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The country I'm in right now literally does not exist.
This is no joke.
In the United Nations, out of all nations, this country's name doesn't exist.
In some iPhones, the flag emoji of this country does not exist.
In some airlines, the country name in the search bar does not exist.
And even in some world maps, the country name does not exist.
This is Taiwan, one of the most politically interesting places in the world.
There's a lot of pressure on this country to be hidden.
But last week I came to visit Taiwan, and it impressed me.
And I think it will impress you too.
This is Taiwan, a democratic country in the heart of Asia.
Here, public parks have WiFi, night markets have good food, and garbage trucks sing Beethoven.
Taiwan is also a welcoming society that is accepting of everyone.
And you didn't hear that from me.
You heard it from the president herself.
I am Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan and also the first woman president of Taiwan.
Taiwan is a free, democratic, open, and amazing place.
Despite the pressure to hide Taiwan, Taiwan succeeded!
Taiwan has one of the best healthcare system in the world.
To see a doctor, it costs five dollars!
Five dollars!
Your iPhone, laptop, and electronics were most likely built by a Taiwanese company.
The nature in Taiwan is stunning.
It has hot springs after hot springs that you will love.
At every corner, Taiwan has convenience stores.
This is the second highest rate of convenience stores per capita in the world.
This is why Taiwan was ranked number one country for expats in the world.
And I bet you didn't know that because I also didn't know that.
I moved to Taiwan 12 years ago, and that's the best decision I ever made.
It's good.
Yeah, Nice!
All (the) people are nice!
Welcome to Taiwan!
Many countries do not recognize Taiwan as a country because of politics.
It may not be on some world maps.
It may not be on some airline's search engines, but it exists.
Give them a visit!
Trust me, it's worth it.
See you next week.



Nas Daily 來台灣啦!看看台灣在外國人眼中是什麼樣子! (Asia's Secret Country | Nas Daily)

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