainy.
00:02:05,090 --> 00:02:08,310 You aim to set up camp between 3:00 and 5:00.
And as long as you can do that, then you've
had a really good day.
So if it takes you all day to go 20 miles or all day
to go 70 miles, then, you know, you get to see nature
and be in it and experience it.
00:02:26,190 --> 00:02:30,710 For dinner, we had dehydrated Thai curry, olives,
and then dessert of creme brulee.
00:02:46,272 --> 00:02:48,751 This is our normal routine.
Tom stands there, stays warm, while I pack up the tent.
00:02:55,105 --> 00:02:56,688 You should be making coffee right now.
TOM: All right, fine.
SARAH SWALLOW: Tom and I met in a bicycle shop
that we were both working at.
We are opposites in so many ways.
And the things that we're opposite in
are actually very complementary.
So we make a really good team.
00:03:33,130 --> 00:03:38,281 The sun came out, like, as soon as we were making our descent
on the beach.
It was a perfect ending, made all that effort worth it.
00:03:51,540 --> 00:03:54,970 You have to look at life in terms of you
only have so much time on this earth.
And how are you going to spend that time?


The Adventure Dispatch - Sarah Swallow

524 分類 收藏
Shinichiro 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 15 日
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