A2 初級 美國腔 930 分類 收藏
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Alright, alright, a bunch of [BLEEP], let's get this [BLEEP] [BLEEP] over with. Cliff, why do you think you're right for this job?
>> CLIFFORD CISNEROS: At the age of 8, after donating the first billion that I made, I looked my mother in her eyes on the death bed that she laid in.
And she said to me, "Cliff you make another billion, but not for yourself, but for this company."
>> CLIFFORD CISNEROS: And I will make sure that promise comes through.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I'm [BLEEP] speechless. Welcome. You clearly got the job. You got the job my friend. I'm speechless. [BLEEP] great resume. Very impressive. What about you my friend?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I just...I really need the job, you know, I gotta pay my bills and my wife's been on my [BLEEP].
>> RUDY MANCUSO: That's it?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm a very honest person and that's what I will be for this company.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: No, it's okay, don't lie buddy.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I don't lie.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: You can be honest and [BLEEP] lie.
>> CLIFFORD CISNEROS: I lied about everything.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I call it being a hire, it's an honest liar, a hire, speaking of hire, I'm gonna hire him.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm not going to lie.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I'm not gonna push it. No problem, no problem. If he doesn't want to lie, that's his right. Get the [BLEEP] out of my office.
Get the [BLEEP] out of my office!
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: Hey honey! How did it go?
Bad. Very bad.
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: [BLEEP]. You were being honest again.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm not gonna lie. I can't lie.
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: Everybody lies Anwar. It's okay.
White lies are fine. We all do it.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: No. You don't lie to me.
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: I lie to you all the time, constantly.
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: Um...remember in college when I told you I was a waitress?
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: I was a stripper.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Are you serious?
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: Look, it doesn't [BLEEP] matter, okay? The boxing gym across the street is hiring and looking for trainers, you're gonna go over there right now.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Boxing? I know nothing about boxing.
>> MELANIE IGLESIAS: Lie. Okay? You need this [BLEEP] job.
>> RYAN: Hey, what's going on man?
>> RYAN: Yeah, leave the package by the door. Thank you.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: The package?
>> RYAN: You got a package for me? Is that what you came here for?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm here for the trainers position. I wanna be a trainer.
>> RYAN: Okay, yeah listen, the janitor's spot is already filled up.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm not trying to be a janitor sir. I saw the sign outside it said trainers.
>> RYAN: What I'm telling you is that the janitors position is already filled up.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Yes, but that's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying that I want to be a trainer and it says that you're hiring trainers.
>> RYAN: Trainer!
Oh you...man why didn't you just tell me you want to train.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Yeah. >> RYAN: Man sit down, let's talk about it man.
>> RYAN: Ryan.
>> RYAN: Anwar, good to meet you man.
So like, what's your resume?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I don't have...
[BLEEP] I have to lie. I don't want my wife to go back to stripping.
I left it at home.
>> RYAN: I need nothing but the biggest baddest mother [BLEEP] around here!
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I understand.
>> RYAN: Take your [BLEEP] shirt off man, let me see what you're working with!
Alright, put it back on. Put it back on.
And we gonna...we gonna work it out, we gonna work it out man.
Okay, alright, then just tell me then who you trained.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I trained...
Muhammed Ali.
And Floyd Mayweather.
>> RYAN: Get the [BLEEP] out of here.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm actually a 3 time world champion. I'm undefeated in 4 different weight classes.
>> RYAN: Man, come on baby, [BLEEP].
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Thank you. >> RYAN: I like your style man.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Thank you. >> RYAN: You know what?
>> RYAN: We're gonna start you off at 100 thousand, per year.
So what else...what else about you man?
Man don't even get me started.
Uh...I've known Mike Tyson for 20 years now.
We...we grew up together.
Uh...I trained him for like 20 years.
20? How old are you?
>> RYAN: Wow.
That's crazy.
Mike as in Tyson?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Mike Tyson.
>> RYAN: Tyson Mike?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Tyson Mike.
>> RYAN: Michael?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Mike Tyson.
>> RYAN: T-Y-S-O-N?
>> RYAN: Wow. That's crazy. That's crazy man. Let me see this.
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: What is...what is that?
Who is that?
>> RYAN: Mike! Mike what's going on baby?
>> MIKE TYSON: Hey Ryan, how you doing man?
>> RYAN: How the kids man?
>> MIKE TYSON: Man, the kids are wonderful. Yourself?
>> RYAN: Man, I'm good. Guess who I'm with? I'm with Anwar baby.
>> MIKE TYSON: What? Anwar? Who the [BLEEP] is Anwar?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: How's it going Mike?
>> MIKE TYSON: Who the [BLEEP] are you?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Anwar...your best friend.
>> MIKE TYSON: What? Anwar who?
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: We're best friends, remember?
>> MIKE TYSON: Hey. I don't know this mother [BLEEP] Ryan. Ryan man, this is a lying mother [BLEEP]. Who the [BLEEP] is Anwar? >> RYAN: Mike! Mike! Mike!
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: I really need the job.
Please, please, please.
Please, please.
>> ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentleman coming on stage, main act of the night, give it up for peaches! >> ANWAR JIBAWI: I love you baby! You got this!
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: That's my wife! I love you babe!


說謊好難,圓謊更難 (Anwar Jibawi 搞笑影片系列) (Worst Liar | Anwar Jibawi, Mike Tyson & Rudy Mancuso)

930 分類 收藏
Ash Lynx 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 8 日
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