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- What the absolutely jeez is going on here?
- There is nothing in this video that will give me a clue,
so I purely just have to guess.
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
- (FBE) So today, we've got a classic YouTubers React episode
for you. - Ooh, classic?
- (FBE) We're going to be showing you a series of commercials
all coming from Japan. - Ooh, hey!
This is right up my alley.
I go over a lot of anime, otaku, and Japanese culture stuff
and I know that lots of weird commercials
come out of Japan.
- (FBE) So time, there's a twist. - What's the twist?
- (FBE) During each video, we're gonna pause right before
they reveal what the product is and we're gonna see
if you guys can guess what the product is
based on the commercial you just saw.
- Okay, I can tell you already that's gonna be a big fat zero
on the number score.
- I'm just going in confident.
- Yeah, because we make product commercials every day.
I've seen Japanese commercials though and they never make any sense.
- I'm excited but also curious.
♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
- ♪ Buh buh buh buh buh ♪
- Hey, this is great.
- I'm speechless.
This is the most Japan thing I've ever seen though
at the same time.
- Okay, food?
- Maybe it's a new restaurant opening.
- ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
- (laughing) It's a [bleep] egg.
- (speaking Japanese)
- Eggs? What are those?
- What are those? Teeth?
- ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
- They need to relax.
- All I got was that they were saying something
along the lines of "eat with your friends."
- This is for a new restaurant opening.
Everyone's really excited for all of these new foods.
- It's totally for your teeth.
Teeth whitener or toothpaste.
- Silverware.
- Eggs?
- It's a place.
You go in and you just gobble.
- I think it's a microwave. - Frozen food.
- My guess is ramen. - Cheese cake.
- This is obviously a commercial for a fast food chain.
- A restaurant.
The only reason why I'm kind of pulling away
from that though is it's nothing specific.
It's just a whole bunch of random foods.
- Okay, that doesn't help.
- What the [bleep] is that? - Coffee?
- I still have no idea what that was.
- (FBE) These are actually some sort of diet supplements
or carb pills.
- How were we supposed to get that?
- I would have never guessed that, even if it was in English.
- Where were the diet pills?
That just made me hungry.
That's a horrible commercial for diet pills.
- (speaking in Japanese)
(screaming) - (gasping) A pickle!
- Is that a cucumber?
- It's Japanese Pickle Rick!
- Another sweet beat here.
- This is a scary place to pause.
- That's gonna haunt my nightmares.
- If only I knew what that mascot was for.
I've seen it.
- It's gotta be something with cucumbers.
- I think it's a foot thing, like athlete's foot or something.
- Body wash.
- An anime?
- I'm a very literal person, so I'm gonna go for pickles.
- Panned asparagus.
- Green produce.
- Pickles.
- I think it's furniture just because there's a lot of furniture in the room.
- I bet he's giving her bad breath because she ate pickles.
He's like a bad breath ogre. - Oh!
- So it's for mint or gum.
- It's gonna be an ad for insurance on how to protect against
weird crazy burglars coming into your house.
(buzzer) - (speaking in Japanese)
- A phone? - A carrier, right?
(buzzer) - Mobile phones?
Of course!
- (FBE) This is Biglobe, a mobile phone company
similar to cellphone networks here in the U.S.
- The phones didn't appear until the final half second.
- Cell companies here in the United States
need to get with it!
Start to make commercials like this because I would switch carriers
if I saw something like this.
- (conversing in Japanese)
(dog barking) - (gasping) Rex?
- Yeah, you don't want a German shepherd barking
at you like that. - Don't put the girl in front!
You are not a gentleman!
- I have seen this one. What was it for?
(dog barking) - Holy [bleep].
- This has got to be a commercial for breast implants.
- Where's this going?
- (laughing)
- Oh, no.
- The dude is reacting like I am. - Oh, it's an old man.
- What?!
Oh, my god! That's actually terrifying.
- (snickering) This is the best!
- I'm so glad they revealed that was a wig
because I was gonna say that's a bad wig.
- I love this commercial and I hope it's for a wig company.
- Is it for sushi?
- Some anti-ID stealing software.
- Pads that go in your bra?
- Identity theft protection. - Yeah, I thought security.
- That weird bra that he/she had on.
- Padding, bra padding.
- I'm saying insurance. - Yeah.
- I'm gonna go with breast implants.
- That's an ad for Tinder.
You really have to make sure who you're dating
and not get catfished.
(ding) - Heck yeah!
I feel like I saw one with sushi, but I wasn't sure if it was this one,
so I got one.
- (FBE) It is a sushi delivering service.
- Okay, what does that have to do with a dog
just barking his head off and a gal throwing her wig?
- I love the randomness of this video in particular.
I love how creative it is and I love how funny it is.
- ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
- Oh, my god.
- (chuckling) - Oh, this is sick.
- Are those eagles? Birds? Hawks?
- Oh, this is the song by the artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
- (speaking in Japanese)
- I wish I knew Japanese.
- I love humanoid birds and staffs just as much as the next guy,
but what is this?
- Let's just pick a random thing. We may be right.
- Some sort of hair product that would just keep your hair in place.
- Coca-Cola?
- An energy drink.
- It was a ginormous thing of ramen skirting across the floor.
It's ramen.
- Staffs with swords in them. Or wands.
- Jell-O. - Some kind of weird store,
like an antique store.
- It's for life insurance. Show me life insurance, please.
- KFC. - KFC-- (gasping)
I've heard that KFC's very popular in Japan.
It's like a weird Colonel Sanders.
- A car brand so you can drive as far away
from this monstrosity as possible.
(ding) - It's ramen.
- It's ramen. - I got it.
- (cackling)
- I had a feeling it was whatever was on his pin,
but I couldn't-- I was trying to see the entire commercial,
but it moved so fast.
- (FBE) This was an ad for UFO Noodles.
- You know, I'm not surprised anymore,
but I just picked the wrong random item.
- They look tasty.
I don't know about the whole beginning part,
with the birds and stuff, but the noodle shot looked great.
♪ (creepy music) ♪
- A lady comes out with tea. Maybe it's a new tea.
Maybe it's a new soft drink.
- He's smelling something.
- (laughing) Ew!
- (man sniffing) - Oh, okay.
- I don't even care what this is for! I'm heavily into it.
Wait, can I do-- (sniffing)
(exhaling) No, more power to them.
- It's a shampoo commercial, something about hair.
- Vicks VapoRub? - Nair hair removal.
- Maybe it's a perfume!
- You going to go tea? - I'm gonna go tea.
- Let's go tea!
- Is it for coffee?
- A nasal reliever.
- A vacuum cleaner. - Some kind of sinus thing.
- A hair product for balding men.
- Frozen turkeys from Japan.
Everyone knows that's how you smell a turkey.
- ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
- So just rice crackers?
Rice crackers don't smell good. I hated that.
- To be fair, senbei, those rice crackers have
a really strong smell, but when I smell it,
it's not with the scent of (sighing) it's wonderful.
It's more like (snorting) oh my gosh, that's so strong.
- (FBE) This was an ad for a Japanese rice cracker.
- Rice crackers. You got me again!
- What did the inhaling of hair have to do with rice crackers?
How would you get anything advertised in Japan?
- (couple arguing indistinctly)
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
- Have you got clowns in your closets?
- (woman) I can't do this! - Oh, my god.
(nose rattling) - Oh, my god.
- (woman) I'm ready.
- ♪ (singing softly) ♪
(chuckling) I love this song. I love Karen Carpenter.
- This is the creepiest thing ever.
He just comes up and shakes his face at you.
- What is the connection? - It rattles.
Why do they bite it? - Why was he on a movie set?
- He's obviously the mascot for something.
Maybe he is the equivalent of Ronald McDonald in Japan,
so I'm going to say some fast food, maybe a burger establishment.
- Japanese McDonald's-- and that was Japanese Ronald.
- A soft drink that bubbles, that make you happy.
- Chocolate dessert. - A jawbreaker.
- There's nothing in this video that will give me a clue,
so I purely just have to guess.
Is it for Pocky?
- I think this is a commercial for one lamp,
and it's not even that bright.
- I think it's a hotel. - Allergy medicine?
- Oh, that's a good guess.
- Some sort of food that resembles his nose,
like maybe a tomato?
- What makes life better? - Some kind of--
- Candy. It's like a little candy or something.
- It's a candy.
- The [bleep] is that?
- Energy gum or something?
- What is it? Oh.
- Oh, it's snacks, like a snack company.
- (both) It's candy!
- We got it! - Yes!
- We did it.
- (FBE) So this is an ad for a gummy candy
made by Glico, who creates a variety of sweets,
beverages, supplements, and more.
- Why was Pennywise in a closet?
What does that have to do with gummys?
- I got it, that people were upset and then the clown
was making them happy and then she eats the nose,
so I was like, it's a food that makes you happy,
and it's sweets.
I get this because I'm all about the desserts.
- Now that I remember, Pocky always had love-based commercials.
They were just really weird.
- (man gasping)
- Okay, getting very Battle Royale vibes from this.
- (man whimpering) - Whoa.
- (man whimpering) - Oh, god.
- It's poop! (laughing)
- That's actually a very accurate representation
of how we all act when birds poop near us.
- This is like a movie.
- Oh, this is like that scene in Toy Story.
- They're holding hands. And they're going into the fire.
This is like Toy Story 3!
- They're in an oven. They're like food.
They have to be.
- I'm so invested into this.
- Okay, extreme temperatures? - Don't sleep.
- Where are they?
- (speaking in Japanese)
- Oh, my god.
- (speaking in Japanese) - What the absolute jeez
is going on here?
- (speaking in Japanese)
- What?! Earthquake?
Everything you're scared of, right here.
- "Standing strong together."
- I think that all of them are really tiny
and they make up something big.
- Okay, I can figure this out. I can figure this out.
Um, I'm not gonna figure this out.
- Insurance of some sort?
- I think it's car coating. - Like a windshield cleaner?
- Maybe like an insurance company?
- I was gonna say a mattress.
- Maybe it's something that settles your stomach,
you know, after you eat something that upset it.
Pepto Bismol.
- Swimwear. I don't know.
They're all in swimwear.
- Some freezer food.
- I'm gonna go with they're all hair follicles staying together.
Like, "Hold on!" - Done.
- It's a hair product. - We figured this one out.
- This is going to be a commercial for therapy.
This is like go see a therapist because this could be you
and everyone's standing strong together
because they're all in therapy together,
trying to figure out why their lives have turned to getting [bleep] on
and burned alive.
- Wine. Bringing people together after a hard day.
- (voice-over) Tsuruya, roofing tiles. - That is genius.
- (voice-over) ...roofing tiles. - Roofing tiles.
Wait, I get it. I like that one.
- I love that they even had an English narrator.
As a giant F you, say "roofing tiles," you idiot!
That's the first good commercial.
- (FBE) So Tsuruya is a roof and tiling company for homes.
- Yeah, and I regret saying what I said for the inside
of someone's stomach-- now I sound weird
and the Japanese commercial looks normal,
which is like, I'm not used to that setting at all.
- (FBE) Well, that was our last one. How do you feel you did?
- Um, horribly!
I feel like Super Bowl is the one opportunity
where American commercials can go a little nutty.
I feel like it's Super Bowl every [bleep] day in Japan.
- Guessing what products these commercials are for
is so difficult because they're so random.
They're super creative and sometimes they have nothing to do
with the actual product themselves.
- If you want to win at this challenge,
you have to go to that side of YouTube and dedicate a very long time to it.
- Thanks for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
- There's a lot of good creators in this episode,
so all of the links will be in the description.
Go subscribe to some of them.
- What should we react to next? Let us know in the comments.
- Buh-bye!
- Hi, guys, JC here, a producer here at FBE.
Thanks so much to all the creators who came down to shoot with us.
Make sure to support them. Check them out.
The links are down in the description below.
Bye, guys.


YouTubers React To Japanese Commercials (Guess The Product Game)

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Mayu Okuuchi 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 22 日
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