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Gaming Week Supreme is back with Minecraft.
Minecraft. How many episodes until I become an official Minecraft channel... NOW,
Some new things has happened.
Do you remember that vendor that I was like, "Should I kill him?" And everyone said "Yes", but I didn't do it?
Well, I killed him.
And now his llamas, oh, they finally stop spitting at me! Oh thank God, they kept spitting at me.
Oh, we're friends now, that's awesome. So I have their leashes, wish I could use on Jørgen.
What up boat cow? oH, I'm riding llama!! Oh, oh, yeah!
Miiinecraft! ( subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)
This is aWEsoMe!
*breathes in*
Okay... OH
There's another thing I want to do. Okay. So look at this, gamers. I was like...
I was like, "Oh yeah my storage. It's getting a little cramped." So I make
EPIC storage. That's right, gamers. Now, I have plenty of space to store all my dirt.
I also have lava dispenser which I can just toss bad things into, this is very respectable.
It just takes me a while to find
What I is I need to find? All right. Don't worry about it. Ah, here it is. Name tag.
So a lot of you been saying that I can put a name tag on Joergen and I'm like, "That's epic."
Joergan... How I put name tag on you? Take it, it's a friend!
Joergan, don't make me hur- NOOO! AHHH! I'M SO AAA!
SORRY! Quick... Joergen, he must heal, he must heal!
Eat it! You need to eat something, you're gonna die! :(
Stop spitting! Oh, I need an anvil... Anvil. Can- I can't make an anvil.
How I make anvil? Iron ingot... Block of iron
*gasp* NANI?
One, two... Woah.
These are so pretty... Okay. So it's like this. Alright. Look at this gamer. Anvil, baby!
Smash like if you're a gamer and you knew how to make an anvil from head.
What... BAM! It's nametag time bros. Okay, uh... this
Alright, he should be called...
"Joergan". Enchantment cost? WhAt? How do I get a- jEr- wha- What?
I did it! Joergan, you're gonna have a name! This is historical moment. Oh wait It was supposed to be Joergan II! God damnit
What is enchantment cost? What am I paying my soul? Here you go Joergan, Joergan #2!
Eat some whEAt! Alright so surely- Oh, wow. Llamas are... EW. Yo, you're so close
Go away. Did we not love each other?
I think this situation is getting a little out of hand.
Guys, please... One at a time, one at a time. I'm so generous. Look at this.
Jesus Christ dude!
Stop it >:(
Now... I know for a fact that Joergen isn't gonna run anywhere.
That's amazing. And Joergen look, you have frieNd!
...You say another word to me... and it's the axe. *dramatic sounds*
Okay, cool. So today we're gonna do EPIC adventure, we're gonna go through nether portal! Okay, gamers.
It's portal time!
*epic portal sounds* wooWahwoOwuh
**PANIC** mmMMMhH mmHHHH mmmhHMM *attack on titan plays*
aCK GODDAMNIT! What are you doing here?? I didn't know you could be here!
Oh god, I almost choke on G FueL. That was crazy.
Okay, let's go gamers.
Jesus Christ dude, whoever said Minecraft wasn't scary told a lie.
Aight I gotta be careful here... because the ghost-lady-thing blew up mY BRIDGE!
My poor bridge... ;(
Didn't do anything...
Look at that. Look at this, dude
Very epic. Let's go through gamers. Wait... Pigman went through. Pigman! Go back home!
Pigman, you have to go back home. You're lost and confused. Don't worry, I'll help you.
...What if I kill him in this world? Then I can get his epic diamond sword.
Pigman, Pigman stop! Pigman stop!
Stop! Stop!
You're gonna get yourself killed Pigman, please, please pigman... PIGMAN! PIGMAN!
DAMNIT! How???
Oh yeah, we're going to the city because I need to trade wheat. Because if I trade wheat, I get the pearls and I like pearls. *laughs*
...I don't know what to do with them.
That bunny just die? Oh my god. It's being invaded!
Kill the small ones!
Kill younglings! Guys, this is not epic. There's a zombie invasion! What the hell is this??
This is not my battle, this is not my fight!
Oh gOd
WoAh .... WoW
*bird sounds*
Oh god .... ah
No! Ah! It's getting dangerous, eat! What is that, a wizard? This is too epic, gamers!
I don't wanna die! Not like this!
Blow them up, creeper-san!
That's gamer intuition, what to do with the right- eehhhm
Don't worry I saved your city, now trade me wheat
What're you guys doing? (yeah)*2 eW, What are you doing with that? Ew!
Ew, wizard it's time to- goddamn it, I lost the wizard! Where'd the Wizard go? I kill wizard
He still be here. I look away one second. He's still here. I swear.
I swear I can't play two minutes of this game without getting distracted. What was I doing? Look there enchanted arrows. I
Knew it was wizardry. Is he the one that attacked the village?
woah, woah, woah, woah, woah
Trade me wheat, sir
No nOt paper- there it is. There's only one emerald? fine
That's pretty more
Thank you. Thank you for your business
Look we got that bling!
We got that emerald. He trade me for wheat. What a wheat. You know, I sit- oh we can trade these for bricks
That's amazing, I don't understand what's happening here. That's just all I'm saying
No discrimination like they can be what- you look like such a pimp!
You just sell me paper you- do I look like I need paper? You look like you're stone out of your goddamn mind!
Oh, I get it
oH i GeT iT
You think they give you a thanks for saving this city but nO, minecraft heroes
Do exist
Never take one for granted. All right, there's a new area. I want to explore let's get it gamers. WhOa! There's... oh god
There's mountains up in the distance
Okay, this could be a good place to set up camp
One two, okay, we set up a new camp gamers
This is epic
Very good
second house
Be quiet
But that's not why we're here. We're here to explore new adventures and lands while you were out
Meeting new people I was mining fluxing minecraft discovering new worlds looking at new places
WhAt is that a boat? It's Titanic. We found it. What is all this?
It's icebergs, it's freakin icebergs in Minecraft
What can I mine these ?
Do they explode *gasps* AaAaA
It's ice. What if we found Titanic what would you do? WhAt, what is that? What is that that is?
Awesome. I'm being like ironic about it
But it looks so cOoL
This is so awesome
There is so many places to GoOoo *laughs*
WhAt there's bears, how can there be bears?
Hello bear
Konichiwa *confusion noises*
No kumi san
Do you want, you-ga I give you, you want this?
You want some bone?
Fine leave then see if I care
There's Titanic. I freaking found tita-*wheezing sounds*
Gamers. Oh
My god, we gotta find it an airlock or else this is not gonna last very long
Oh god , i'm crazy. Why did I do this?
*breathes in*
*breathes out*
NoO, no no no no no
*exaggerated gasping*
I Really- some people said I can make a potion to breathe under water go down god, damn it
Where's the chest *gasps* found it
Oops I read them bitches don't need them
Yeah, what's in the books? separate books huh. chest number two?
Okay, oh
Oo , ow
Okay, we're okay, we're okay let's not be greedy now. We got another treasure map bros.
We're actually not that far. Should we? *happiness noises*
Maybe later maybe later
Got plenty of places to go
Like this, is this, is this just like a mountain?
Is this not special at all? Just looks like an eagle castle, doesn't it?
That's another boat. Are you kidding me?
Now I can't find too many things :(
The greatest game I have ever played
There's so many things to explore again. look at that! look at that!
It's all coming out of the mountain. Fucker get awa- what I- Godamn. I hate them.
Alright, so let's build a tower here, so that we can find our way back to Joergen later.
Cause if we can't make it back to Joergen, then what's the point?
And also,
Okay, dare me to jump. Jesus Christ, I'm scared. Oh God
Oh ho
Did I just unironically say, "wee?". Okay there's clearly something down here.
All will be, *gasps* there's something over there toOoOo
*zombie noises* My boat, my boat *more zombie noises*
*zombie noises*
What is ha- that's my bohoho . What are you doing?
Oh, they're going together, that's so cuuute. Okay you guys are cool. You guys can chill with me. I saw a light down here.
This is just an airlock, oh it is. It's evolved.
Alright guys lowkey need the boat back. Can you please
Can I make a new boat?
I don't have enough material
Guys I need the boat. I need the freakin boat.
Oh my god. Hey!
We can be friends. We can ride boat together.
Oh it is an underwater city.
oH wOw
Ok, so some of you told me that these magma blocks you can step on them to replenish...
your air?
Which is not working
Oh it is working. This makes no sense... minecraft *gasps* chest!
Golden Apple baby! Frick yeah!
Dude we got brick over here.
I'll grab some brick
another chest
Can't open it
Ow , ow
It's just wheat gamers
God damn it. That is so cool
Such a giant waterfall dude. Look at that tree, dude
We don't get trees like that at home.
Oh my god, the map is filling in
Fine, we'll do one more
But this time, I'll find the goddamn. All I'm saying is the loot better be EPIC
Okay, here we go. Hopefully it's not under water this time. Oh god it is
Alright x marks the spot.
*gasps* Oh my god, I found it right away. Oh my go- *proceeds to laugh*
What the hell? *continues to laugh*
I can't believe it. What.
Why'd it take me so long last time?
Oh god. I am way too slow. Dude we got diamonds. I don't care if I'm choking
*slowly dying*
Oh god
Huh.... no
No, I have to head back
How long does the item stay?
Oh god, where was it ?
Where was it? Oh god, I don't remember. Wait, I can review the footage. Oh my god, I am such an idiot.
I'm retracing my steps. Oh god, the sun is setting
Such a beautiful sunset
Oh god, it's-
Okay, oh my god I found it! oh it's all floating! Oh god, yes.
*grunts then breathes out*
*keeps breathing out exaggeratedly*
Oh dude there's a wizard
And Enderman, oh god don't look at its eyes. Look. We got heart of the sea. I think this is like an actual rare item
There's another floating treasure map. No big deal. I think I'm stuck
Alright you guys told me I need to kill these guys. So I'm just gonna do it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is not personal
I think you're cool. If I had to pick, then we would chill and eat melon and be epic
Oh, what if I blow him up?
Alright see you in a bit , okay gamer
*explosion* *happiness noise*
Got em! Did he drop item? That was epic. Man this place is so much cooler
I feel like I should immigrate here with Jeorgen. He would like the trees.
And the ice mountains. Whoa. What is that? Whoa!
He's got a freaking trident dude. I'm under attack gamers.
Oh my god! He dropped the gold?
This guy's a rich
Are you kidding me?
Stop Felix. Stop. Stop what you're doing, you idiot. Oh goddamn it, goddamn it.
*intense breathing*
I'm going to sleep and when I wake up, i'm gonna get my stuff back.
*constipation noises*
*shrieking* nOoOo
Don't panic, don't panic. It's FiNe
Stop being so greedy Felix goddamn it why. here we go again.
*sad laughing*
Was it here it was here wasn't it? Oh my god. There he is Oh God. Okay.
OhHhHh yeah gamers.
I'll get him. If I wasn't such a klutz. You know, at least he didn't steal my stuff. I appreciate that. Where's the gold?
Where's the diamond gold?
Oh it begins. Dude he does so much damage. Alright, so the plan is to let him shoot his friend.
There you go, and then we swim towards him.
You can't do this forever.
*gasps* He, dropped it! *gasps* That's a super rare drop!
Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! I got a trident. Yeah, yeah. I got a trident!
Alright, I gotta trident. Can I shoot?
Just wait until Joergen sees this. Oh my god, he's gonna flip out.
Alright, I'm going home
That's enough, Felix. You're going straight home to pancakes
*gasps* pancakes? I've actually become a-infantilized by this game.
Damn, it feels good
to come back
with this much epic loot
Today all gamers gets bread
Diamonds when I walk, diamonds when I talk. Yeah. Diamonds when I walk , ohh.
I can make a conduit with heart of the sea?
Aight, I'm going to sleep.
Dude, I'm getting pro at minecraft, I'm finding so many stuffs!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whao! Hold on, hold on. I'm rich.
That's more money than I traded from wheat in a year supply. Did I just win the lottery?
Thirteen, what? And then you get potatoes and paper.
Aqua infinity...
Does that mean I can breathe under water better? Let's try it.
Oh, it does seem like the bubbles are different.
nO wAy
There's no difference, I'm an idiot. All right, let's get the second treasure map because
The loot was too good. I can't ignore. Oh my god. There's another one
*Pewds laughing*
uHhHhh haha
This one is all blown up dude.
Found it right away gamers. And it's potato and carrot stew tonight gamers. What a poor shit!
This is Ikea shit!
Goddamn this one is far away. I'm gonna have to
Dude look at that
Minecraft was not this epic when I played it, okay? you would not see stuff like that. So sorry if I am super amazed.
Dude there's a dog thing. Oh my god. Hey dog. *gasps*
I Love you, come back. I give more steak
You want more steak? How about, you like potatoes. You want potato? carrot?
Okay, it's cool. Maybe bones. Oh another one.
Want another one? Keeps looking at me. You're so cute!
Dude, I've given you everything I have.
Don't look at me like that. I'm cooking chicken for this dog
Is the chicken done?
Give him the chicken!
Hi doggy
You want apple?
No? what about chicken, you like chicken?
*gasps* He likes chicken. Now go in. Now go in mate. Go on then. I don't- that's all I have.
Don't leave me I love you. I don't have anything else, mate
It's not abuse, it's not abuse. damn it!
Just go in there, just go in there
Just go in there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go in there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Daddy's coming home.. very soon.
Just need to- what am I doing?
I'll leave him with apple...
And water, okay
He'll be fine
Be right back, I'll be right-
No, no, not today mr. Creeper
God, I need to start making maps. I just need to follow this. B O N E S
I heard bones over here and I need them
I've never been so glad to see these guys
No bones?
Doggy, hi doggy.
*gasps* He's sitting! He's so cuuuuuute.
Oh he's got a collar, does that mean you're my friend? What? Let's go gamer. I need to bring you back home
Joergen... is gonna see you
Oh, he can sit?!
*proceeds to laugh*
That's so cute, what other commands does he know? Good doggy. How do I command the dog, like go?
Fetch. Will he just follow me? *gasps*
Oh, more bones.
Oh god. Oh my god, is he attacking? Go doggy!!
Get him, he's running away!
You're not so tough now are ya? He likes the bones, here have a bone.
He needs a name... Sven
It's... Sven. Sven is on the f-attack. Let's go gamer.
Did you hear that, Sven? I think we're getting close to the treasure, but my god, we're far away from home
All right, just
Cool, Sven can teleport that's good to know. Oh, we're filling in the map.
Oh my god, diamonds and heart of the sea again!
Goddamn we're on a roll today. We got Sven. We got all these epic stuff
click, click. click, click, click, click, click, click, click
We got it, let's bounce gamer
Okay, now we just gotta find our way home
*laughs* Oh god
God with Sven swimming it might take a while. I think someone has earned a little snack, Sven
That's right. I love you, too. We're gonna have to stay the night in here Sven. It's okay. It's cozy.
I know you're scared of dark.
I lit up for you
Look, he's got his little spot. That's so cute, sit.
I'm such a child.
cUuUuUte *laughs*
Who's a good dog? Oohoo, that's right, you Sven. I've been playing it for two hours?
And I still have so much to do!
*laughs some more*
All right, that's enough. Let's go gamer. Oh god, it's a creeper. Let me take care of it
Don't hurt my dog
Can I give a shield to Sven?
Oh god what if we--
What if we don't make it back?
Do I start a new home with Sven?
But what about Joergen..? Well, there's a house here
*gasps* what?
I was looking for my boat, let's get real we're never gonna make you back home. There's too many distractions. What is this?
Dude this looks so cool
It's more villagers.
Good talk.
Oh he take- he actually trades rotten flesh. I have so much of it. I saved it for no reason.
It's a cat wearing armor? *gasps* Does that mean you can wear armor?
He was here a secon- No, I can't do this.
I cannot have another pet that act like this
Oh, where is he?
Oh my god, there he is.
I can't do this.
Sven, but you gotta swim dude..
My god, are you actually this slow?
Look he teleports. Oh my god
Is this how we're gonna have to do it, Sven? There you go.
Oh my god, this is gonna take so long, but it will be worth it. Goddamn it.
Oh my god, it's a sea turtle. It has stranded itself
Don't worry sea turtle. I save your life.
Wow I save your-
There you go. You're back with nature
And your mom friend thing.
Live, live goddammit.
I have to sit through the night again because this guy can't swim. What? We walk back to this house.
So that's where the compass said- Joergen..!
There's someone I want you to meet Joergen
Sveeen and Joergen and the boat cow and the llama guys
my- and-and water sheep..
Okay, this is epic. Yay :)
Sit. *laughs*
Ohhhh boy did we get some epic loot, Joergen. The adventures I can tell you about. All right, this definitely does it for this episode
What (x2,) you never played super simulator?
You know, it's fun right? I'm not supposed to give my opinion,
But give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not. Not convinced yet? Okay. I'll cut you a deal..
The game is available for free and that's a great price!


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