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I love this tart because you've got the kind of base of the really buttery creamy leeks.
There's a bit of milk, a bit of double cream in there…
It is Christmas after all.
The black garlic which gives it that lovely kind of intense treacly kind of flavour
and you just get those little pops of it throughout,
so it's kind of a surprise and a bit of an interruption, then on the top you've got
the squash which kind of brings it all together, it's a sweetness,
you've got all these really kind of verdant, crispy herbs which again add like a nice
flavour but pops of texture as well.
Well, this pastry is amazing.
Thank you.
It's really lovely, tell me again how you make that? So it's walnut …
It's walnuts and thyme that you blitz up in a food processor and then you add the flour as
you would a normal pastry and I just like it because without it being
complicated recipe, the walnuts give it this real kind of shortness and butteriness.
It really does and also it's just so much tastier than normal pastry.
This is my pudding and it is a chocolate, pear and almond galette.
I actually think these relaxed kind of tarts look much more beautiful than the posh ones, anyway.
Yeah. So I love the galette because it's very quick and easy to whip up and
uses mostly store-cupboard ingredients and seasonal fruit.
The base is made using
flour and sugar and dairy-free butter and then I've put a frangipane base on there
made using almonds and sugar and chocolate that's melted into it to give it that richness.
And that then sets up these gorgeous pears,
they just look really beautiful but sort of soften and sweeten and go so well with
chocolate and almonds.
You can put this together in about 10 minutes and it takes
about 30 minutes in the oven.
It's a winner.
Oh, thank you.


素食者如何享受美味聖誕大餐? (Anna Jones and Meera Sodha’s vegetarian Christmas dinner)

560 分類 收藏
Nina 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 26 日    Angus 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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