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(rock music)
- Mallory, what are we making?
- Actually I don't know.
(both laugh)
- We showing people how to smuggle booze on a cruise ship.
The thing with cruise ships is
they don't like you to bring on your own alcohol,
okay you show up there with your bottle of rum
they can take it from you and put it in storage
or something and give it to you at the end,
because they make their money on alcohol sales, okay?
- That makes sense.
- But their drinks expensive.
- Yeah.
- So here's how you beat the system.
- Ooh!
- [Man] First thing's first you want to get yourself
one of these green Listerine bottles, right,
and you want to gently cut right along edges,
you see what I'm saying?
Get right in there.
- What?
- [Man] Yeah, I told you the smuggling operation okay,
if you're already, you know, (unclear)
then you don't want to step in on this one.
I got it.
- [Mallory] Okay.
- [Man] Bingo.
(both laugh)
- So now we empty out the Listerine.
- And save it because we all know it's very expensive.
- Exactly because I need to use this again.
- Yeah you will.
- Girls love my fresh breath.
- (laughs)
- Smell that? Sexy. - Gross.
- So once empty you have to wash it out,
you don't want any Listerine residue, homeboy.
- No no no.
- This here bottle's clean, put in our funnel,
go ahead pour in a bottle of vodka.
- Okay.
I have a question, why are we using this funnel?
- [Man] You don't have to but I like
to use the funnel to keep everything neat.
- Oh.
- So now we gotta make this look like that green Listerine.
So I need you to put in three drops of blue,
one drop of green, okay?
- [Mallory] Okay.
- We're using food coloring.
- Oh my gosh.
- This will not destroy the integrity of your water.
- Your water?
- I mean of your booze- one, two, three.
- [Mallory] And then one drop of green.
- [Man] And one drop of green, perfect!
Now we'll cover this up and give it a nice little shaking.
- Oh my God! That looks like the blue Listerine mouthwash!
That is genius.
- [Mallory] Okay, how much?
- [Man] Just like a shot, uh-
- [Mallory] Oh! (laughs)
This is going to be a strong drink!
- [Man] Hit that with some orange juice. (laughs)
- I have to pee.
- (laughs) I'm not cutting that, okay?
I have to pee… how old are you, 12?
- (laughs)
- And there you have it, a Listerine smuggling operation.
- Oh my God I didn't know you were filming.
(laughs) Cheers!
- Tastes just like vodka.
Now be advised cruise ships might be
slightly hip to this because there are
a couple of videos online about this,
and you could play with this color to change it up,
go a little bit easier on the blue maybe a little bit
more green to bring the color out even a little bit more.
So cruise ships might be a little hip to this, okay?
So what you want to do is if you go with your girl,
wrap your Listerine in her underwear
and when my boy touches it you go, "Hey!
"That's my woman's underwear!
"I want to see the admiral right now!
"Bring me the freakin' admiral homeboy,
"what kind of pervert are you?"
That's right get upset, you know what I mean?
You go with the family wrap it in granny's drawers
because even if my boy sees it,
he could be like, "Ain't no way I'm touching that,
"go ahead, go ahead homeboy, go ahead, you deserve a drink,
"after wrapping it in grandma's underwear," alright?
Tipsy Bartender,
I'm just trying to help people survive in this bad economy.
- Life lessons from Tipsy Bartender.
- [Man] Let me see the freakin' admiral goddammit.
Call Barack Obama! Violating my rights.
Check out Nicky Limo making an apple jack shot
or Kazaya making a candy corn cocktail,
or click on Mallory for more of her videos,
and find us on Facebook and Twitter at Tipsy Bartender.


Tipsy Bartender 教你偷偷帶酒上郵輪 (How to smuggle alcohol on a cruise ship - Tipsy Bartender)

169 分類 收藏
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