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In this video you will learn basic airport Vocabulary.
A lot of people travel by plane, jets airplane, aircraft.
First of all, you need to buy a ticket and pay airfare -
the cost of the plane ticket.
You choose between economy class - the lowest class of traveling
and first-class with better seating and more services
You go to check in desk to pass check-in.
Here are some questions, a check-in officer may ask you
Show you passport please / Can I see your passport?
Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat?
Do you have baggage to check in?
Do you have any hand luggage?
Do you have anything to declare?
You are asked to pass a metal detector, to check you don't have illegal items.
After that the passengers go to departure lounge and wait for their flight.
At international airports you can enjoy duty free shopping.
Departure time / departures - the time planes leave the airport
Gate is the place where passengers wait to board the plane
People who take care of passengers on the plane
overhead bin/ compartment -a place to store bags above the passenger seats
a safety device used during an emergency landing in water
a safety device that gives passengers oxygen during an accident
a safety device that holds passengers in their seats
Passengers go to baggage claim
to pick up the baggage.
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搭機前必看!不可不知的機場英語! (At The Airport: English Vocabulary)

590 分類 收藏
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