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-Good news -- Yankees are in first place.
Bad news -- You're on the injured list right now.
-Yeah, yeah. -Hopefully not for too long.
-Yeah, hopefully not.
-And you announced in February this is your last season.
Are you finding that you have time to reflect back on it?
Are you enjoying that part of knowing this is the last go?
-I am enjoying that, but it's hard to reflect
just because we're trying to win.
Like, you know, every game is important.
-Yeah. -You know?
We're trying to win every game.
So it's hard to kind of, like, sit back and reflect
when you're trying to go out and win a championship.
So it's good.
-And I assume you don't sit in the locker room, like,
constantly telling guys,
"You know, this is it for me, fellas."
[ Laughter ]
-They've constantly reminded me.
Like, "What are you gonna be doing next year?
You gonna be doing this? You gonna be doing that?"
So I constantly get reminders from my teammates.
-You also -- 3,000 strikeouts, 250 wins,
only the 14th player in history to do that.
And I -- you know, I think 250 --
[ Cheers and applause ] Absolutely.
250 is kind of the new 300.
I don't know if we'll see any 300-game winners anymore.
That's a big number.
-Yeah, I don't think there will be any 300-game winners,
just because of the way the game's going,
and the way bullpens are built up.
You know, starters only go five, six innings now,
not going deep into the game, you know, getting the win.
-You were at the All-Star Game with your teammates.
It was in Cleveland, where you started your career,
and they let you go out and make a mound visit.
-Yeah. It was so awkward.
[ Laughter ] -I will say, based on the --
I've never seen a manager leave a mound visit that happy.
[ Laughter ]
I've never seen a manager -- -I didn't know what to say.
I got out there. It was super awkward.
I was just, "Chappie, you good?"
He was like, "Yeah, I'm good. Like, beat it."
[ Laughter ]
-You brought your kids to the Home Run Derby.
That must have been fun. -Yeah.
[ Audience aws ]
Three of the four of them were born in Cleveland,
so they think Cleveland is their home.
So to get a chance to go back for the Home Run Derby,
be there for the All-Star Game was really, really fun.
-And you were incredibly well received in Cleveland.
Obviously, that's where you started your career.
That must have been a nice feeling as well.
-It was. You know, I feel like I grew up there.
I got drafted by them when I was 17 years old
and didn't get traded until I was 27.
Like I said, three out of four of my kids were born there.
So I have a lot of history in Cleveland.
And, you know, I feel like this is my second home.
-Do you remember your first strikeout in Cleveland?
-I do. Mike Kinkade.
-Okay, Mike Kinkade.
Do you think that hurts his feelings
that you remember him by name?
[ Laughter ]
-But I played against him so much in the minor leagues,
that I -- It was against the Orioles,
so I kind of wanted it to be, like, Cal Ripken or somebody.
It was, like, Mike Kinkade, who I struck out
a bunch of times in the minor leagues,
so it wasn't really cool.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
How do you think how he felt when he was like, "CC?"
-"Got to face this guy again?" [ Laughter ]
-Obviously you've been with New York now
for what is it, 10 years? -11 years.
-11 years now. -Yeah.
-I guess a little bit less with the Indians.
So, when you think about things, obviously you don't want to
get ahead of yourselves, but you have Hall of Fame numbers.
Have you thought about what cap
you want to go into the Hall of Fame wearing?
-Wow, that's the first time I got that question.
[ Laughter ]
-I think being here now for 11 years
and winning the World Series here,
I think it will be a Yankee hat.
-I know no one's gonna talk about it, but we're coming up --
[ Cheers and applause ]
When we do shows in Cleveland,
you can come on and give a different answer.
[ Laughter ]
No one will talk about it, but you know, we're coming up
on the trade deadline.
This is obviously a time where people try to find
that last piece for a playoff team.
You had a very brief stint in Milwaukee,
which is really one of the great runs sort of
if you want to call it a rental.
You were like 11-2 with a crazy sub-2 ERA
in your time in Milwaukee.
Was that an exciting time to just --
You know, obviously it was a short visit,
but you were everything they could have asked for.
-It was. It was a great time.
Just because I had, you know, been in a place in Cleveland
where we didn't have a -- we weren't having a great year.
We were in last place, and I show up in Milwaukee,
and you're right in the playoff race.
So, I was healthy. I was young.
And I, you know, felt good, and I was kind of in a groove
So I wanted to pitch as much as possible.
They were like, "Hey, you want to pitch on three days' rest?"
I was like, "Yeah, sure, let's do it."
So, just kept going out, trying to get us in the playoffs.
And we hadn't been to the playoffs in 26 years,
and made it that year.
It was a fun celebration.
-That thing about when you're younger and you're willing --
that, like, you pitching on three days' rest,
the way I used to feel in my 30s,
about, like, going out on back-to-back nights.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
Now I couldn't do it. -Yeah, exactly.
I used to go out Friday and then again on Saturday.
[ Laughter ]


沙巴西亞希望以洋基身份入名人堂 (CC Sabathia Wants His Yankees Cap in the Baseball Hall of Fame)

88 分類 收藏
Pedroli Li 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 9 日
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