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Yours looks like a meal.
Mine literally looks like a mom that was frantic in the morning that, just like, took everything out of a package, and like throw it on a plate.
That doesn't look that great.
Hi, I'm Lauren, and I'm representing Korea.
I'm Nate, I'm representing America.
I'm Emily.
I'm representing the United States of America today.
I'm Inseong, I'm representing Korea.
And today we're swapping school lunches.
Growing up, school lunches were kind of gross.
It certainly wasn't gourmet.
There was a lot of microwave pizza, french fries, chips.
Just like the movies?
Literally just like the movies.
Korean school lunches we're very healthy.
They always had kimchi, like some kind of meat.
Kids had better food at school than sometimes at their house.
It's very much the opposite in my experience.
Well, I'm pretty hungry.
I'm starving.
-Great. -Yeah, let's swap-a-roo.
-Here's America. - Oh.
I just love that.
I think that's an UnCrustable.
I've definitely seen that on some sort of television show before.
Oh, wow.
Oh, that looks great.
-You're lunch looks fantastic. -I got you this too.
What is that?
Did you watch "To All the Boys I've Ever Loved"?
-Of course I have! -Yeah, yeah.
That is why it's worth the hype.
As you can see, we've got sugar.
There's the sugar in here, sugar in there, sugar in there.
This is like quite literally what the pizza would look like.
Is that a bagel bite?
-Essentially, yeah. -Okay, yeah.
It's like dough with some shit on it.
The salad has ranch, and then there's a side of extra ranch on the side.
Some corn, as you can see.
That doesn't look that bad, honestly.
It's alright.
We got some, like, fruit peaches it looks like that have been soaking in syrup, probably for, like, a couple of months.
Some wet carrots that were also probably soaking in some juices for a couple of months.
Have you ever had one of these?
Yeah, I love UnCrustables.
Okay, so you know. You do?
So, typically in a Korean lunch we have the white rice, the soup, and, like, the pun chun which can include, like, vegetables, or meat basically.
Eggs mixed in with some vegetables, and then more vegetables, and then some meat.
And we have some pun chun over here.
Looks like some marinated cucumbers.
Looks like hunu moi, which is kind of like bean sprouts.
-Yeah. -Yeah, bean sprouts.
And we got some carrots going on here, and it looks like we got some gyoza.
We got some shrimp, fried shrimp, and I believe it's like a fried dumpling.
And then, this is miyeok-guk combined with some fish in there too.
What's miyeok-guk?
Miyeok-guk is, like, a seaweed soup.
A lot of people eat it when it's their birthday.
And my birthday is coming up soon, so...
And it looks like we have doenjang-guk here.
It's like the staple Korean soup.
And then you got yakuruto, which is like a sweet little drink.
So, your sugar comes in like a tiny, little container, and ours comes in like a bread pouch.
-Oh, mine looks so good, oh. -Wait.
Hey, I'm not hating on pizza.
You're so lucky.
Oh boy!
So excited.
Should we cheers?
-Absolutely. -Okay, lets do it.
This is an event.
-Hold on, let me get my -Yep, take your time.
-It's a little spongy. -It's a little spongy.
-Enjoy! -Cheers, thank you.
Oh, this is really good.
That will go really well with this.
With the UnCrustable?
I do actually like UnCrustables.
I mean, I'm not mad at it. Cheese and bread.
It's okay, like its not bad.
If I was like a starving child, I would not be mad at this.
I'm interested in this birthday soup.
It's got, like, a kick to it.
Yeah, okay.
You have this for your birthday?
That's delicious.
I'm going to try some of this vegetable medley.
Going in my belly.
What did I tell you?
If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life...
Would it be that?
It might be.
You said this is fried chicken?
That's a bit more my speed.
That's a bit more American style.
We got fruit dipped in lot of, I think, syrup or something.
Have a peach yet?
You know, I probably should.
What's your hesitation?
-No, I'm not. -Oh, okay.
-No, I'm not, I'm not. -Okay, okay.
I know what cheese tastes like.
I'm not really sure what I'm eating.
-Yeah. -Is it a peach?
Are you sure its a peach?
I think so.
I was confident, and now I'm less.
It just tastes like solidified, like...
- Sugar. - Sugar, yeah.
This fried chicken's [is] really good.
I like it.
Is this, like, also considered, like, a healthy thing?
Because it feels kind of, like, greasy.
That's our little cheat.
-This is the cheat? -Cheat food.
Okay, I think you guys have, like, one food that's the cheat food, and then everything else is pretty healthy.
And we have, like, one thing that's pretty healthy, and everything else is kind of the cheat food.
What's healthy here?
-The carrots. -Oh, okay.
I feel like I'm complaining a lot.
-You're not complaining, -I'm not! I'm not hating.
You're saying what you are experiencing.
And it just so happens to be a little bit worse than what I'm experiencing.
Oh my, look at my carrot, and look at, like, your carrot.
I know, ew, I'm so sorry.
And this egg.
Its like egg rolled.
Yeah, its like a little omelet that gets prepared for you.
And then, what about the vegetables?
Yeah, what did you say these were?
That's spinach.
-Oh, wow, okay. -Yeah.
Wait, you guys get spinach for lunch?
Go to get...
What is this one called again?
This is the Jeon, the meat Jeon.
Wait, I just saw the cross section.
It looks so good.
I would be so much healthier as a person if this is what I was eating when I was a child.
You have these at your school?
We we're spoiled as children.
I would be like energized, I'd be empowered, I'd have a great day after this.
Alright, soup time.
That's a big chunk.
That's really good.
I've never had a soup that tastes like that.
I think this is like bean paste soup.
I've never had this before.
Here we go.
-Is it good? -Oh.
And you're getting your probiotics, so...
Good, good.
Would you like a sip?
I feel bad.
-Thank you. -Yeah, please.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh, I can't stand watching you suffer like this.
I haven't had this in a hot minute.
Finish it.
-Finish it? -Yeah.
My childhood is literally in this.
-It's really good. -Like in this bottle.
Good job on trying all of the food.
Oh yeah, it was great!
I didn't know that's like the standard of food.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
Yeah, like little banchans and stuff, like the side dishes.
What are they called?
I think the American term is slop.
It's a slop of salad, and a slop of carrots.
Yeah, I've seen that in movies.
Korean lunch is incredible.
What a lunch!
What a lunch!
I wish that our lunches were a little bit better.
I think they are getting better now, but I wish, when I was a kid, I had eaten better.
I would probably not change anything about my childhood after that meal, but I love pizza and I love peaches, and I'm not going to complain if I did grow up here.
But you didn't.
But I did not, no.
Because I would.
Hey, better late than never.
Mid 20s is a perfect time to just do it all over again.


營養午餐大比拼!揭曉美國人與韓國人如何評價對方的食物 (Americans & Koreans Swap School Lunches)

2097 分類 收藏
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