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Some murders take seconds ...
Others, take minutes ...
Some murders take hours ...
Now ...
... this murder ...
... takes years.
It began as a nuisance ...
Hey, what the--
It become a menace.
Get out of my house! What the fuck is wrong with you?
Now, forensic pathologist Jack Cucchiaio is running for his life.
There's this lunatic, he's been attacking me all night
He just broke into my house. I need a squad car here, right now.
This is going to sound ridiculous, but-- he has a spoon-- but it hurts like hell-- and--
Recording on Phone: If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again.
This strange man is attacking me with a spoon. He's everywhere I go. Everywhere!
Did you say a spoon? - I just want my life back.
You need professional help, Jack. - Get the hell out of here!
I'm sorry Jack, but there is just no way to determine that these wounds aren't self-inflicted.
They are not self-inflicted!
You need evidence, Jack.
Get away from me!
I've traveled 10,000 miles. I'll pay any price.
Just tell me what this means.
The mark of Ginosaji. Nothing can stop the Ginosaji.
The Ginosaji will never stop...
... until you are dead.
It will follow you... to the ends of the earth!
What would you do?
You can't escape.
You can't stop it
You can't kill it
It will find you
It will catch you
It will hit you ...
... with a spoon.
Again and again and again ...
... and again and again and again ...
... and again and again and again ...
... and again and again and again ...
... and again and again and again ...
... and again and again and again ...
... and again and again and again ...
The spoon thunders down with soul-shattering fury, relentlessly, mercilessly
pounding, and pounding, and pounding, supple soft spots into your skull until it cracks ...
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Come on! Come on, Motherfucker!
A major motion picture event ...
Over 12 years in the making ...
Filmed on five continents ...
with a running time ... of over nine hours ...
Perhaps the most relentless murder in the history of cinema.
Chaotic Rampage American Pictures proudly presents
Can you endure 20,000 spoonfuls of terror?
Coming ...
slowly ...
To a theatre near you.


湯匙殺手 第1部 The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale - 世界上最慢的殺人方式

16548 分類 收藏
阿橘 發佈於 2013 年 3 月 22 日
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