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  • Have you ever wondered just how much food you will consume over a lifetime?


  • It's kind of mind-boggling because let's face it, just trying to calculate what you put in your mouth over the last month would be pretty difficult to do.


  • We are talking about averages, of course, since we all eat different things, but for many of you, this will be close to the truth.


  • Here goes, you will eat on average 5.5 pounds of food in a day.

    首先,每人平均一天會吃進約 2.5 公斤的食物。

  • That works out to 2,007 pounds of food in a year.

    換算下來,一年共會消耗 912.5 公斤的食物。

  • If you live until you are 78, this would mean you'll eat 156,546 pounds in a lifetime.

    如果你活到 78 歲,代表你一生共吃進約 71,175 公斤的食物。

  • It will be less because of course you ate less when you were a kid, but this number will be pretty close.


  • Life expectancy may also be higher when you get older.


  • A large blue whale might weigh around 330,000 pounds, so you won't quite get through as much food as one of those weighs.

    一隻成年藍鯨可重達約 150,000 公斤,這是人一輩子都無法吃進的重量。

  • A really big African elephant might weigh 14,000 pounds, so you could go through quite a few of those.

    而一頭成年非洲象的體重大約是 6,350 公斤,人一輩子大概可以吃進約數頭非洲象重的食物。

  • In the USA, the average person will consume around 185 pounds of meat and poultry in a year, which if you're a grown man might be close to your own body weight.

    在美國,每人平均一年會吃進約 84 公斤的肉類食品,也就是相當於一位成年男子的體重。

  • Over a lifetime, that might add up to something like 14,430 pounds of meat.

    換算下來,人的一生總共會吃進約 6,545 公斤的肉類食品。

  • So, you'll pretty much eat an entire elephant over your life.


  • Other sources state Americans will eat slightly more meat, 220 pounds a year.

    但有其他資料顯示,平均一位美國人每年會吃進 99 公斤的肉類食品。

  • And if we consider this amount of meat as burger patties then the average American would be on about 800 burgers a year.


  • That's 62,400 burgers in a lifetime.

    一生中一共會吃進約 62,400 個漢堡。

  • According to the United States Department of Agriculture, people in the USA love their cheese.


  • And in a year, the average person might eat around 40 pounds of cheese.

    每人平均一年大約會吃進約 18 公斤的起司。

  • If you keep that up throughout a lifetime, you might eat 3,120 pounds of cheese.

    如果你每年都持續吃 18 公斤的起司,那麼你一輩子共會吃進約 1,415 公斤的起司。

  • Dairy cows come in all shapes and sizes, but you will eat in cheese the weight of about three dairy cows in a lifetime.


  • The Washington Post wrote in 2019 that the average American will eat 279 eggs per year.

    華盛頓郵報於 2019 年寫到平均一位美國人每年會吃進 279 顆蛋。

  • That's 21,762 eggs in a lifetime.

    一生中會吃進約 21,762 顆蛋。

  • You might consume 144 pounds of milk in a year, too, and so throughout your life you will consume 11,232 pounds of milk.

    你一年會喝掉 65 公斤的牛奶,也就是說你一生中會喝掉 5,094 公斤的牛奶。

  • The average American will eat about 200 pounds of wheat in a year.

    平均一位美國人每年會吃進約 90 公斤的小麥。

  • That's 17,160 pounds of wheat in one lifetime.

    一生中會吃進約 7,783 公斤的小麥。

  • People love their bread.


  • Thankfully, you'll also be consuming a lot of vegetables, and over a year you might go through 415 pounds of the things.

    幸好你也會吃很多蔬菜,你一年大概會吃進約 188 公斤的蔬菜。

  • That's 32,370 pounds of veggies over a lifetime.

    也就是你一生中一共會吃進約 14,682 公斤的蔬菜。

  • On top of that, you'll consume a lot of fruit, and that works out at about 273 pounds in a year.

    此外,你也會吃進許多水果,平均一年會消耗約 123 公斤的水果。

  • In a lifetime, that's 21,294 pounds of fruit.

    也就是說一生中會消耗約 9,648 公斤的水果。

  • You'll also get down about 85 pounds of fats and oils in a year.

    你平均一年會吃進約 38 公斤的脂肪和油。

  • That's 6,630 pounds in a lifetime.

    一生中會吃進約 3,007 公斤的油和脂肪。

  • Sugar is in a lot of things, but all said and done, the average American will consume about 150 pounds (68 kg) of sugar in a year.

    許多食品內都含糖,平均一位美國人一年會吃進約 68 公斤的糖。

  • That's 11,700 pounds over a lifetime.

    也就是說一生中一共會吃進 5,307 公斤的糖。

  • That is one giant amount of sugar.


  • The numbers we found online are all over the place on this one, but some studies revealed that the average American will drink about 487 cans of soft drinks in a year.

    有研究指出平均一位美國人一年會喝掉 487 罐軟性飲料,而在網路上有非常多關於這方面的不同數字。

  • These are cans of carbonated, or what are sometimes called 'fizzy' drinks.


  • That's 37,986 cans in a lifetime.

    而人一生中會喝進約 37,986 罐飲料。

  • If we look at that in weight, it would be 375 pounds of soft drinks in a year.

    如果我們用重量來計算,每年會消耗約 170 公斤的軟性飲料。

  • Over a lifetime, that would be 29,250 pounds of soft drinks.

    也就是一生中一共會喝掉約 13,267 公斤的軟性飲料。

  • You might enjoy one of those drinks with a bag of chips, and the average American might go through about six pounds of those in a year.

    喝軟性飲料的同時,你可能會邊吃薯片,平均一位美國人每年會吃進約 2.7 公斤的薯片。

  • If we consider that a small bag of chips weighs about 48 grams, it would work out that the average American would eat about 56 of those small bags in a year.

    假設一包薯片是 48 克,則平均一位美國人每年會吃掉約 56 包。

  • Over a lifetime, that's 4,368 bags.

    一輩子會吃進 4,368 包。

  • You may also like your drink with a slice of pizza.


  • This number is based on one poll alone, but that poll suggests the average American will eat 6,000 slices of pizza over a lifetime.

    某個民意調查指出,平均一位美國人一生中會吃進約 6,000 片的披薩。

  • When it comes to chocolate, it's reported that the average American will eat 11 pounds of it in a year.

    說到巧克力,有報導指出平均一位美國人每年會吃進約 5 公斤的巧克力。

  • In a lifetime, that's 858 pounds of chocolate.

    也就是一生中約會吃進 389 公斤的巧克力。

  • As for cups of coffee, statistics tell us the average American will have three cups a day.


  • We won't add that up in terms of weight, but will tell you that it's 1,095 cups in a year and 85,410 cups over a lifetime.

    我們不用重量來衡量,不過一年大概會喝掉 1,095 杯,換算下來一生中會喝 85,410 杯。

  • On average, a British person will drink about two cups of tea per day, which is 730 cups in a year and 56,940 over a lifetime.

    一位英國人平均一天會喝兩杯茶,一年會喝 730 杯,一生就會喝進約 56,940 杯。

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  • See you next time.


Have you ever wondered just how much food you will consume over a lifetime?


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