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We all study differently.
We know this.
When I compare my study techniques to my boyfriend or my co-workers or my classmates, we all have different techniques.
So I thought it'd be fun to just throw out little like quick study tip videos.
You guys can take the things that work for you leave the things that don't.
My best tip would just be to ask a ton of people what their techniques are,
and just you know, take the things that you need and leave the things that don't work,
and then you can all just get a lot of points of view. okay? okay.
Lord knows that I am the queen of like sitting down to study, reading for I don't know how long looking at the watch realizing that I've only been studying for like two minutes.
So, because actuaries need to study for like a long time like a lot of material.
I had to find a way to study for longer periods of time because studying thousands of pages in 5-minute intervals was just not gonna be very time efficient.
I would have finished my exams when I was 500.
Okay, what I found worked for me '' study music. ''
I type study music into YouTube for like a few exams.
I used the same two hour study music video.
I played that thing over and over again without headphones.
My parents hated me.
They heard that over and over again.
I heard it over and over again.
But because this music was only listened to when I was studying.
It would like click my brain on it and I would find that it would turn on.
And then I look at it and I realize oh I'm an hour into the two-hour video.
For my later exams I switch to a six hour video and I felt it was interesting about that was I was able to use it to track how long I studied in the day,
because it would be on when I was studying stop when I take a break turn it back on,
and then it would accumulate to like, you know, four hours five hours in a day as opposed to five minutes and in a day.
I'll link you guys the study music that I use but really just try out a whole bunch of different things, I was listening to like classical music I guess you'd call it.
If you have any ways that you study for longer periods of time let me know in the comments down below.
I'm sure other viewers will like to peruse your tips.
Subscribe if you want to see more my face.
Happy studying thank you for calling.



How I study for long periods of time // Actuary Study Tips

533 分類 收藏
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