B1 中級 美國腔 48 分類 收藏
It's another beautiful day in Minecraft
and today is a very special day. Isn't that right, Sven?
That's right.
Hey Boat Cow, play the music.
Okay, keep playing, Boat Cow.
For many years, me and Sven have built together this structure,
a structure that symbolizes the power of friendship, the power of love, and the power of perseverance.
I introduce to you...
...the giant meatball.
*anime wow*
That's right.
Take it in, take it in in all it's glory
There is finally peace, on earth
Isn't that right, chicken?
Water Sheep died for this, you know.
He died to make this possible.
Without water sheep, there would be no giant meatball.
Why did I build a giant meatball you might ask?
For Water Sheep.
This meatball represents everything that water sheep believed in:
and all those good things *laugh* that he stood by.
What if Water Sheep was here alive today?
I know he would be proud.
No one loved meatballs more than Water Sheep.
He was like a father to me.
He was like the son that I never had.
And I loved him
I may have shown it in weird ways, Sven.
I may have not always been the nicest.
And you know what, I'll admit, I may not have always been perfect.
But my god
The meatball
Stands tall
And I'm so proud to call myself...
An American
*never mind* I don't even know...
Stop jumping in boats, Sven! Please!
I know you're excited, but I haven't even shown...
*sad* look at depressed cow over there.
I haven't even shown you guys the best bit.
So I've been messing around with redstone.
I've spent a lot of time with this Redstone and god I hope it works
Sorry Sven. You can't ride this; it might break.
You just gotta hit this, and then...
Voila baby.
It's as glorious on the inside
as it is on the outside.
Italian leather exterior...
All handcrafted...
by one Scandinavian Swede.
This took a lot of time!
I'm not gonna lie, I think the elevator
took more time for me to build.
I thought: "okay cool, I'll build an elevator".
"That'll be epic".
Nah, it's not epic.
I mean, it's super fun, like...
I love riding it...
I want it...
The idea was to have something go all the way, all the way to the top.
The very top, and I'm like:
I'm tired of farming piston steel material
I'm tired of the circuits always messing up and I don't understand why
But, It works pretty well.
I'm like, it's really fun to ride it.
The thing is, like...
Sven! stop teleporting, you scare me
What if Sven rides it?
Oh my god, I never thought...
He's probably too short, I think he is too short, yeah
Sorry Sven, you're too short
Ha Ha
Let's try it
The thing is, I know you can build elevators..
Probably way smarter.
I guarantee you that
I just wanted to try it out myself
I know I could probably do it easier as well if i had the… uh
The sticky pistons
I don't have sticky! I don't have slime!
I don't have sticky
I don't have sticky poo poo
Alright I'm not going near this place when it's dark
Too many creepers
Have blown up my circuits
Too many times...
For me to leave it around at dark
It ain't happening.
Alright, but let me show you.
Seriously, I had so much fun building the elevator.
Like, I know it's janky and whatever.
But I, I didn't realize redstone was so fun to just mess around with.
Okay, so I want Sven to ride it.
Sven! Come here.
I want to see if it works. I'll be so happy.
Yeah sometimes, sometimes it breaks
Sometimes it breaks. It's fine.
Sven, where are you?
He's, like, stuck in the elevator.
Oh, there you are. Okay.
Hey, can you come down here?
It's a ball inside of a ball.
What else do you want, baby?
Alright come on. Let's do this, Sven.
Cool, inside the fence he teleports.
Alright, follow me
I'm just gonna put the leash on you Sven
Because you're being a little difficult
Yeah this is going to be a problem
Fine I'll make a special door for you Sven
Sven! You're being very difficult
Don't be shy
I'ts going to break the whole thing
SVEN! Please!
No, no! No!
I know you don't like tight spaces anymore after what happened
in '86 *machine gun fires*
Come on
Never have kids
Please, thank you, thank you
Sven is going to go for a ride
Listen I know you're scared of elevators..
It's fine! Trust me
Are you sitting? All right, here we go
Wow! How was that Sven?
Did you enjoy it?
Can you be quiet out here?
alright you can stand
So basically, the way it works..
It's a staircase.
It's a glorified staircase
One signal goes to the upper ones
One signal goes to the pusher ones
And they're one tick in delay
And then...
...I don't know
It just took me a lot of time to figure out how redstone works
Isn't that right Sven?
*sigh* and a lot of wool
First I used stone, and i think the circuits would still connect
And I didn't understand why
But then I saw other people use wool
So I'm like, okay I guess I'll use wool
And then these added delay, even if you dont add delay to them
Which added another mystery to the problem
But basically, it goes
One, Two
One, Two, Three
One, Two, Three, Four *eep!*
Where is he?
There you are.
There you are. He's fine
Eat something
Uhh, wait what happened here
Does it double step here?
Is that even possible?
Is that even possible? Wait
Where's the next step?
It pushes here,
It pushes here, pushes here
It pushes here, pushes here, pushes here...
It pushes you up THERE!?
It still works apparently, okay cool
I didn't know that was possible
Let me try
Oh my god, it skips a step
That's genius
I don't even know what I built
So yeah,
I, uh..
*elevator sounds*
It's so satisfying, I love the sound.
That's why it gets stuck sometimes, my god!
I was planning to put carpet all around here
And maybe, like put a floor here.
You could have a really big floor.
And then
I thought it could be cool maybe...
Can you do, like, catapults and stuff??
'Cause then, like, if I had Joergen here
and we head out on adventure, we could catapult out there into the water
These are just ideas I have
I want to build, Sven. I want to build.
It's so fun to build.
Oh yeah, Joergen is gone, I forgot.
*eternal sadness*
I lost Joergen.
I have looked everywhere, Sven
we bring back Joergen.
He has to be out somewhere.
He wouldn't just dis...
Excuse me?
Excuse me?! Water Cow?
You're good for one purpose, and one purpose only!
Actually 2
Playing music
And your delicious 'juice', thank you
Oh, that's right, we...
Minecraft just keeps on surprising. I didn't know you could do this
Why can you do this?
♪ Me and Boat Cow ♪
♪ Forever and ever ♪
♪ Going on adventures and drinking his juice ♪
Damn, that was beautiful
Thanks, Boat Cow. You're the best.
I really miss Water Sheep. I'm not gonna lie.
I'm not over Water Sheep.
I'm not over Joergen being lost.
I'm not over anything.
I'm honestly hurt,
I'm confused,
and, you know, depression shows its way in many forms.
And I chose to build a giant meatball.
Other people do other things.
But now that meatball is built...
I still feel the pain.
It's still there.
Let me see if I can find something else.
Like a substitute, right? I need to make this right.
Hello there.
Do you know water sheep?
I'll tell you all about him
He was the best
"He was like a father to me?"
How did you know that?!
Watch out for lava now
Don't want you to get hurt
*mutters* oh my god, idiot
Cool, you just ruined my life
Oh okay, never mind
You're the lucky new Water Sheep
It's an honor and a privilege
Where's the bell?
Here we go
Oh my god, the meatball appears before Ikea tower
My god, it's so beautiful
I was thinking of putting a Swedish flag on top
But I just got really tired of farming
It looks kinda like a deathstar or something
Cool, I'm glad Sven is taken care of
Oh my god!
I knew you were evil, he's talking to spider!
Evil chicken!
My god!
How can you do this chicken??
*furious dinging*
Who am I kidding?
It's not the same, Sven.
It's not the same.
*continues dinging*
It doesn't feel as good as when Water Sheep did it..
You don't squeal in pain like Water Sheep.
*extreme dinging*
It will never be the same. What we had was special.
Alright, there's two Water Cows now because I'm too annoyed that Sven keeps entering.
Oh, sorry Sven, Sorry!
What are you doing?!
You get to live.
Apparently you can build like a dispenser or something like that. I wanna try that.
Wait, I think I have one.
Oh yeah, it's right here.
See, I thought dispenser was...
A garbage bin or something.
Clearly not the case.
Do I have a lever? Yeah
Is this all I need?
So if I place dispencer..
How does dispensers work?
There we go.
And then I put like... so I can...
What are you doing?! How did you escape?
Don't look so innocent.
Oh gosh, you people are...
There you go, stay there.
So do I just put a lever on it?
Oh my god!
*chicken scream*
You'll never be water sheep!
Hey! Come on, come on.
You'll never be Water Sheep!
*chicken scream*
Sven, don't go near him!
He's evil.
That's right, I see it in his eyes.
Oh my god, how does he do that?!
Oh, what?
*chicken screams*
*more chicken screams*
You will never be Water Sheep!
*Empty clicking sound*
It just becomes more of them!
Don't go there! Aaah, aaah...
You all went there.
Ugh, no...
Guys, this is a restricted area. You can't...
Just get up from there, please.
Well aren't you adorable?
Alright, enough playing around. We got actual stuff to do.
*ominous ding*
It is 3 AM.
*more ominous dinging*
We are here to summon back Water Sheep.
*even more dinging*
Minecraft spirits and gods! Notch, can you hear us?
*dinging continues*
We want Water Sheep back..
And Joergen too, of course!!
*ominous dinging continues*
I will ring this bell 3 times
We bring sacrifices!
On the third ring, I expect Water Sheep's return
One *ding*
Two *ding*
*door sound*
What the?!
Did you guys hear the door of the nether portal?!
Water Sheep?!
Water Sheep?!
You're not Water Sheep..
He's not coming back is he?
Water Sheep...
Stop it guys!
He'll never come back, Sven. I'm going to bed
And don't even try console me..
Okay, guys.
I think it's time we realized... Water Sheep is gone forever.
We need to build a memorial.
It's the least thing I can do.
This is for Water Sheep.
Get out of the way! Can you not!?
There it is..
You know...
I may —
I may have been partially responsible for what happened to Water Sheep
I may have done...
I'm not perfect by any means
but I still loved him.
That's right.
We have gathered here today to say goodbye to Water Sheep
NO! Stop – thank you
I'll continue, Sven... well that was it basically
Rest in peace Water Sheep, rest in peace
May your wool forever be soaked.. in water
Okay, Sven
We may have lost Water Sheep
But there's 2 people we can still retrieve, Sven
Joergen 2 and Bone Joergen are still out there
We're gonna get them, gosh darnit!
Now we need to make water drinking potion
And underwater seeing potion
Poor pufferfish, I'm sorry!
It's to save Dinnerbone!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
We have to make potion of night vision
so we can see.
Golden Carrot, my god...
...better be worth it.
Let's extend it as well
It is done.
I'm bringing my lucky pufferfish on the way.
He'll guide the way to Dinnerbone.
Come on Sven, hurry. Into the boat, Sven.
There we go.
He's so cute~
We're gonna get them back Sven! Don't worry.
Oh god, we're going near that place...
Don't worry. Sven, close your eyes. Close your eyes; it's fine.
Oh, look away. That's right, look away.
Nothing bad over there.
Woah, there's a shipwreck here. What kinda wood is this?
Woah, I've never seen this!
This is jungle? Jungle wood?
It's jungle! We've never been to jungle
Okay, but I have been here
Or someone else?
Probably Water Sheep. *spits*
We have so many places left to explore in this game.
A THOUSAND-part series, Sven!
A thousand...
Perfect, it's getting dark. Great
So I think it was...
Yeah, Joergen was over there
and we swam from this island to here.
So it must have happened somewhere here in between.
Oh god, this is gonna be difficult. Okay...
Stay... stay and hold the boat, Sven?
And I will look for, uh...
I will drink this.
And this gives me underwater "drinking".
And this I need...
There it is... Woah!
I forget how awesome — woah, okay. Now we actually have —
Woah, it's actually easier on...
Maybe I'll stay in the boat then.
Okay, this is good.
Bone Joergen!
He's white too, isn't he?
Bone Joergen, where are you? We miss you!
Bone Joergen!
Are you out there?!?
Oh, I saw something white.
Dude, I'm scanning.
Guys, honestly I know this is Dora the Explorer, but help me.
If you spot...
Did you guys see that? Or am I crazy?
If you spot em, you gotta tell a bro.
I swear I saw something in between here
Frickin' eel things.
Right 'cause I went here, didn't I?
I'm pulling up my coordinates
so you guys can tell me what coordinates, if you see him.
It's impossible.
I'm just going to scan over this area
because this is where I lost him.
No! It's so dark.
Mission failed, Sven.
We'll get 'em next time.
Pufferfish, you did nothing!
Explain yourself!
Oh god, come back, I was kidding! I was kidding! Oh god!
Puffer I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
You don't look too good, puffer.
Oh my GOD!
Oh my god, JOERGEN!!
Joergen! Oh ho ho ho!
I have wheat for you.
He doesn't want it
Where were you?!
Where were you?!
Why are you here?!
You just wanted to walk?
Oh my god!
How did you get here?!
I tried to find Dinnerbone, and I find real Joergen.
Oh my god, yes!
The series is saved.
The boys are back in town.
The boys are back in town! Gosh darnit!
Why did you leave me? I was so scared.
Joergen #2!
I'm literally lost on the way back home.
I swear I've been here before.
Oh! Thank god, we made it back.
My gosh, they're so beautiful!
I'm teary-eyed, I'm so happy
Oh, We'll find Dinnerbone next time
Joergen, I have to show you the giant… You haven't seen it complete!
Oh my gosh, you disappeared while I was building it!
Oh, you stay there, please.
Alright Water Cow, play the song.
It's the song of Joergen and friendship.
Listen to this, Joergen.
Damn, the base though.
Joergen is back in town, baby!
That's what I'm talking about.
For those of you who don't know, we have new merch.
Check out represent.com/pewdiepie and support Joergen and Sven.
We have Sven and Joergen merch, that's right Moo Cow.
Good luck next time.
Thanks for watching another episode!
Next time, we're gonna find the ender portal.
See you then.
Bye bye
You've never played Tuber Simulator?!
You know it's... fun, right?
I'm not supposed to give my opinion...
But give it a try, and then you can tell me if it's good or not
Not convinced yet? Okay.
I'll cut you a deal!
The game is available for FREE.
And that's a great price!


PewDiePie 創世神 #16 我蓋了超大肉丸(感動) (I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16)

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發佈於 2019 年 12 月 21 日
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