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That was the first time I saw her.
But before we talk about her, I have to tell you something about me.
When I was nine, we moved to Mica, Arizona.
As the new kid, I became the center of attention real fast.
Not in a good way.
It was then that I realized I was gonna need to disappear.
No one would see me.
No one would hear me.
I was going to have to be just like everybody else, and then, one day.
♪ When some loud braggart tries to put me down. ♪
What's her name anyway?
Stargirl, my name is Stargirl.
♪ So be true to your school now. ♪
You should talk to her.
She likes you.
She doesn't.
♪ Be true to your school now ♪
You like Stargirl.
I don't really know her.
But maybe if you did, you might.
♪ Won't you let me walk you home from school? ♪
Mom, were you ever afraid of what people thought of you?
Figuring out who we are is the one thing no one else can do for us.
♪ Won't you let me meet you at the pool? ♪
Did you want to ask me something?
♪ If it's so, well, let me know. ♪
Sometimes I'm quiet, but I'm just thinking.
Scream, Leo.
Why would I do that?
Don't you want the universe to hear you?
Since she got here, things have been different.
Some people are just like that.
Being with you is the most anyone has ever looked at me in my entire life.
There's just something about her.
She's not like anyone else.
Is she magic?
You think things have to be real or magic.
But the best things... are both.



美國達人秀冠軍主演 Disney+ 電影!《叫我星星女孩》電影預告片! (Stargirl | Official Trailer | Disney+)

4420 分類 收藏
Ingrid 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 16 日    Ingrid 翻譯    Yukiko 審核
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