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This is migration mark in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
And I've just ordered what I think is maybe one of my favorite meals in the entire world,
it's called nasi camper and ikan bakar which is a grilled fish, just grab some of the vegetables,
dip in with your hand.
Flavored with coconut milk, aww, it's so good. Some of this eggplant. And then this giant
block of tofu in chili sauce. Malaysian food is one of the finest foods on earth for sure.
The grilled mackerel fish, called ikan bakar. I'm going to grab a piece first, which sauce,
I'm going to try this sauce first, chillies, grab a piece of that. Oh, that is, that is
Even though I just had a fish, I couldn't resist eating another ikan bakar. This is
Malaysian style, grilled Malaysian style fish. It's just, the aroma, will force you to stop.
I'm going to try to get in here and get a seat.
First dip it in the sauce provided, put that on the rice. Oh, it's killer, it's marinated
in some orange red sauce that's unbelievable.
I just got a snack, little dumpling things, almost like empanadas, they're filled with
beans and spices, some kind of daal or gobi spice. Oh, it's like an Indian Malaysian empanada.
It started down pouring outside so dipped into this restaurant called Restoran Yusoof
Masakan Kari and I'm going to drink one of the most popular beverages in Malaysia which
is called teh tarik, and it's a milk, sweet milk tea.
I have arrived at the pinnacle destination. Hameed's fish head curry, we're going to go
get some nasi kandar which is Indian food, Malaysian style. Get a piece of chicken, let
me grab one.
As you can see, I couldn't control my excitement, ended up ordering a lot more food than I should
have, but I'm quite happy about it. This Hameed's mutton curry is some of the best stuff I've
ever had actually. So tender, vegetables, this is the nasi kandar. We've got daal which
is wonderful, it's almost a soup daal. And Hameed's is also famous for their tandoori
chicken, looks at that, it's just red and beautiful. Got a bone in here but, it's so
smokey, it came straight out of the clay oven. Throw some daal on it too, why not. It's awesome.
The heap of food has now been reduced to a few chicken bones and some sauce on my fingers.
I've reached almost the end on this twelve our munch fest in Kuala Lumpur, the final
dish is going to be something called nasi lemak, it's right before me, and it's a real
Malaysian classic comfort food. Rice, an egg, dried fish with peanuts, and dried fish in
a red sauce. That red sauce is just killer.



【美食學英文】街邊小吃之旅 (Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur)

21321 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 30 日    Grace Chen 翻譯    Shih-Pei Lu 審核
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