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We have our own culture, our own language.
It's important to take care of each other, look out for each other.
Safety is always the number one priority.
We want to be the most safety-centric organization in the world.
We have created a virtual reality of our fulfillment centers to identify hazards and learn what they look like.
I have my access path.
We're now using a Robotic Tech Vest at nearly every Amazon robotics facility.
This vest is actually protecting me.
So, no matter where I am, it's still sending out that signal that tells the robots, "Hey, there's a person here. Don't come close. Stop, or go slow."
We have a new digital checklist for PIT operators to use.
They'll sign in to make sure that the people that are attempting to sign in have the proper training.
And then they'll go through a digital checklist that prompts them of what to look for.
We use Amazon Kindles.
They're one of our most important tools.
They keep people safe because they can check to see if the trailer is docked in.
Because if it is, then we can go inside.
There's many things that we have actually changed in our operations.
Through the use of technology, that actually helps speed things up.
But at the same time, it makes it safer for our associates to do.
We're constantly striving to be a leader.
We are obsessed with customer experience.
And we are equally obsessed with the safety of our associates.



全球最大電商交易平台!Amazon 倉庫安全管理新科技 (Amazon's new tech for warehouse safety)

2142 分類 收藏
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