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(energetic club music)
Guys, today we are making five popular cocktails as shots.
We did this before but we're again with some new stuff.
I can't wait.
Okay, Soraya what are we making?
LA Water, Midori Sour, Blue Hawaiian,
Zombie and the Caribou Lou.
All as shots!
Okay, and this is the lovely Psoriasis, is her name.
Oh it's Soraya (laughs).
I'm not Psoriasis, I'm Soraya.
Okay it's close but that's how I remember her name.
I think of Psoriasis and it's actually Soraya
which is short, what does it mean?
It means chandelier, constellation, star, princess.
Your parents named you after a damned chandelier?
Constellation, constellation! God.
Anyways back to these cocktails into shots. Shall we?
They went out to dinner, they saw a chandelier and go
you know what, you're pregnant.
Let's call it chandelier.
No, Soraya was a queen.
- Where? - That's where I came from.
Of Afghanistan.
Okay, alright. Okay.
Okay if you say so.
- And she's Columbian, - I'm like royalty.
Lebanese and,
Ain't no Afghan in there, you notice that right? Okay?
This is a Zombie shot.
- White Rum, Gold Rum.
- Apricot Brandy.
- Okay (mumbles). Ready?
Pineapple juice.
- Passion Fruit juice.
- Ready?
Shake it and keep it sexy.
- You don't like my shake, do you?
- I freaking love it okay? Seriously.
Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Pour!
- Jesus Christ.
How am I gonna take my time when you keep screaming at me?
- Next one. Ready?
- You're holding the spoon.
- Yeah. Hell no I'm not gonna let you hold it.
And stop when I say stop, go ahead.
In the center of the spoon, in the heart right there.
Just a little quick layer. Okay, go ahead.
Okay stop. Next one.
- [Soraya] This is strong. - Okay stop.
She got no control, she's either balls deep or not at all.
Okay? Just the tip or balls deep.
There's an in-between in there okay
you got to find that sweet spot.
- They just met me and you're giving away all my secrets!
- Okay so here's what I'm doing now.
I'm gonna just drizzle some Grenadine down the side. There.
- Everything's so pretty.
Can I eat it?
- No you don't eat it, not yet.
Put it on that side, go ahead.
This is the LA Water shot, alright darling you ready?
- Yes, I'm ready.
- Okay.
So let's rim these glasses, okay.
Hit it with the corn syrup.
- [Soraya] A little bit.
- All around, all around, make sure it goes all around.
Right, okay perfect.
That'll do it.
Okay Soraya. Vodka, rum, gin, triple sec.
What you got?
- Blue Curacao, Chambord. Are you ready?
- Yes, go.
Okay stop.
Here pour some of that there.
That is Sweet and Sour, okay.
Shake it and keep it sexy.
- That's my body roll, my shake.
That's how I get them at the bar.
- Oh what, guys?
When you do that? - And the girls.
- So you see them walk at the bar, that's what you do?
- No I go like this, body roll.
- I'm sorry. You walk up the guys at the bar,
and you go like this.
- No, this way.
- You walk up the guys at the bar, you go like that.
Okay, yeah.
- To the side, to the side.
- That'll get you the free drinks.
Alright homeboy, fresh organic cherries.
Lies. Pour!
Okay, next one.
Why do you look so nervous?
- [Soraya] 'Cause you're watching my every move.
- Okay. And notice the dirtiness in there.
LA Water, homeboy okay? LA Water.
This is the Midori Sour as a shot.
Darling, Midori Sour. Pour!
You like Midori?
It matches the ice right?
I love it.
- Stop!
Okay now hit that with some Sweet and Sour.
- [Soraya] Hit!
- She's got noisy.
Okay, now hit it with a little bit of Sprite okay?
Try to be gentle, okay?
You're too rough man.
Be dainty. Even when you try to be dainty it's not working.
Just pour.
Okay stop.
Cherries, drop!
- Is that dainty enough for you?
- Yeah go ahead, be gentle alright?
- Oh my God.
- You're gonna look that low?
Maybe if you stand like a normal human it'll work better.
Okay, just make sure you stop before you hit the sugar.
Okay, go ahead.
Look at that pour! That's what I'm talking about.
I knew you had it in you, we just had to find it okay?
That's what I do, I motivate people.
I'm the best bartender ever.
- You're the best bartender here right now that's a girl.
In this room, that is.
This is the Caribou Lou shot.
- Okay.
Get it, nice.
Ice, okay.
So now you grab the Bacardi.
Okay you're pouring something deadly.
Okay, so be careful. I got the coconut rum, you ready?
- Ready. - Pour! Watch me.
Now let's hit that with some pineapple juice.
Go ahead.
- Dainty.
- You could be dainty.
We need to thank Tech N9ne for this drink it's his creation.
- I'm warming up, I'm warming up (laughs).
- Can you twerk?
- No.
Maybe. - Oh you save that.
- Sometimes (laughs).
- Save that for someone's birthday.
- Yes I do.
- [Skyy] Pour!
I think you're more ladylike when you stand. Okay.
- Will you help with that please.
- Go ahead. Do something more ladylike.
- Yeah (mumbles).
- [Skyy] How's that?
This is the what?
- [Soraya] The Blue Hawaiian shot.
- White Rum.
- Blue Curacao.
- Pour, same time same amount. Go.
Stop! Okay.
Why you looking at me like that?
Do you want me to congratulate you on matching me?
- Yes.
- I wanna thank you okay, for screwing up another drink.
Pour! Pineapple juice.
- How come everything with you is so hard?
You know most girls would be like, oh my God okay Skyy.
- Well I'm not most girls. - She shakes like this.
Next you add in cream of coconut.
Okay somehow I missed this when we were shooting it.
Okay we don't have that on camera
so I put in this little sexy shot
to show you cream of coconut actually went in.
♫ Whenever, wherever ♫
Okay. Keep going I didn't tell you to stop.
I'm nervous.
- Okay so now we add this spritz of Blue Curacao so.
- You're so sweet.
God I've never been complimented so many times in my life.
See that little blue at the bottom?
That looks really pretty.
Damn right.
I'd drink this.
- Kind of look like me, right?
Hot and sexy.
- Yeah of course!
So hot oh my God.
- Don't be a hater, girl. Don't be a hater.
Okay I get to see the hate in your voice okay?
How many of these shows you watch before?
A couple? Like two, like one?
Like none? None, she doesn't watch it before
that's fine. - Two!
- Don't lie. - Two.
- And here we have it! Okay.
What's that?
- LA Water, Midori Sour, Blue Hawaiian,
Zombie and Caribou Lou.
- That's how you know she ain't watched nothing.
Okay, (mumbles) your job.
Which one of these you wanna taste?
- Yeah I was scared.
- Don't be scared (mumbles).
- Can I smell them first? - Yeah sure go ahead,
smell them. - Can I dip my finger in them?
No you're gonna smash my head into them.
- Just pick one!
- Alright this one, 'cause it's pretty.
- A little drizzle left okay but we'll give it
nine out of 10 on that shot okay?
Anyway guys, so listen.
Go follow Soraya on Instagram okay?
And remember, any drink suggestions,
post it in the comments below.
Like this video and share it with someone.
Stay tipsy!
Me and Psoriasis here are gonna pour some of that treatment
you know, stop the itching on our skin.
Alright. - Treatment's in the closet.
I'll pay it with the shots.
- Later!
- Bye guys!
(energetic club music)


Tipsy Bartender 教你做 5 種常見 shot 版本調酒 (5 Popular Cocktails as Shots - Tipsy Bartender)

250 分類 收藏
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