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Meghan Markle has official shared an adorable family Christmas card snap with Prince Harry
and baby Archie.
The "sweetest" photo shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in fits of laughter behind their
cute son.
Little Archie is the centre of attention in the adorable Christmas card, as he appears
to crawl into the foreground of the shot with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sat behind
him laughing.
The adorable photo shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex laughing in the background with
Archie's cute little face in the foreground.
The royals are pictured on the floor in front of a Christmas tree decorated with lights
and baubles.
They've chosen to release their photo in black and white, as Meghan often chooses to do.
The card reads: "Merry Christmas and a happy new year from our family to yours."
And the bottom of the card it adds: "this year we have chosen to send our holiday card
The environmentally friendly e-card was released on Twitter days after it emerged Harry and
Meghan have taken baby Archie to Canada to spend the Christmas break.
It was also emailed to friends and colleagues on Monday with hard copies sent to family.
The card was not officially released through any official royal channels, and first appeared
on an unverified Twitter account called The Queen's Commonwealth Trust.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took their seven month old boy with them for an “extended
holiday break” after telling how they were struggling to deal with life in the public
They decided to snub the Queen's invitation to Sandringham in favour of staying abroad.
It's thought the royal couple are deliberately avoiding the US and trying to stay away from
According to the Daily Mail, one friend said: "They have barely set foot outside the door
and have been enjoying some quality family time together."
It's reported that Meghan's mum, Doria has also been visiting them from LA.
The adorable gif comes a few days after Kate Middleton and Prince William's 2019 Christmas
card has been leaked online.
The charming image shows the smiling royal couple with their three children in summery
attire as they pose on a green motorcycle.
It is currently unclear where or when the picture was taken as it has not been officially
released by Kensington Palace.
The signed message simply reads: "Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year."
Meghan lived in Toronto for seven years while filming Suits, and some of her best friends
still live in the country.
Prince Harry recently recorded a video of himself dressed as a jolly Santa for the Scotty's
Little Soldiers Christmas party, a charity that helps bereaved army children.
He said: "Ho ho ho. Hi guys, everyone at Scotty's Little Soldiers!
“Hope you are having an amazing time. I hear there is a 190 of you there this year
so please cause as much chaos as humanly possible."
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been urged by Royal family members to return from abroad
to spend Christmas in the UK, as Prince Philip spends a fourth night in hospital.
The couple have missed the Queen's pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace and they will not
be present for the traditional royal family gathering at the monarch's private Sandringham
estate on Christmas Day.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew with their eight-month-old son to Canada last month and
have been keeping a low profile ever since.
Some Royals have insisted the couple should break their six-week long visit and return,
after Prince Philip spent a fourth night in hospital.
One family member, told The Sun: 'Even before the Duke became ill, many were at a loss as
to why Harry and Meghan would miss what could be one of the last family Christmases with
the Queen and Philip.
'They are absolutely entitled to a proper break and privacy, but they've had six weeks
'What about some lovely family photos and memories with baby Archie?
Many of the family were very keen to see him over Christmas, but were told they couldn't
as they were abroad.
'There is a feeling they are being inconsiderate and selfish, given the Queen and Philip's
advancing age.'
A spokesperson for Harry and Meghan said they will be “spending private family time in
The palace aide said: “The decision to base themselves in Canada reflects the importance
of this Commonwealth country to them both.
"The Duke of Sussex has been a frequent visitor to Canada over many years, and it was also
home to The Duchess for seven years before she became a member of the Royal Family.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry official release the adorable Christmas card with baby Archie

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