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They adore each other.
Agatha and Jukebox probably found each other on the streets.
They were brought into our shelter together.
There's space, but they wanted to share one little bed.
When we separated them, they'd look for each other like they were lost.
Oh my gosh, where is the other one? I need her.
But it is so difficult to adopt two dogs together.
They had been here at Pima Animal Care Center a long time.
And it just didn't happen, and it didn't happen, and it didn't happen.
We're going to look at two dogs that we saw on the internet.
I work for the state of Arizona.
And I am twice retired.
A military career.
The house was too quiet since our dog passed.
We hope that they'll make us whole again.
A very sweet dog.
It's pretty neat to me that they just fell in love with each other.
- She's so gentle. - Yeah.
And seeing how close they were, there was just no way we could break that bond.
We had a little discussion.
I think it's important to adopt them together.
We said, "Let's take them home."
I think it just kind of spread all across the shelter.
"Oh, they found a home together."
- "Oh my gosh. Really?" - "Yeah."
We were so excited.
That perfect family is out there somewhere for these pets.
And luckily, in their case they showed up.
It's a very strong bond these two have.
Keeping them together, I think, was the right thing to do.
Are you guys ready?
Okay. Let's roll.
When we see a pair get to spend the rest of their lives together like these two, it is everything.
It's everything that we've been working towards.
It means that hard work to keep them together really did pay off.
They just know that they're buddies.
It's very -- I don't know how to explain it.
It's just an incredible bond.
Jukebox, he's a little shy.
They seem to keep each other calm.
You like that out there, huh?
I want them to love us the way we know we can love them.
Thank you for the kisses.
Would be good for both of us.
He's ready. Oh, Okay.
Let's go see your house!
Come in! Welcome home.
Welcome to your new home.
- Where are we? - There you go.
Once we came here and opened the door and let them in the house, they were just like, "Oh my gosh.
We have a home."
I think he likes it, huh?
This place has got all the treats in it.
You can go see your back yard.
This is all yours.
They have found their forever home.
They got very comfortable pretty quick.
Oh, he's peeing. He's peeing all over my feets!
He peed. He peed.
Oh my God.
So, we're trying to introduce them to peanut butter, and he just peed all over my feet. Oh, it's drool.
Just so everybody knows, it's not pee.
It's a ton of drool on the floor.
Look at.
Yes, it is.
It was nice to be able to put the beds back out, and to have that wholeness again.
That's when I knew that we did the right thing.
Oh! What did you already tear off?
In the last week, I believe that both of them know that this is it, and they're not going back to that shelter.
And they have made themselves very comfortable.
Better put yours on. Come here, bud. Oh.
They share a very special bond.
They certainly complement each other.
Jukebox still has the puppy in him.
He keeps us on our toes.
She's all the way up. There she goes.
Miss Agatha, she's just kisses and love.
And the way she shares her love and affection just pulls at my heart.
And here she is.
Don't know what they've been through, but we're gonna make the rest of their time like this.
I mean, look at this.
I feel like they're always touching.
I think people can really learn a lot about unconditional love from these two dogs.
Say goodnight, everyone. Night night.



【動物】不想分開!兩隻狗狗同時被領養的感人故事 (Pittie Best Friends Had To Be Adopted Together | The Dodo Adoption Day)

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