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Yep. Let's do it.
Meme review.
Hello guys.
Hi everyone.
Today we're here with...
Thai food.
And we're gonna do a...
crazy mukbang with our special guest,
Hilary Hahn.
And I don't know how to make an introduction to this video
cos this is the first time we're doing this type of video.
Me too.
It's all first time for everyone.
- So...yeah. - There's a lot of firsts about this whole arrangement.
For me.
- Yeah. Same f– yeah, for us as well. - For us as well.
- Yeah. - We...
Mukbang is...
- Yeah. - What is mukbang for those who don't know?
Basically we eat food and we chat.
And then we're going to...
Delve inside...
- The minds. - the secret mind...
- of...yeah. - How to become a soloist.
- Cool. - Practice. - Peel back the layers.
With spicy food.
- Okay. - Yeah. And for those of you that don't know,
Hilary Hahn is an amazing world-class soloist.
She has 3 Grammy Awards?
Did my research, yeah!
*Laughs* And...
I think we made a video about you a long time ago.
We were going to get Hilary to react to it,
- but then we watched it and we were like - We looked at it.
it's so cringy that I can't even watch it.
- Cos it's like one of our earliest videos. - Ohhhh.
- I can't even... - I was cringing watching it.
I don't...I think it will still be fun to see it.
- No no no no... - No?
- Eddy was cringing... - Even if you– it's fun for you, I don't want our–
Why were you cringing?
- Well okay, If you watch it, I don't want to be in the room. - What's cringy about it?
It's just...It was when we first started youtube
so our camera presence was just very awkward.
- And the stuff we were saying just did not make sense. - Yeah.
- Yeah. - Yeah, it just wasn't that funny.
- It was... - I mean we are still not that funny
but it was just very not funny.
In three years time we're gonna look back and say "what are we doing?"
Yeah, like "what is this mukbang?"
Okay, so we have spicy Thai food.
- Let's do it. - They are all spicy except for this one.
Do we use plates?
Okay. Chopsticks or utensils? What do you think?
I will use a fork.
What do you guys think?
Chopsticks or forks?
- I don't know. - I think I will use a fork, just in case.
- I'm not sure their reactions are gonna help us now. - Yeah hahaha.
- Comment from the future. - Yeah, please tell us.
- Alright, let's do this. I'm so hungry! - So there's Thai milk–
Let's see what we got.
- I've not eaten anything today. - Who wants one?
I'll have one.
- Who else wants one? - This is Thai milk tea just in case.
Let me know if it's sweet.
And if it's not sweet then I'll have it.
Cos I'm on a diet. Yay!
I don't care.
Sorry to be a party pooper.
Oh it looks so good.
- Oooh! - We need way more rice for that, it's freaking curry.
- Okay, Pad Thai. - Ooh it's steaming.
Oh vegetable Pad Thai...Woah!
- Eddy it's your favourite, it's mushroom. - I'm just gonna put the lid on the floor.
Eddy's favourite dish.
So I can't stand eating mushroom.
- This is called "healthy tofu fish sauce." - Healthy tofu!
That looks spicy.
- That looks– that doesn't look too bad! - Woo!
- I know... - That looks like it has eggplant in it.
Haha Eddy– yeah you don't...
- Mushroom and eggplant - my two favourite foods in the world. - No?
And green bean.
- I like green bean. - Okay.
- This is the amount of rice. - A lot of vegetables here.
- Yeah this is the rice for those spicy spread. - Guys, ration carefully.
- Alright. - You were...
You were ordering it, just saying "spicy."
- I know! Spicy, spicy! - Spicy.
Okay, here we go.
- Alright, so Hilary, - Move the plate.
- You said you've never done something like this before, right? - Mhm.
- I mean... - Never eaten on camera.
I mean...
- Okay. - I guess...
Am I supposed to eat with those?
No! Yeah, that's the straw.
Is this the new chopstick?
You're supposed to drink the soup, curry soup. Wait.
- You just– - Why is there only 2?
2 straws? That's alright, I don't...you guys go first.
- I'll save it for the danger zone. - Alright, get some fork for you guys.
This is rice, guys.
Oh man.
So Thai food, I understand it's not supposed to be eaten with chopsticks.
So I'm aware of that.
- Mhm! Did you guys know that? - I saw that.
- I know! I can't get a straw the right way, but... - Wrong way!
- Alright, forks it is. - Alright, so you first. - I'll take a fork.
- Here you go. Would you like some rice? - Okay. I'll take a third.
Take a third, yes.
Do you want lime on your Pad Thai?
Uh...yes please!
Alright, I'll just do it then.
- Okay. - Here. - Yes.
So what are we gonna talk about while eating?
- Um...While eating? - What do people normally talk about?
Uh well,
What do you want to ask Hilary?
What does Hilary want to ask us?
Well, you've been on the road for how long?
8 and a h– 9 weeks now!
9 week...oops.
That might be longer than my record.
- I think my record is 8 weeks. - Really?
- Really? - Wow. - Mhm, yep.
I only did it once.
- Oh. - It's tough! - I think we're only gonna do it once as well.
- Yeah, that's– I think we learnt the hard way. - It's tough! It's great!
You get into the groove, but it's...yes.
- Yeah. - It's different!
It's very different.
Our tour last year was...no that doesn't count
That one didn't count.
That was stupid.
"That was stupid."
So how much, like...
Why was it stupid?
It was just....We had like 1 concert,
and then like 3 weeks break, and then 1 concert.
- And it just wasn't very... - So financially it was a dumb idea.
It was very–
But you could get more work done on the road probably.
Like more of your other work.
Yeah, theoretically.
- Yeah. - But I think we were just stressing out about...
- Yeah. It was a very...yeah. - Very unorganised.
- Cos we try to do everything ourselves, obviously. - Yeah.
- Yeah so, you know, I don't think people know - And we were inexperienced.
What happens behind the scenes for a tour,
like all the things that need to be organised.
- Oh! - Mhm.
- Yeah. - How much do you organise yours? - I think it's pretty cool. I don't know if you want to...
- Mhm. - enlighten anyone as to...
like all the different tasks that happen in a day?
- You know for me, it's like... - Well.
not as complicated, because things are planned out like
farther in advance, and...
I'm usually a guest
at an organisation that presents it,
so I'm not putting on my own concerts so much.
I don't have to organise any tech,
I don't do....
- like I don't organise the instruments or anything like that. - Oh, that sounds so–
So I kind of show up just with...
Well I don't kind of show up. I show up with the violin.
I do my work in advance.
I learn music, I do rehearsals.
But also there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff of different sorts.
- Yeah. Well I mean... - Even with that. So you guys have more...
- Bookings are just like... - ...going on.
Well this tour we managed to get up in 2 months.
Ooh I see red pepper flakes.
- Oh no. - Oh.
I think we got it ready in 2 months.
A lot of the stuff is logistical issues.
- Oh this is really good! - And also unknown logistical issues.
- So for example microphones, - Yeah, the last-minute things.
For example microphones should be on the right side.
Not on the left side.
Small problems like that.
Or pianos, what type of piano.
- Piano stools. - Piano stools.
We had a venue that had a piano but not piano stools
- Mhm, mhm. - and we didn't know about that until the day.
You have to think about everything.
- *Cough cough* Oh that's spicy. - Oh boy.
Is it?
For me it is.
Which one did you have?
- Okay, I'm gonna start with a piece of tofu. - Good luck. - Alright I'm out.
I don't know how to use a fork,
as embarrassing as that is.
- I'm just like... - You can use 2 forks and make them chopsticks.
Well we do have chopsticks, so chopsticks are an option.
I think I'll go with chopsticks, cos I actually don't know how to use this fork.
Yeah so, a lot of logistical issues.
I mean, things you don't normally think would be a problem becomes a problem.
When you travel with pianist, you gotta prepare a practice room for pianist.
They need a room.
Wow that was spicy.
I shouldn't use this card yet.
And then...
What else is there?
I think...communicating with venues is difficult.
Oftentimes, it's actually waiting for the venue to respond.
Making sure everything is ready....
Sound engineering is something with sound test we have to try.
- Do you have a sound engineer with you? Or you just– - No, we don't.
- Oh, what? - We have sound engineers– I know.
So one of you goes out there?
- Doing the soundcheck? - Yeah. Mhm.
I mean, for Europe, we had ourselves.
We just basically ran through with the sound engineer.
But it's...
The work is basic for sound engineer.
Moving the microphones, turning it on and off,
when we play and talk.
And also playing the soundtracks.
So that does take about an hour rehearsing.
- Mhm. - Give and...give or take.
And then with...yeah, I mean...
Just small things that you don't think would be a problem are a problem.
When you prepare beforehand, do you bring soundtracks with you?
What do you...
When you open your suitcase, and you have all the stuff you bring with you,
What is it?
- The stuff you're gonna talk about– - I don't want to spoil too much of the show.
- But we have some props. - Mhm.
And then we have a USB with the soundtracks required.
And people bring hula hoops?
- Yeah, people in the audience bring the hula hoop. - Mhm.
...to the concert, sometimes they don't.
And then gets awkward cos then we don't have an encore.
So please bring a hula hoop!
And we try to improvise, it's like ahhh...
Sometimes it works out, sometimes not really.
Yeah, I mean...
Brett does most of the...
Bookings related stuff, to be honest, so...
I don't know how much I can add to that, I just...
...dump it all onto Brett.
I'm sweating.
- Really? - Yeah.
It's okay!
Are you finding it spicy?
- No. - It's fine!
Brett's just dying.
So how...like...
You said your record was 8 weeks, how much...
What percentage of the year are you normally on the road?
I actually space it out.
And even then, I find like...it's really hard to...
It's hard to prepare the next things that are coming up.
I don't know why it's hard,
but I don't seem to be able to...
really get into the repertoire for the next tour
while I'm on the previous tour.
- Yeah. - I see, yeah.
I can't memorise stuff. I try.
I'll be practising over and over again
and I think I've got the memory of it
but then until I stop playing things that I'm performing on that tour,
it doesn't stick, whatever I'm trying to memorise for the next one.
- I see. So you have like for each– - So if I'm doing new music, it's terrible.
Because I only have the time...
I can't just memorise it while I'm going to the premiere.
I need to memorise it in advance!
Or not memorise it.
- I need to make a decision about it. - Gotcha.
And then I need to use my in between times...
in between tours to work on the new stuff.
That's why I space it out.
I take...
I'll be on the road for 2 weeks
and I'll be back for 2 weeks.
I'll take summers off,
I take a month or two off in the course of a year.
So like this year, I have January off,
I think I have March off,
- I had most of September off, - Gotcha.
And when I go out on the road,
I'll do a week, or a few weeks of tour.
- So... - I don't generally go beyond a month of tour,
although this spring I have like a six-week tour coming up.
Is it optimal rest time? Optimal travel time?
- It's like a proportion. - Proportion.
Cos we've talked to some musicians, solosists
And they say,
They're on tour like...they're like on the road
70-80% of the year.
- And to us, that just sounds crazy. - Yeah.
It's hard!
- Yeah! - I don't know how they do it,
but maybe they get in a groove.
It does happen, like you can get in a groove and...
you have a little...kind of a routine.
It's hard to have a routine per se,
- Yeah. - because everything is different every day.
- You get so lonely too! - Even where the light switches are in the room is different.
- Yeah. - Who you know in that city is different.
You're constantly thinking...
what am I gonna be doing that's predictable,
If you wanna get a good cup of coffee,
you're yelping for half an hour trying to sort through–
- Coffee! - read between the lines. - That's all we– yeah.
So we're not the only ones.
- We spend... - And I'll be sitting there in the hotel
on Yelp or on something,
- just trying to sort through what's near, what's where... - We almost missed a flight.
- Yeah. - Really?
- Yeah we almost missed a flight for coffee. - Because of coffee, yeah.
You were searching out coffee in the airport?
- No, just– - No, we went to get coffee before a flight.
Yeah, and Eddy even called an Uber to get a coffee,
to make sure we get the coffee and back
- That's how se– - But when you're on tour, caffeine is just like...
- It keeps you going. - necessary.
- Mhm. - Just...yeah.
You have late shows.
- You have...a lot of excitement. - Jetlag.
Like there's a lot of adrenaline in the show.
It's really hard for the body after the adrenaline...
You get up the next morning and you're still...
dragging, but that's the day that you travel.
- Mhm. - Yeah.
And you arrive, and then you're trying to...
You're still tired from travelling a little bit,
you're trying to reset, get checked in,
there might be something wrong with the hotel room.
But...usually there is not.
But there might be.
So then you might spend like half an hour trying to get
- the hotel key to work! - Oh right.
Going back down to the desk.
Finally got your luggage to the hotel door.
- Yeah. - And you try and get the key to work.
Doesn't work. Do you leave the luggage?
Do you take it with you?
- It's always the small things. - So many decisions!
- I know. - Mhm.
We once had a fire alarm go off.
- At 3am. - Argh!
No, not even kidding. In our room, hotel room at 3 am.
- It was the– - Did you a– What did you do?
Nothing! It's just the battery ran out.
We had to call someone,
- And then... - and the security guy
- Oh no! - that this biggest, buffest guy came in at 3am - Security dude!
- And we're just in our bed like... - we were just like–
And he reached up to...he can reach the ceilings essentially.
- No! - He just went...turns it off.
- Yeah. - I mean it was the night where we needed to sleep the most.
- And it just happened and I was like "ugh oh my god. Why?" - Mhm.
I mean, I guess it's just small logistical things that...
everything kinda adds up.
Yeah, you think you're gonna have a certain amount of time to do this or that,
and the at the end of the day,
you do get the things you need to get done, done!
But as far as the other stuff that's
- You push through it. - secondary on the list...
- Yeah. - Yeah.
This food is not very spicy!
- It's not that spicy! - No.
Damn it, guys.
Just stop being so weak.
- Go practice. - Which one is the spiciest?
I haven't had this one yet, but that one got me.
- Really? - I haven't had that one yet.
- Aha! - Oh I see.
Which one is– this one?
Yeah that one.
Good luck.
Reaching over you.
I'm sweating already.
But it's okay.
That's good!
- Should've got an extra spicy. - Oh yeah, it has the oil in it.
So it probably has...more spice.
The Pad Thai's spicy as well!
Okay. I have my work cut out for me.
There's something I really want to talk about is...
This was based off a conversation we had the other day.
But you said that...
In Korea,
- A certain... - Haha.
I mean uh...
- I don't know how to say, newspaper or press? - Oh yeah, this is a little spicier.
They like to call you the "Ice Princess."
What do you think about being known as the "Ice Princess?"
How does that make you feel?
That's kind of apparently my nickname in the Korean press.
I've never...
- Just checking the mic. - seen...
I've never seen how it's used
because I only get translations.
So I don't know contextually what it means.
But at least in America,
for an artist type to be called a princess
is not necessarily a compliment.
It kinda feels like it means your prissy
- or you expect fancy behaviour, - A lot of things.
or you're a diva, or...
you know, you have like a lot of...
- and stuff like that. - Do you have a lot of requirements?
I don't think so?
- What's your backstage requirements? It's like "I need a... - I don't think so? What's normal?
- 16..." - My rider? What's in my rider?
Yeah yeah.
Only white M&M's you mean?
Yeah *laughs*
White M&M's, gummy bears...
Yeah, my rider? You wanna know what's in my rider?
- If you're allowed to talk about it. - Yeah, I mean...
Yeah! It's...
It's veggies and hummus.
- Veggies and hummus! - Hummus!
- If possible. - Like cooked veggies? or raw salad?
Like chopped pieces of vegetable.
- Woah! - It's not that complicated. - Okay.
- Okay. - They can even just give me a whole bell pepper,
a whole carrot or something and that will make...
That will make do.
- Okay. - So yeah, veggies and hummus, and...
- That sounds very healthy. - A selection of tea, coffee, whatever.
- Mmm. - Okay. - Whatever works. And...
Yeah, I think that's about it. A bottle of water.
- Water. - Oh that's quite simple.
We...Do we have anything? We don't really have anything.
We just want caffeine.
- Yeah just coffee. - Coffee. Keep us awake.
Oh I'd like 2 copies of the programme.
2 copies of the programme!
Yeah! To save.
But that's like...
Now that's getting prissy.
- I don't think that's very princessy. - 2 exactly! No more than 2.
I'll take 3, I'll take 4.
I...I don't know! I think I have...
I have high standards musically, when I'm working.
There's that. And I'm very serious when I play
because I'm in the music.
I don't really...
I'm not being...
Not frowning at people or anything,
I'm just thinking.
- I'm not...I'm not so visual... - And do you think people...
I'm not so visual because I'm completely in it.
- I..I'm just...I'm listening a ton. - You play it inside the–
I'm watching the violin.
thinking ahead. I'm...
absorbing what's happening
There's a lot going on.
- Mmm. - Okay. - And it's hard for me to...
pretend anything other than what's going on.
I'm not saying that people who are more visual are pretending.
- I don't think they are, I think it's genuine. - Yeah.
It's just my genuine is really being sort of in the middle...
sort of the eye of the storm.
- And gathering from all of these things... - That's a cool way to– - That's a great way to put it.
...that are spinning around, like
grabbing the things that are interesting to me.
And putting my own spin on them and sort of tossing them back out there.
So then what do you think about performers that like move a lot?
I mean you said you think it's genuine, but like...
- I think for them it is! - Yeah?
If I were to do it, it would look weird.
Because it's not...
- I don't know, it was pretty amazing before, - It's not me!
when you did the dance.
- Yeah, that was incredible! - We made another video.
- You probably see it. Yeah. - But dancing is naturally me too, in a way!
- So that's not that... - But just all your focus is on the music and the sound maybe?
Yeah! I'm...I'm just...that's
That's my focused face.
- So I think a lot of our viewers– - But also people think that I'm not moving!
They think I'm not doing anything.
- Yeah, yeah. - If you zoom in on me playing,
I'm going in and out of the camera!
So I don't know how I could do much more than I do sometimes.
- I feel like...maybe I could do more with my face? - The cameraman can...
But my face doesn't actually do those things
that other people's faces do!
I don't know, I just don't have that face!
But as far as...
actual range of motion, I am moving a fair amount.
So I really don't know what more I'd have to do to meet those expectations.
I have a question for you.
If you were to rate how much you move on stage
- on a scale from 0...1 to 10, - Okay.
1 is like...
- Just...I don't know, the stillest player. - Still?
- Mmm. - Mhm.
- Yeah okay. So let's say Heifetz. - Heifetz.
- 10 is Lindsey S– - And 10 is like...
Lindsey Stirling?
Not even Lindsey. Like, let's say just classical soloists.
So I don't know. Someone like...
Who moves a lot?
- Joshua Bell. - Joshua Bell. Okay.
Where would you put yourself on 1 to 10?
- Oh this is very sweet. Just so you know. - Oh okay, I won't have it.
- Ah Imma have some. - Thank you.
What measure are we using?
- Well just...like width... - Are we talking about like how far I'm moving?
- Yeah, do you– - Yeah, pure like
- movement and facial expression as well, so like... - Yeah.
- And how will you move you feet– - Okay facial expression, if Heifetz is 1,
I would say I'm probably 3.
- Okay. - Okay.
- Scale of 1 to 10. - I can see that.
- Mhm. - Mhm.
As far as physical...
...motion, up-down, side-side,
if you were to frame it,
- up-down...It's such a scientific way... - up-down side-side.
It's just like...here's a graph
- X Y axes. - X Y axes. - Because there's not much front to back
- without falling back. - Yeah, you can't see much front–
Or falling off the stage.
I would say I'm probably...
7 out of 10?
- I see. Okay. - Ooohh.
But I keep...
...a frame to my plane.
- I can see that, I can see that. - So I'm not... - Yeah.
- I don't... - Yeah.
Because that's how I play, I have a frame
that I play within.
And it's actually a very comfortable thing,
and it's flexible.
But it's just not...
I don't do like...my...I don't do the high elbow,
I wasn't taught that.
I don't do sort of extreme...
hold? Or extreme grip, or like extreme...
- ...scroll. - Do you go really low with the scroll? or...
Sometimes yeah! Like my scroll's at my waist.
- And then...yes! - At your waist?
If you were to freeze frame, you would see!
- Sometimes my scroll is as low as my waist. - Yeah I've seen that.
Yeah. And then it goes up as far as this.
So that's actually like...
- So what gives the impression of everyone thinking that... - I don't know, it seems like a lot.
- I think it's the face. - Your face right? - I think it's the frame, and it's the face.
Cos if the frame is moving, it doesn't look like things are changing so much.
- And the face is not moving a lot either. - Do you move your head a lot with your body?
- Are they moving in one unit when you move? - The face, the face.
Just the face.
Not my face, "the" face.
The face.
The face!
Well tell you something!
So I was taught to play with the posture of Heifetz.
- Ohhh okay. - In the sense that my teacher was Russian school.
And I was taught to have my foot pointing in one direction.
- The right foot would be like down the aisle, - Ahhh yeah yeah yeah.
- and the left foot would be sort of like out this angle. - It's very...
- And the violin would be this way. - Do you still play that way?
So that was what I played like until I was 10.
I see.
So then when... And very stoic.
There was no need to do any kind of expression.
It was in the...in the playing.
And then when I went to my teacher when I was 10
and I started at Curtis,
He told me, "Sweetheart, people have eyes as well as ears."
Oh no!
And he would push my shoulders.
Side to side when I was playing if I got too still.
- He was a quartet leader. - That's so funny.
- So he was saying you have to show the music. - Okay, so he was all about-
- That is true. - You have to give some cues.
And then when I was playing in a quartet when I was 12,
I've played in chamber music before,
but I hadn't... had my... had a steady group so much.
Not one that I'd selected and
friends that I knew I was playing with.
So they would just...
I would have to cue, and...
Cuz I was playing first...
I wanted to play second,
but they wanted me to play first
because the second violinist
didn't wanna play the parts.
- Didn't wanna play the high stuff. - She's like I'll be in your quartet,
but I don't wanna play first.
Like "please please please!"
"No, I'll play second, but I'll be in your quartet." - That's funny.
- So- - Wow...
I was cuing,
and I was the youngest member of the quartet,
and I didn't know how to cue.
I would cue, and they would just look at me.
- Yup. - "We can't read your cue."
"Can you try it again?"
That was... yeah.
So I cued and I-
It's actually really hard to like-
- To lead, right? - Yeah. - People wouldn't have come in the right time.
And that's how I learned how to show the...
the way I'm playing and be very clear.
So apparently, I'm pretty clear to play with,
but I think for the audience, I'm not quite as emotive.
But I'm very tuned in to everything around me.
I think I'm not projecting maybe as much as I'm feeling,
and, as the people around me are picking up on.
I mean, I think...
Personally, I think what you do is...
like I don't think you should try to-
I do me.
Yeah exactly, like
you shouldn't try to be what you're not.
But I'm just thinking about
the Ling Ling workout challenge
that we just filmed and...
I wish one of the challenge was that
- you had to express your facial expression out. - Aw, that would be funny!
Cuz I would love to see that.
Here's a question that's like...
Kind of related to this topic but not really.
I don't know if it's appropriate.
So if it's not appropriate, we can always cut it out.
But um...
Would you rather, if you had to choose...
Cuz we actually had a friend.
He had like, um,
really bad stomach.
And he...
- Ohhh, here we go. - He was known for-
Oh no!
Are we getting into the toilet realm?
- Is that what we're doing? - Yeah.
So there was one particular quartet concert-
- where he just felt... didn't feel too good. - Oh no.
- Yeah, I know where this is going. - But, because everyone was like
"We need to get on stage."
So he just went on stage.
And then, during the middle of the concert, he...
- Pooped his pants. - You know, he pooped his pants.
*gasps* Mhm.
- And he just kept going- - He kept going-
- Oh my god! - And it was an intimate chamber setting
- where the audience- - What are you supposed to do?
How can you get out of that situation?
- Like, you just kinda have to stay there, right? - Well, I would've just walked off, man.
I would've just walked off.
But how?
Apparently it was just like-
Pick up your chair?
- No, apparently the stain is still there. - "Excuse me, I gotta go."
It's, like, everything just-
- Don't know if that's true, but that's all I know. - We're eating- We're talking about this with food.
- I know hahahaha! - I'm just looking at this.
Hopefully this is not the situation tomorrow.
Yeah. Oh no.
Oh yeah, we got a concert tomorrow.
Eating spicy food is probably not the best idea.
So the question I would ask is
would you rather-
Okay, okay.
- Like I said it, this is a big concert. - Okay.
It's being recorded.
It's like with a world-class orchestra.
Would you rather-
Oh god, here we go...
Poop your pants on stage,
but then you played the best you've ever played,
and it's recorded.
- But everyone... people will smell it. - But everyone smells it,
- they can see it trickling down... - They can see it. They're like,
They know it's you.
They're like "Oh my god, it's you."
But I wear a floor-length gown.
- They can just see the puddles on the stage. - Yeah, it just...
Like every movement you do...
Every movement you do just-
- Like a whaff! - Just, whaff just come goes out.
Whoof! Whoof!
Would you not have that,
but you have to
sight read the concerto on stage.
- I mean, I don't know how good your sight reading is. - Ohh...
- It's probably still pretty good. - That's a tough one.
I am a terrible sight reader.
Hmm, how about you guys?
- I mean, either way is pretty bad. So... - What would you rather do?
I would rather sight read.
I think I would rather sight read, too. Because I think-
Because our standards are just...
That's my standard anyway.
Eddy: Yeah like, people don't really- Hilary: You have to think
which is more immortal though?
Okay, we're back again!
- Can you backtrack to the beginning? yeah yeah. - Immortal, immortal, immortal.
- I saw it when it flicked. - Yeah, okay.
So the recording of you sight reading...
It's a video recording or an audio recording?
Audio. So they don't know that you-
Yeah, they don't know.
- They can't smell it. They can't see it. - They might hear the poop noises.
Woah! Woh!
Shuffling around.
Okay but yeah, they don't see it.
They don't know.
- The context always gets lost with the recordings. - Mhm.
- People just take them at face value. - Mhm.
What is more important to your legacy?
That people...
And also,
isn't it super impressive if you play it amazingly,
and you're going through that?
- That will be like a PR story! - That would be legendary! - It'd be a PR stunt.
- Like, not only is this the best recording, - That would be legendary!
but they did it under...
- Pressure. - poop situation.
Poop pressure.
I mean I think-
- So you'd pick the poop. - There's no explanation for
why you're sight reading a concerto
other than that you didn't prepare,
- you don't care, you don't value your audience. - Yeah. Yeah.
I mean...
- Oh man... - Oh my god.
- Like that's- And it's recorded forever. - But I feel so sorry for the front row though.
I know!
No, imagine the whole hall stunk up.
I know but,
- no one can smell it on the recording. - That's true.
Maybe the secret...
And it'll be like a whole PR.
And the secret just-
No, I'm just picturing like a 45-minute concerto.
- Yeah. - And the poop-
I feel like you want me to give a different answer.
No, I mean-
It's a good answer.
Nah, I think-
- You have to weigh what's valuable here. - Yeah.
- Yeah, that's true. - Right.
- We always do this would-you-rather. - I'm taking it super seriously.
- So okay- - I would say...
She's a strict professional.
She truely-
No matter what happens-
- cares about the music. - I hope that never happens.
I would probably find a way to kind of...
- Get off stage? - Disappear?
What I would do is probably...
I would excuse myself.
Oh no.
They can't... They can't...
Like there's no point in recording
when I'm not there, right?
Excuse myself like,
take care of whatever needs to be done,
come back.
Oh man...
- What would you say- - Spare the audience.
- Yeah, spare the audience, like " Guys, sorry," - Let people clean up.
- "an accident just happened." - You know, like
spare people the misery of
dealing with that in the audience,
and dealing with a bad performance on the recording.
That's so funny.
I'm trying to find some way-
Some balance.
- Some way, yeah. - Best of both worlds.
That's so funny.
What would you do?
If I had to...
- If I had to do sight reading I would tell the audience- - Sight reading. - Sight reading.
It was because this is my only other option.
Sorry guys.
I was given this choice.
- And I want to make you have a better experience. - Yeah.
So I'm gonna do my best sight reading.
I don't want to put you through the torture of
that other circumstance.
- That's the only way I can think- - Then they will be supportive then, I guess.
That's the only way I can think to make it okay!
They will definitely be supp-
Oh, hopefully be supportive.
Wow, okay.
Yum yum!
- This is- - Hahahaha!
That was go- Yeah!
That's not too spicy.
- It's not too bad. - I think it was this one that got me.
How's the milk tea, is it good?
It's good. It's saving me.
- Yup. - It's just like a...
You're actually dying.
Yeah, that's fine.
Oh wow.
What are your other would-you-rather's?
Well, this isn't a would-you-rather, but,