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*hysterical laughter*
Hello guys!
Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
And today we have a very, very, very, very, very,
very special guest.
I think you guys know who she is.
If not, you should know.
Her name is called Hilary Hahn.
And then she's...amazing.
What we're gonna do today is the...
That's right.
The most difficult violin trial in the world,
to test if you can be on par with Ling Ling.
I don't know. Can Hilary Hahn be Ling Ling?
We'll find out today.
So we have, as usual, 2 pouches.
One has 6 pieces,
and one has 6 challenges.
- Now, you don't know what's in them, hey? So... - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
She doesn't know what's about to hit her, um...
so should we just do it?
- Okay... - Let's do it.
- Why are you sighing? - I don't know why I'm nervous.
- Yeah I wanna know too. - I should be the one sighing!
Yeah I know! I don't know why I'm nervous! Yeah...!
I'm nervous too.
- Oh, I'm anxious. - Alright, so just pick a piece.
Random one...
Mendelssohn concerto, 3rd movement.
Alright, for the challenge...
Oh no, here we go.
*nervous laughter*
Only with lower third of the bow.
- (Eddy and Hilary) Okay, okay. - Oh, yeah. Okay.
That's a good start.
Just...you're easing me into it.
- Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna... - Mmm, yeah.
Why am I playing so fast?
*claps* *chuckles* Whoa.
- I couldn't stop you, I was just like... - Yeah.
Oh, did you try?
- No, I was just like... - It was too epic!
- Yeah, it was too epic, you couldn't stop it! *laughs* - Dude, there was like phrasing and everything in there.
Alright, I think we should give like,
some context for non violin players.
Would you say the lower third is one of the
trickiest places on the bow?
Yes, 'cause it's very...
- It doesn't bounce. - Yeah.
- Like the bow naturally has some give in the middle, - Yeah.
- And then it's really heavy, when it's like overly weighted so... - Yeah.
- So literally she just played like, string crossings. - Yeah, and then...
- And then bouncy bow strokes at the... - And there was dynamics as well!
And just...yeah, it's so hard.
Yeah, wow.
It's like, imagine running...
- It can't be explained. - It's like trying to do gymnastics sitting on your butt.
Yeah, exactly. Gymnastics sitting on your butt.
- Next one! - Alright, next one!
I'm getting anxious, I don't know why.
- I'm also getting anxious. - I'm getting too excited.
Mozart 5 "Allegro".
- Okay. - Alright, okay.
- And the challenge? - That's the first movement, right? Yeah?
Yeah. *sings melody*
- Uh oh. - What's it gonna be?
- Play with hula hoop...! *laughs* - Nooo!!!!
- Alright, play with hula hoop! - I have to do slow notes!
Like slow bows with a hula hoop...! *laughs*
(Brett and Eddy) Ohh. *laughs*
She's going uh, counter-clockwise.
Sounds so good!
- Woah! - (Brett and Eddy) Wow.
My tone is very centered though, I think.
(Brett and Eddy) Wow!
Do I stop?
It sound—you can stop.
Sorry. *laughs*
You guys have heard us play,
we don't really make sounds, or like music.
That was the music—wow.
- That was...really good. - That was uh...
- Okay. - That was better than how I can play without a hula hoop.
- I know, yeah. *laughs* - Woah.
- Next one. - Alright.
It's better, I think it's better when I will hope.
- It's a secret— - Oh! Erlkönig.
- Yeah, there we go. - Erlkönig. - Ernst.
- And... - Yeah which challenge?
Oh no.
It's kinda hard to play Erlkönig anyway
because that's how it's written.
Yeah. *laughs*
*hysterical laughter* *scream*
- Left hand and right hand reversed! - Nooo!!!
Oh no!
Uh oh.
- Alright. - Oh, I have...I don't...
I don't even know where to start! *laughs*
You just got to believe in yourself!
- Wait. *laughs* - Alright, so the challenge is left and right hand reversed,
- Yeah, it's literally...yeah. - playing literally the most difficult piece in the world.
- I have to reverse the shoulder rest, too. - Okay.
Is that gonna work?
- Yes. - I don't know!
- Let's see, let's see. I've never done this before, so... - Let's do it, let's do it.
- It's the first [time]. - A way to start, right?
*claps* That's Erlkönig.
- Look at that pinky. - Yeah! *laughs*
*laughs* This is how you start, right?
*laughs* Well there you go.
- Do you wanna hear what it's supposed to sound like? - Yeah, let's...
Guys, this is how it's supposed to sound like.
*laughs* Wow.
Okay, gotta reverse the...yeah, wow.
- I've never seen you struggle on the violin. - I don't know...I don't know!
- It's like the only time— - I don't even know how you would physically...okay.
Woah! Pizzicato!
- That's how far I got. But it's not the same piece! - Wow.
*claps* Not the same piece at all!
*claps* That was amazing. *chuckles*
That piece is notoriously difficult, for everything.
As you can tell, from how it starts,
when you don't know how to play it. *laughs*
Feel like a beginner, just like completely...
- Okay. Next one. - Oh, that was f...
- Uh oh. Let's see, - Okay, well...
- let's really see now. - Ohh, let's see what happens.
Okay. Bach Fugue, oh. It could be harder.
- Ooooh. *chuckles* - Bach sonata no. 2, Fugue.
- Mm-hmm. - Oh boy.
- (All) Double speed!
- Oh, this will be interesting! - Ohhhhh!!! - Mmmmmm!!!!
Okay, what's the primary speed?
That we're doubling?
- I mean, what's your primary speed? - If you can play it slowly,
(Brett and Eddy) You can play it quickly!
Yes! *laughs*
- Yeah. - So what's your normal tempo? - I'll prove this now.
- Yeah. - Mm-hmm.
- What's your normal tempo, first? - Let's see...
Sonata no. 2, right?
- Yeah. - Mm-hmm.
Something like that.
Mm-hmm. So, double will be...
*incoherent yelling* *laughs*
That was so crazy!
I'm not sure if I technically made it to double speed,
but I did my best.
- I will try again. - Yeah, we'll see.
*laughs* - Whoa! - Whoa! Damn that was insane.
- That was 15 notes a second guys. - Yeah guys, 15 notes a second.
That's how you play Bach. *laughs*
*chuckles* That's awesome.
Oh God.
- Okay! Next one. - Glad I didn't get that far.
So like, traditionally the Ling Ling workout's
meant to be like just shredding.
But ours' more like...
- Flexing. - Flexing, yeah.
- Yeah... - Okay.
- Bach sonata no. 1, "Presto". - Okay.
Now if I'd drawn double speed for that one,
that one would have been tough.
- Oh yeah...! - Mm-hmm.
- That would've been... - We can do that as a bonus...
*laughs* Bonus challenge!
- Okay, here we go. - Alright.
- I've been waiting... - Lindsey Stirling...
Lindsey Stirling dance!
I don't know if I'm up on my Lindsey Stirling.
I'm gonna try.
I don't know. I took ballet, might turn it to ballet.
*chuckles* Oh, really.
(Brett and Eddy) Whoa!!! *claps*
That's my own dance, I don't know...
You can still play, that's amazing! *chuckles*
I'm puff[ing] for some reason, I'm not doing anything,
but it's like... *laughs*
Just hearing and feeling it was like...
*breathes* Okay.
- Oh it's the last one! - Oh it's the last one! Okay!
Sibelius 3rd Movement.
- Ohh... *evil chuckle*
- The last challenge... - Okay.
- Last challenge is... - You guys know what's missing I don't...
Let's see.
A string...oh I'm terrible at this.
- A string tuned down a semitone to G sharp. - With Sibelius.
It's fine!
Oh, okay.
Ohhh!!! Oh!
*laughs* *claps*
It's in tune!
You want one more?
Bonus challenge?!
Alright, so for the bonus challenge—
What you said before.
- I think we should do one-- - I finished my workout!!
You gotta stretch after the workout. - Okay, okay...
- This is the stretching. - Okay.
What do you think about this combo? I think that'll be...
- No!!! - Okay. Bach...
- I've walked right into that one. - Yeah, yes.
Alright, here we go.
* S H R I E K *
*hysterical laughter* Okay...okay, a little bit...
And then like...like the way your accent is, like...
- Like, emphasis on notes. - Its polyphonic!!
Even if it's fast.
It's beyond me now. Guys...
Guys, that's the official new world record.
- The fastest violinist in the world. - Yeah.
15 notes a second.
I can also play...
- World record. - If you can play it quickly,
(Brett and Eddy) you can play it slowly.
That's right!
But, you said it now so you have to do it.
*laughs* All on the G string.
- Okay. - Okay. Alright.
- Play it slowly? - Yeah, like...
- Normal speed. - Not double speed.
- Not double speed. - Yeah.
All the challenges stacked up.
One finger.
*laughs* - One finger, G string, backwards! - Fourth finger, G string...
- Oh my God. - Double speed!
- Lindsey Stirling. - That's like the final boss... *laughs*
- Everything together. - Yeah.
Alright. Here we go.
- That's pretty clear, right? Think I nailed it. - That's pretty good.
That was...
- 10 out of 10. - Interesting! - That's virtuoso.
- Interesting. - Interesting out of 10.
- Alright. - So guys...
Now to finish it off you have to do a dab.
With or without the violin?
Oh..maybe without the...
*laughs* I don't know how to do a dab!!
Oh we've got to teach her how to do a dab!
- Okay, let me get rid of the violin.. - Okay, so...yes...
- It's like...just like... - Okay.
- You've got 2 hands parallel. - It's like yoga class.
- Yeah. - And then your hand goes in.
- And you need to...yeah, you go.... - You need to nod.
Yeah. Yeah! That's right.
Okay. 3, 2, 1.
Guys thank you so much for watching!
I don't know what we're doing.
Smash the subscribe button.
*laughs* Yes!
Go follow Hilary Hahn.
On her social medias,
and listen to her concerts,
she travels everywhere around the world—
This is what a world class soloist looks like.
Yeah...! *laughs*
That's what we do.
Yes. Thank you, so much.
- Anything you want to say? - Yeah, anything you want to say?
Uhh... thank you!
- Oh, check out her new Bach album! - Yes!
It's lit, it's how it's...
- It has a presto in it. - It has a presto. - It does have it.
It has a fugue in it.
- And a fugue. And all the other Bachs. - Yeah.
I think...doesn't it?
- Well, I don't... - Yes, it does, it does. *laughs*
In the original form.
Yeah, without the workout,
so you can imagine how good they'll sound. *chuckles*
Go get it. *shriek*
Hi everyone—bye everyone!
*laughs* It just started.
*laughs* Yeah!


Hilary Hahn的霖霖特訓 (Hilary Hahn does the Ling Ling Workout)

72 分類 收藏
李芷凝 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 20 日
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