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I don't... I don't...know how to have that sense of humbleness.
Coming from a place of that I love myself though.
So Daisy calls you her mentor and...and you struggle to...you say like: “Oh thank you, thank you” but you don't actually feel like you deserve it?”
This is struggle right?
Find a belonging within myself.
The best thing you can do...if you are not willing...
if you don't actually feel the receptiveness to it yet, you don't feel like you deserve it,
then...then lean in on that.
Leaning on like: ”You know what, thank you, thank you so much for saying that. I actually have a really hard time accepting compliments.
It's actually really hard for me to hear the words that you think I'm your mentor. It's something that I'm working through right now...
and I want to get better at it and I really really appreciate you helping me, in saying that.”
That's a way better answer than “Thank you, that means a lot.”
It's not an overnight switch.
It's an intention that you work towards.
It's okay. We're going to get through it.
You will get it. But it starts with an intention.
And giving Daisy that kind of answer helps you move one step closer.
What's your “belong “ thing? “As long as you don't betray yourself.” Right? What do you say?
I belong...
You belong anywhere you go as long as you don't betray yourself for who you are.
Great. so if you don't answer Daisy...the way that is genuine, you're betraying yourself.
I think the issue of “self love” is one that is super important.
For not just entrepreneur's, but for everybody watching.
I think most people walk through life feeling doubt, insecurity, not comfortable in their own skin and not sure of how to even break free of it to find their path and to start living it.
To me, it comes down to two things. One is just a self awareness.
To know who you are, to know what you stand for, to know the kind person you want to be.
And for me, that exercise starts with figuring out your one word, the most important core value and going from there.
And then two, once you have the awareness, is actually living it.
Like the secret to loving yourself is doing the thing that you want to do, even in the face of judgement, of failure, of rejection. When you know you want to do something but you don't take the action,
that hunts you. That's regret for the rest of your life, and that sets the identity for yourself that I am not the kind of person who follows through.
And that leads to more self-hate. When you don't do the thing that you want to do, you hate yourself more.
But if you do the thing that you want to do, you start building that positive muscle, and it's not something that happens overnight.
It's repetition. It's every single day.
Reminding yourself of the person that you want to be and then actually taking those actions. THAT leads to you loving yourself.
I think people are looking for a quick escape; they're looking for a magical path through.
That's why people, I think, turn to drugs and all those other things to just turn their brain off,
where if you just had the self awareness to know who you are, and then actually take the actions every single day to live up to it.
Even though it's scary, even though, again, there's going to be rejection, pain, fear, and judgement.
Doing those things every day; if you are consistent on it, then you will learn to love yourself more.


Do You Ever Feel NOT GOOD ENOUGH? Watch This! | #Becoming

131 分類 收藏
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