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Daniel : Yes, that's three in a row
Anwar : Those are clearly teaming up. Adam : This is boring. Can we play something else or...
Evelyn : I have a perfect game we can play
Evelyn : Okay, here it is the lie detector, couple edition
Evelyn : Couples share their most intimate romantic secrets.
Anwar : Who wants to play another game? Ciesla : No this sounds like fun
Anwar : I'll get another game.
Anwar : Just I'll just get another game
Evelyn : Okay, I go first.
Evelyn : Ciesla. Has Anwar ever called you over the phone crying
Ciesla : Not that I call
Ciesla : Okay, so there is this one time he's watching The Lion King and it was so cute
Ciesla : He got so upset when the father die.
Anwar : That never happened
Anwar : Okay, next question Haley, do you and Daniel have fart battles?
Haley : Yes every morning
Haley : Actually wait wait
Anwar : Well, what is she doing
Haley : Damn it that was a silent one
Daniel : That was disgusting, but I loved it so much the same time
Daniel : My turn, Adam. Do you ever wear Evelyn's makeup?
Adam : Get out of here. Absolutely not
Adam : It was for a pimple.
Adam : It was her idea
Evelyn : This card is to the boys.
Evelyn : Have you guys ever gone on a road trip?
Anwar:Yeah Adam:Yeah
Daniel : Why wasn't i invited
Anwar : Oh..., uh, well
Anwar : The car was too packed.
Adam : No, no, no, we didn't know you back then
Ciesla : Wait, didn't you meet Daniel like two months ago?
Anwar : Daniel? Yeah, we met like about about two months ago. Yeah
Ciesla: I thought you said your last road trip was over a year ago.
Anwar : Uh...ow..., we..., no!
Anwar : There was one time we were in San Diego to that convention
Adam : Work convention
Anwar : It was work-related.
Daniel : I would never lie to you.
Evelyn : Who went on this "road trip"?
Anwar : It was me, Adam, Jeff and Carlos
Haley : Ciessy, is Anwar the masculine man of your dreams
Ciesla : Yes.
Anwar : You don't think I'm masculine up what is it, huh?
Ciesla : Don't change the subject
Anwar : What subject I don't know what you're talking about?
Daniel : No don't change the subject
Who did you guys think of inviting before me?
Adam : Look, we didn't go with anybody that....
...you wouldn't want us to go with
Evelyn : Really? How about you say that one more time with this on your head?
Adam : Okay, look, we didn't go with anybody that you wouldn't want us to go with
Ciesla : Okay, so were there any...
Anwar : Ahhh!! Do you think Evelyn is annoying?
Ciesla : No, of course not I think she's awesome
Evelyn : So you think I'm annoying?
Ciesla : Well, okay, sometimes you just talk a little too much.
Evelyn : I talk to much? Really? You call me like every other week
Haley : Hey, do you think I'm annoying?
Ciesla & Evelyn : Yes.
Ciesla : Ok look, I just want to know, why you've been talking about me behind my back?
Daniel : We're on that subject. All I want to know is who was in the car and why I wasn't invited?
Anwar : Why would you say that???
Evelyn : I see what you guys are trying to do. He is right. Adam. Who did you and Anwar go on this road trip with huh?
Evelyn : I need you to tell me the truth right now, and if you don't tell me the truth. When we get home...
Anwar : Just tell her the truth, Adam.
Adam : Okay last year me and Anwar went on a road trip with two girls, Michelle and Nicole, I had Nicole and he had Michelle and she had red hair and I had blonde hair. And then we-we-we *sobs* we made sweet sweet love to both of them. *Inhales* And then we drove them to another country and we stopped talking.
%#^%$^@$#^@#$^@$$ (I've try my best.)
Evelyn : Why would you lie about something like that?
To show... to show that-that we-we would never do anything like that
Anwar : We are the most faithful men.
Adam : The most faithful in the world,.
Anwar : There's no one else I would ever be with.
Adam : No one else I've ever been with.
Anwar : Till the day I die.
Adam : In another lifetime.
Anwar : And the life after that.
Anwar : Till the world ends.
Adam : Till there's nothing left.
Adam : We're organisms
Adam : Its me and you.
Anwar : I love you for what's on the inside and not the outside.
Daniel : And I'm the most faithful man in the entire world.
There's like eight billion people it's gotta be two in front of us
Haley : Are you cheating on me?
Daniel : Never!
Haley : NO? you don't want this? You don't want all this. Are you fun?


情侶測謊器 (Anwar Jibawi 搞笑影片系列) (The Lie Detector: Couples Edition | Anwar Jibawi)

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