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Take a few minutes for the navi computer to calculate the coordinates.
A few minutes?
Are you kidding?
At the rate, they're gaining.
Yeah-- oh, what is it?
Traveling through hyperspace--
Do you have to shoot this?
Traveling through hyperspace is like dusting-- ain't like dusting crops, kid.
Without precise calculations, we fly too close to a store-- they're-- bounce into a supermarket, and then--
- be a hell of a mess.
What's that?
Watch this.
We're losing the reflector shields.
Go strap yourselves in.
Be careful on the way out.
Yeah, sure.
I'm taking it very cautiously.
OK, cut.
You, go away with that.
Bounce too near a supermarket?
This is a very simple, basic idea.
It's a story about a farm boy in Nebraska, and not on Tatooine.
It was originally designed to be a modern fairy tale.
About good and evil, and what prevails, and what doesn't prevail.
It's unlimited, the possibilities of what they can do.
If this one doesn't work out, we're sort of finished.
But hopefully, it will justify it as a series.
Make you say, gee, what happens next?
The whole experience has been so completely unanticipated.
I had my doubts about whether another "Star Wars" would work.
But I now get that phrase, thank you for my childhood because it's something that people carry with them now forever and ever and ever.
As I see it, this has nothing to do with past, present, or future.
"Star Wars" could be in any of those areas.
It's a big part of what makes these films so important to pass on from generation to generation.
I feel honored that I've been allowed to continue the journey.
It's very cool to meet someone inspirational to a generation of moviegoers.
Those that have gone before you, incredible artists in their own right.
You delve deeper in your appreciation and respect for that.
Oh my gosh.
It feels like I was just in a time machine, and I had traveled back to when they first had filmed "Star Wars."
Roll cameras!
If you're a kid watching this 100 years from now, 500 years from now-- you see this inevitability. the story conclude in a way that feels thrilling, and shocking, and funny, and emotional, and satisfying.
I like these films.
I think there's a legacy that's important.
Ready, set, and camera.
Take nine.
Episode 9 will be a conclusion of a story that is over 40 years in the making.
So all stops are out, and it's all go.



Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | Featurette

1475 分類 收藏
Yukiko 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 6 日
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