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Welcome to 30 university degrees described in one sentence.
Let's get started!
[Philosophy] Half of the time is spent listening to the same person arguing with the lecturer.
[Marketing] We learn how to create imaginary problems to convenient solutions.
[Accounting] I don't like spreadsheets, but I like money.
[Medicine] In nine short years, I might be doing the job I actually want.
[Computer science] My time is occupied with helping friends with basic computer issues, before unsuccessfully influencing them that Linux is the superior operating system.
[Psychology] I now understand why I'm attracted to my boyfriend.
[Management] Welcome to a course that teaches common sense made more complicated with longer words.
[Criminology] I'll either find a job at the end of my degree, or I'll be the most highly trained criminal known to man.
[Law] I justify my six-figure salary by comprehending the English language slightly better than everyone else.
[Nursing] I do twice the work and get half the pay of a doctor because I understand 10 percent less.
[Marine biology] I expected to swim with dolphins, but I'm now managing a fish farm.
[Marxism] I'll complain about being broke forever without actually trying to change it.
[Mechanical engineering] I tried doing electrical engineering, but it was too hard.
[Electrical engineering] I'm only studying this to become Iron Man.
[Innovation and enterprise] I'll never get a job, but at least I know how to make my own.
[Commerce] This was my third choice behind law and medicine that my Asian parents would accept.
[Veterinary science] I love animals.
I can't wait to put them down all day.
[History] I've referenced the entire internet in the last four days.
[Economics] I now know how to fix all the world's problems, but no one likes what I have to say.
[Tourism] In only three years, I'll be able to get a minimum-wage job in a Western European country.
[Journalism] I now be the most qualified person to cry at my computer for hours on end.
[Geology] I'm very boring at parties.
[Medical science] I couldn't get into medicine.
[Health science] I couldn't get into medicine, but at least everyone in my classes is attractive.
[Zoology] In this profession, human beings are the hardest animal to deal with.
[Archaeology] The highlight of my career will be finding a 700-year-old male.
[IT] I'm now able to Google problems better than anyone else.
[Dentistry] My friends refuse to call me a doctor.
[Japanese studies] Everyone here is either Japanese or owns an extensive katana collection.
[Any arts degree] I'm never getting a job.



如果要你用一句話描述你大學主修的科系,會是什麼呢? (30 university degrees described in 1 sentence)

3070 分類 收藏
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