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What's up everybody, I've got some Lego illusions today that I'm really excited to show you.
I've been... wait guys we are rolling.
Lego illusions are fantastic so I've got a bunch of....
Guys we're rolling.
Jadon, seriously?
That's the studio for you.
Me and Clark here at the studio took about a day to make these Lego illusions for you, and we're very excited to show you.
So, we've got them set up right around the corner.
I want to show you this first one which is a chair illusion.
So, this first one is fun.
This is a classic illusion, which you may have seen before but not in Lego format.
There's our little mini-fig just chilling and sit on a chair, having a normal day except...
Oh wait, he's really big, and this chair up here is really tiny and actually distorted.
These are some of my favorite illusions because they're about lining it up just right, tricking your eye into seeing something that you're used to seeing, but in this case, we've played a trick with you when we reveal and I just love that.
So fun.
So this is the Lego hero, and this is his little seat that we had him sitting on here so...
He's also a flashlight.
If there is ever an emergency at the studio I'm running to grab this first.
Let's move on to the next illusion.
I saw this Lego illusion actually built online, and I had to recreate it to see if it's actually real.
And I love it because it's another one of those "place it at the right angles" and this eye trick happens to you.
So they're placed at 45-degree angles each.
And this is the real setup that you've got.
It's actually placed on the floor just barely touching in the corners there.
And when you line it up just right, you get this cool "is it up or down" illusion.
Don't get me wrong, I love Legos but they're way too over price.
So luckily, I've got a little magic up my sleeve.
No, just kidding, I actually have to buy them, too.
Also, did you know Legos are about ten cents a piece on average?
So, even little baby ones.
This is another take on a classic illusion that's well known, and we Legofied it here.
So it starts with "no," and then if you turn it around this way, turns into "yes."
And you tell me if you think this really line up.
I feel like the "no" is a little wonky but that's kind of the... the best I could do.
I like to do just okay work around here.
I don't know you tell me down below in the comments if you think that works.
For this next illusion, we actually need to go outside for some better light.
Alright, let's see if we can figure out the angle on this one.
So this is an impossible triangle that you have to line up just perfectly to get it right.
You have to have good lighting for it.
And it works quite well, I think it's just better in a photo probably.
So let me know down in the comments which Lego illusion you enjoyed the most that we created?
And don't forget to subscribe.
And I've got a special Lego illusion for that.



眼見不一定為實!驚人的樂高錯覺! (Incredible Lego illusions by Zach King)

1803 分類 收藏
Nina 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 26 日    Nina 翻譯    Steve 審核
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