B1 中級 美國腔 59 分類 收藏
Good Morning! it's gaming week, gamers!
and grab your pickaxe cause it's Minecraft Time
isn't that right, Sven?
Sven agrees, excellent!
We made a lot of changes to the- not really, I just got uhh
these items on the wall? So like now I know what's in each thing,
pretty epic :D thank you guys for giving the tips
Also, I'm fricking rich now.
*cute pewds happiness noises*
Isn't that right Sven? We are super rich.
Yes we are!
You're not getting anything.
Alright, there's one thing I wanted to do, uhh...
Yes, yes wait it's coming. Sven, don't worry.
You guys told me you can dye his collar, if you just add a dye on it and click on it.
So like...
Oh my god! Sven! You look amazing. Seriously.
So good. Here you go. Love you.
Uhh, what else? What else?
We got llama, and...
m... mooc?
And water cow!
Water sheep is still here, of course.
Water sheep, you wouldn't think about escaping, would you?
(Wow, you look so sexy, Lisa!)
That's what I thought.
Garbage. You're trash.
You're subhuman trash.
I've been making sure to feed him so he doesn't despawn.
Just enough to keep him alive. There you go. DON'T!
Give me hearts.
Uhh, what else? Joergen's here,
cow is here, llama here,
very epic time!
Oh, yes, you guys told me you can just place a carpet.
You don't have to have a gate. Just put a carpet.
Nice... nice job Notch,
you dummy thicc.
Uhh, we also have, pigs now I guess.
I don't know. This is pretty boring.
There you go, there you go.
Also chickens! Hello chickens!
Sorry, I forgot your food!
Oh, no, you're gonna starve! Oh, this is so sad.
Oh yeah, and you guys told me how to fix the farming with the pumpkins and the cactuses,
Because uhh,
You have to place a block spare one.
So now, business is good.
Buisness is good.
And I'm not gonna lie, this Minecraft veteran knows what he's doing.
I remember I want to burn down this tree because it's in the way and it's super annoying. Hello. There you go burn
Epic burn time. Oh
Yes, I wanted to do this as well. So you guys told me
Sven What Are You Doing There!
Guys, oh god, I shouldn't be walking around with this in my head
Sven come in please. I need to make a banner Oh, perfect. I have six. Okay, uno dos tres Quatro says
Your mother is a place
Sexy ladies, okay
Give me cotton and then Bing bong Bing bong. Listen, I remember because I
Minecraft before you be quiet. What? Oh, we work. Okay, cool
Yellow dye yellow. Dye yellow. Dye
Where is my yellow? Dye. Hello?
How are you?
That's not gonna be enough. Where is it? Hi, how are you? Is this gonna be enough Bing bong?
Huh? What happen?
Are you okay?
Huh? Eat potato. suburficnv Oh, there you go. Okay. Okay. Gosh. Be careful. It's a court
I'd put a carpet here. Just sit sit sit
Good boy, okay, and we make Swedish banner and then apparently I can do this. Oh
Oh, yeah gamers. Oh, yeah, its gaming week god. Damn. We look good. Can I see it? Yeah me and the boys
Me and the boys. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah x-men, please
Look at this. Look at this dude. That's awesome. Thanks for all the tips guys
Now we do have some plans for today and it's gonna be pretty epic
Because if you remember last episode we had a little problem with some Raiders they're gonna die, basically
And I might make dynamite okay, I think I remember a
Bing bong Bing bong bong and Bing bong bong bong be okay cool
Then I would bring you with me, but it's gonna be pretty dangerous
All right gaming week. Let's freakin get it
Should I make Gucci pants everyone keep saying I should make Gucci pants. All right. Let's make Gucci pants
I didn't want to make Russia pants for a very long time. What's a green guy? Kelp? Maybe your nose? Oh, hello
Kelp is kelp a green guy. Let's check it out. No, it isn't. I need the green Gucci pants
I can't go on an adventure without Gucci pants how to make green Gucci pants green. Dye cactus
Oh, I have those Bing bong Bing bong
Let's get that mill and die. Wait what you never
You cook the cactus so this is a Gucci visit, huh? Whoa, you can cook cactus blast protection fire protection
Okay. So, how do you make leather armor?
Okay gamers. Okay. Okay. Okay gamers bing bang bong
My fat slum here we go. Why did I make it green blue would be so much cooler. What am I doing? I
Mean it is Gucci though
Fine. Okay, fine. I'll change them in I'll change I'll change I'll change. Okay, okay
All right
me and the boy
ready for some adventure Oh
Red around. All right. We'll see how this guy's
Hold down the fort for me Sven. Oh, there it is. We're gonna blow it up
gonna blow it to smithereens
baby with this fish
That's right. Okay, so maybe if I run okay, the plan is I Russian I block out all the exits. I
Set up the bomb and then I blow it up in front of them so I can see their tears while I do it
Look at them look at idiots, but they're talking about dumb stuff
okay, here we go, which way to
Get out of my way gamers boom don't think so
The back Oh
Joe tada, okay. So we want one on each floor right Bing boom. Boom BAM
Cheney ah what slight problem in the matrix? I can't put redstone downward gamer week kidding me. Yeah
Yeah, it works. Look gamers. It works
We've got to get rid of this stairs now, I've got angry they're
Dumb nothing's gonna save you nothing
There's another bomb here then I don't know
How about of redstone
It's gonna be a short fuse boys
it's gonna be if
It's gonna fit your feet
Okay, okay. All right gamers
It's gaming week
What happened nothing happened
Defense defense II Oh God. I thought I blew it up. We've been set up. It was a trap cheap subscribe
That's a lot of them. It's alright, it's gaming week. Ah
Cricket, okay. Oh my god. There's so many she believer Swedish feedback
She says okay. Okay. Okay new plan new plan the plan new plan
I'm scared Thanks. So many, okay
Here we go, here we go, they didn't explode
Let's go
Gaber got rekt
Give me all your stuff. Oh whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, look they dropped cactus. I
Gamers time to bounce hoes mad hoes man. Okay. I think that was pretty successful
Jurgen it was amazing. I wish you could be there so much
Okay, we're gonna stock up on hay and meat because we are gonna head out
I really want to go on an adventure with Jurgen and Sven together and you guys told me that you can put
Then and Jurgen with you on a boat, so I'm like, okay. Well, that's a big so Sven
Pack up your best smile
cuz today
We ride together
Let's see. Is there a direction? I haven't had it yet like a headed sow, maybe we should try this directions
So when you come up with us, right?
What are we gonna find who knows epic gaming adventure water awesome
So, I think I have to put the leash on
Jurgen okay spent in the boat in the boat you go
Go in the boat Sven. It's safe. Don't worry. There you
Go yet
Come back
Gosh, damn it. Okay, and now I go inside. Is he still in? Yes. Oh my god
Does it work? Oh my god. Yes
Heck yeah me and the boys own adventure I think I've been there
Maybe I should just head south you okay, you're again, let me know if you won't break Swedish Viking
Discovers new lands. Oh, man. I want to find our underwater temple. That was so cool
I know they are in the game, but I never found one
You're getting no no you're getting here again here again, what are you doing the lasso Oh God, but
Yard again, please. I thought you were safe
like God
At least when stays in the boat, can we get a lifejacket for cement please?
We found the sunken ship gamers
With magma blocks, we found a sunken temple. Okay, this is perfect then
Stay in the boat
do is practice you're gonna
Stay in the same first we discover the what? Oh my god
Whoa, it could be dangerous inside
Well, I never gotten these materials before could this be a water temple man? I'd be so happy
This is a ruin isn't it? No treasure if I can't get every gamer loot then don't waste my time
Isn't that right here again? Yeah, there we go - see this is what I'm coming
Okay. All right, it's good for your again. Maybe not for me anything else? There's usually two
All right gaming must go on
Loot or without load. It's not about what we find. It's about having fun guys. Don't worry
We'll find the gamer Lou. Oh
Epic. Oh
Heck yeah. All right Jurgen. You can come with me Sven. Stay in the boat
Guard the boat Sven. So this is how I got so rich
Because these you can get a ton of hay from a wreath or whatever
I just stole I just sold everyone's wheat and sold it to them and they paid me bunch of money
stinks everyone
Hi gamers
Just want your stuff. You see we grab these and we resell them. Just give me one moment. Hello, sir wanna do business?
Okay epic
Pleasure doing business with you god damn. These guys are rich
Unlike these poor cities I keep going to oh
Look the stoners having a bat that's cute
Are you enjoying? Okay, never mind, then. It's getting dark. Maybe I should sleep here
What up gamers? Did you sleep? Well, here's okay
Alright we head out
You're gonna see a little scared of the water but it's safe don't worry we're looking for water temple. We will find water temple Oh
Found one
It's your again gonna be okay if I leave him in the water what happens to your again?
Does he go down with me? Let's swim here again our
Car is dangerous Jurgen back off back off back off
Get him Sven. Oh
He dropped gold heck. Yeah just here for the loot gamers out. There. There is none y'all get my god
Yeah, you're scaring Sven here again
Come back boy
Even in the water, that's literally physically impossible what you just did come here. We're not leaving Jurgen. We're not leaving
It's better if you've got you know what you're getting one would never do this
Subscribe. Hey looking at a city we can do stinks in
alright gamers wait by the boat Jesus Christ the rich
Now okay now I can afford buying Gucci pants instead of making them instead of making fake ones this is amazing
What is there a pirate ship in your city what
This is even oh my god
That's crazy
Boners mean there's a cat. Oh my god. Yes. I've been carrying our fishes just so I can tame you. Hey kitty
You're going in the bucket. I
See you got to sneak up to the kitties. Hey, hey kitty
Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty
What this?
Maybe we need to paralyze it first
Hey kitty kitty kitty kitty, where do you go
You didn't see anything
It can't be no witnesses. So it's dark now, but I think that might actually be better because now we can see
The water if it lifts up
Whoa, look at that, dude
Whoa, whoa, okay. It's a harpoon guy. Oh god, I can't deal with harpoon guy Oh God
All right, it's gaming time Oh God, Joergen
Be brave be brave Joergen
Jesus Oh
We'd actually hit me damn it
Rosie come up coward Oh God. Hey, you're good. I'm done. I'm done
This is not okay, okay
All right gamers
First first you're again. There you go second-year again
I'm probably the only one dumb enough to do this. Okay, his help is full. Okay, another water temple. This one doesn't look so bad
Juergen what are you doing? Get up there?
No, no, no no no no Jurgen Jurgen swimmer swimmer swim up swim up
Though I can't do this I can't see where they swim up
Swim up
You made it yet
Eat my gamer, dude
Alright, we're going home. We're gonna help no treasure is
Valuable more than you're getting and you spend you're not a submarine McGuirk again. I don't know what gave you the idea
Whoa, what's happening? What's happening spit spit
Swim shit. Oh good
duh, son
Let go of the leash Fred
Where is he?
Stay there
It's fan
He must be here spent you wouldn't just disappear you can breathe in the water
Yo again, I can't find him
You can stop swimming away you heard him right? I'm not crazy right go down
Where are you sad what if I build a plateau maybe he will teleport
No, why do I hear him I
See him still
He's out there
How do I get him back
It's not over here again
Where is he, I don't care how much these are worth. I'll save Jurgen for any price. Can you teleport here?
teleport yard again teleport
Oh, yeah during it oh you're okay, nope
Oh, we're gonna get you out of here buddy, we're gonna get you it's not a good place to me. It's not a guy
Baby oh god. All right. I might have to build like a tunnel
Don't know how to do this. You must be so scared you're again
You must have been so scared as long as we don't run out of the air, so
You could just swim here. No, but the bubbles might grab him, right? So let's set up a defense
It will not take me or you're getting worse, man. Can he swim?
Boy, I put the leash on. Oh
God, no, no, no not work Oh
God's men, okay. Okay. Okay. Let's cover up this hole. Oh
God he's struggling
Okay, okay. Hey I got an idea I got an idea
Again, I found him I found in Jurgen. He's safe. You're getting at least pretend that you were happy. Okay, we're going to grab you
Carry that you don't like water here again. We have to
Write like the wind year again
Write like the goddamn win
Come on come on come on, come on
Stay with llama. Oh god. I messed up all my materials
Spend it all alone in a cave under water
This when was like the father I never had it was like a child to me
He was like my own son, okay gamers, I need your help
Any tip I can get you get thrown out of this cave I
Will take gladly
Help a gamer out. Don't worry safe. They're gonna the nine year olds. The nine girls are gonna save us. Oh
It hurts to stop here


PewDiePie 創世神 #9 我的狗被困在水中(幫幫我!!!) (My minecraft Dog is TRAPPED underwater (HELP ME!!!) - Part 9)

59 分類 收藏
發佈於 2019 年 12 月 21 日
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