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CAR T cell therapy uses the patient's own immune system to kill cancer cells.
In your body, T cells help us fight diseases like cancer. Normally, T cells
hook on to cancer cells and kill them but cancer cells can change. This makes
it so your body's T cells can no longer hook to them. In CAR T, doctors take
T cells from the patient's blood and add a new hook called a CAR. The new hook
matches the changed cancer cells. Together these are called CAR T cells.
CAR T cells can hook to and kill the changed cancer cells. CAR T is approved to
treat patients with two types of blood cancer: leukemia and non-hodgkin lymphoma.
If CAR T is right for you, we collect your T cells through a process called
apheresis. Your blood goes through a machine that separates and collects your
T cells. The rest of the blood goes back into your body. We send your collected
T cells to a lab where CAR hooks are attached. This turns them into CAR T cells.
Before you get your CAR T cells back, you will get chemotherapy to
prepare your body for treatment. When your CAR T cells come back from the lab
we put them back in your body through a vein. This happens in the hospital.
You will then stay in the hospital for about two weeks after getting your CAR T cells.
After you leave the hospital you need to stay within one hour of Huntsman Cancer Institute for 30 days.
This allows your care team to watch for and help you with any side effects.


CAR T細胞療法 (CAR T Cell Therapy)

182 分類 收藏
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