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Classical music's meme review!
Wow -
Welcome back to your favorite show,
where geniuses become born.
- By watching our video, - Become...
you are rebirthed as a musical genius,
so you do not need to practice.
- Eddy: 'Course, to aid that process, - Brett: Ohhh...
we will be visiting the best community
of genius wannabes,
Ling Ling 40 Hours.
(both) Ling Ling!
So, it's been awhile since we've done this.
This is gonna be a very special episode.
Is someone going to appear at the end of this
as a special guest?
- Hmm? - I don't know!
Is she—
I mean,
...someone going to appear?
(both) Hmmm!
What's, what's the name again?
I don't know, you guys will figure it out.
Just watch to the end.
Don't skip. Watch!
I know you skip!
(both) Please watch for the ads.
Let's go through the last 24 hours first,
and then we'll go through the top posts of the last month.
That's right.
That's good.
Instead, say...
Instead, say...
Instead, say...
Instead, say...
Instead, say...
There you go.
Good compliments, guys.
- What is this?! - Whoa...
Oh my gosh.
- Yes, guys! - It's too much.
Keep it coming!
Your face!
You're like...
That sums it up.
That's enough.
Past month!
- That's a cool drawing. - Yeah.
That's literally us judging you so hard.
That's right. That's right guys.
Have you checked out our merch?
Check it out! There's new stuff.
That's... That is so true.
That's right guys.
- Oh that's cool. - Awww, that's so kawaii!
That's so cool. Nice!
Congratulations. I like the fried chicken violins.
We looking like a snack.
What's going on?
You can now officially identify as your instrument.
I'm a violin.
Well, saxo-violin, but...
That's amazing.
Oh, my god.
Bro, look at that guy with the sunnies.
- In concert. - Yeah.
At least I have a job.
It's all right.
If you're out there struggling to find a job as a musician,
Yeah, that's right.
We all know...
It's like, "Why?!"
- Too relatable. - Yeah.
Pianists will relate.
Practice rooms: A high quality, in tune -
You know what happened?
We had a concert when the piano was tuned twice,
it still wasn't even in tune.
But don't worry!
Hm, okay.
- That is so good! - That's pretty good.
All right!
- What's this? - What's going on?
What's going on?!
I feel a presence...
a genius that was birthed!
Nah this is definitely a genius that...
- ...was created. - Yeah.
Through a lot of hard work and practice.
A lot of 40 hours.
Ling Ling...
gave her a bit of, uh...
spread of salt.
So, we welcome...
Hi everyone!
I'm Hilary Hahn.
Welcome to Ling Ling 40 Hours.
I'm going to review some of the memes
that you guys have been sending in.
Here we go. First one.
Alright, first one!
It says, "Welcome to Ling Ling 40 Hours,"
and there's snowflakes,
and I'm playing the violin.
I think this is from...
the Ling Ling challenge.
- Yep. - Mmm!
Okay, next one.
Literally right now.
Yeah, that's kind of how it felt.
- Hilary: I think that sums up a lot of people's... - Brett: Yep.
- Eddy: Yes. - Hilary: ...memory of,
of our collaboration.
That's pretty cute! I like it.
My features look rather...
Hilary: ...sharper than they actually are.
My hair looks rather thicker -
What do you think of the bow hold though,
in the artwork?
Oh, the bow hold!
I mean, for a high school painting, that's really good.
So if you look at it, like the proportions are actually...
Yeah, not— Not too far off.
That's really hard to do.
Playing the guitar with a flute!
Awww. That's so cute!
Hilary Hahn on one side.
And then, on the other side...
Thank you.
I'll keep that for a rainy day.
And then this guy saying,
"We don't do that here."
- That's my favorite meme. This is our favorite one. - This is my favorite one as well.
(both) "We don't do that here."
Hilary: Aw, that's a cute still!
I look red.
It's just shadow.
Yeah, it's probably shadow.
Yeah, it's shadow.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, shadows.
Brett: Hilary shouting out...
I wonder why you did that?
They will find out soon.
I do think violinists should
learn to play viola.
"We don't do that..."
"We don't do that here."
Well I mean that's kinda how it feels, I guess!
All right, so Marie Kondo.
Brett: "Perfection."
"When your mom says you can invite 5 friends
to your party but you only have 3 friends"
- Hilary: Aww... - Brett: So sad.
That is so sad!
So this says,
"Nobody's perfect."
Alright, so then there's me,
and then there's...
I want that one.
Alright, so this one is know the difference.
45-degree acute angle, and then
a cute angel.
(Eddy and Hilary) Aww.
I am no angel though.
But thank you!
And then forgetting how to speak English.
Oh god.
Ohh, wow!
When was this for?
Oh, I look horrible. Nah.
Hilary won this one.
No, that's not it!
I think it might boost my self-esteem
because I have fun.
What were we talking about there?!
Look at me eating!
That is so true!
- That's crazy... I forgot about it. - I forgot about that video.
I remember the first time we connected on phone,
we were like freaking out.
I think the first thing you said was like,
"I'm fangirling?"
Totally! I was like, I can't believe
I'm talking to you guys on the phone!
And we were like,
YOU'RE fangirling?!
- I still remember, we were in Germany, I think. - AHH!!
In the hotel in Munich,
we were sitting on a white table.
- Yeah. - And then,
you were drawing some funny stuff on paper anyway,
- Oh yeah. - And then we...
had my phone on loudspeaker.
I actually remember like,
Brett went pretty quiet.
Like, Brett's not usually that quiet.
Yeah, I remember that.
So the next one is,
So my music history teacher at Curtis
gave me the name
Hilarious Hahnus.
That's no surprise.
Last one!
I would say that's [a] genuine
face that I make,
but I'm like,
What is that?!
What do you think is one that is gonna stay -
My favorite one is definitely the
fourth finger vibrato,
"We don't do that here."
Yeah same.
Just, I remember like, just watching
like, your Mendelssohn.
*sings phrase*
And you just used fourth finger.
It's practical!
You have one more finger to work with!
That's the best response!
"It's practical!"
That's the best response.
That's gonna become another meme.
"It's practical!"
Wow. I think that's all the memes.
That's it!
Hey guys!
Thanks for all the memes,
and thanks for tuning in.
It's been great reviewing everything here,
and seeing the stuff you've created!
Bye for now!


雙琴俠Ling Ling 40 Hours ft. Hilary Hahn (Ling Ling 40 Hours ft. Hilary Hahn)

112 分類 收藏
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