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I'm at Disney in Tokyo!
This is DisneySea.
[in unison] Crowd: Hoy! Hoy, hoy!
Oh, my God.
We won the lottery.
This is so cool.
Everyone in the train is going to Disney.
-All of Tokyo is here. -Yeah.
-And it's 7:30 in morning. -All of Tokyo.
We don't even need to know where to go, just follow the crowd.
You can use your same IC card, Pasmo, or Suica,
to get the Disney Resort Line
The same one you used in Tokyo.
It is not free. [laughs]
Mickey is a little tired.
Mickey also got up very early.
This is the line to get in.
It's not to buy the ticket.
Imagine if we still had to go to another line to buy the ticket
How far do you think we are from the entrance?
Ten kilometers. [laughs]
Welcome to Disney in Tokyo!
There are two parks here: Disneyland and DisneySea.
As the name suggests here at DisneySea, the theme is the sea:
myths and legends of the sea.
The day started cloudy and rainy,
but now there's this beautiful sun.
After enjoying the traditional Tokyo,
we wanted to see at least one Disney park here in Japan.
And we chose DisneySea over Disneyland
because this is the only DisneySea in the world.
You only find it here in Japan.
Now, if you've only been to Disney Parks in the United States,
there are a few different things when you go to Disneys abroad.
At least here in Japan.
For example, the official Disney app is only available in Japanese
and in the Japanese App Store.
I cannot download it.
And that app is important to reserve restaurants,
to see the wait time for the rides,
to enter lotteries.
Only available to Japanese.
Ooh, whoo-hoo.
International visitors need to use machines
or go directly to the restaurants for reservations, for example.
About the app, there's a workaround
There's another app, which is not an official app,
called TDRAlert
It's what I'm using here.
It shows me the map of the Disney parks
and also the wait time.
It shows me attractions and a map.
And you can see the wait time.
We just got our first FastPasses right here.
We got them at 8:30 a.m., and they're for 12:20 p.m.
Journey to the Center of the Earth.
And right here at the bottom, very tiny right here,
it says that I can only get the next one after 10:29 a.m.
Now, let's go to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
It's right here.
And now here we're waiting in line for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Look at your happy face. [laughs]
It's our first ride of the day
and I think we've been here for 20 minutes only
and we're arriving.
-Enjoy the show. -Okay.
I think we're going under water.
Another thing that is different here: tickets.
If you saw the vlog in Shibuya,
you saw that we got our tickets at the Disney Store over there.
Gordon: Mickey for you and a Minnie for me.
- Look at the tickets. - No!
Why was that? Because I'm a tech person.
I like to do everything online.
I couldn't buy the tickets at their website.
It didn't accept our international credit cards.
I also tried the same service that I used to get the tickets
for Tokyo Tower, Klook.
But they only had tickets for three days from now.
Still, if you have time to plan around,
I'll leave a link here in the description
where you can get $5 off your first ticket if you've never used the site before.
It's really cool.
Other options to buy tickets:
vending machines at FamilyMart and Lawson.
But I heard that they're in Japanese only,
and I was a little skeptical.
I didn't want to try.
So, we just took advantage that we were in Shibuya anyways.
It's the same price buying in advance,
but what it's nice is that tickets here are much cheaper
compared to other Disney Parks in the world.
It's good also that it guarantee your entrance
for the day you want to come.
During busier times, high season,
Disney shuts down the door when the park reaches full capacity.
Imagine coming all the way here and you cannot get in?!
If you are at a Disney Hotel, entrance is just 15 minutes earlier.
Not as early as Orlando, for example.
PA: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
A Tokyo DisneySea program reminder
We will proudly present
Pirates Summer Battle Get Wet
Whoa, whoo-hoo!
Ah! [laughs]
[in unison] Crowd: Hoy! Hoy! Hoy, hoy!
I'm soaked.
-This water is so welcome, isn't it? -Yes.
-Kanpai (cheers)! -Yeah!
Disney Parks in Japan are always, always busy.
You saw that we arrived
half an hour before the park opened
and all that crowd was already there.
So, there are three things that will save you time
and you should do all three:
get FastPasses, try the lottery,
and go as a single rider whenever you can.
I'll explain all three along the video.
The first thing gotta be the FastPass.
These are tickets that will allow you to skip the line.
It's totally free. It's included with your ticket.
We just got our first FastPasses right here.
But it can be a little hard to get, especially for the top attractions.
So, when you come to Disney, you need to be very strategic.
You need to know in advance exactly what you want to see.
Another thing you should absolutely do here is try the lottery.
For the shows in the theaters that have specific times,
you have to be there really, really early to be able to see.
The lottery is like a FastPass for these attractions.
If you win, they'll give you an assigned seat.
And if you don't, you can still go to the shows for free, of course,
but you have to be there like at least an hour in advance.
So, here, Biglietteria.
In Italian it means ticket office.
We're in Italian area.
Okay, Gordon, so let's see how lucky you are.
This is a lottery here. Let's see if we get tickets.
English. Yes, English, please.
Two. Okay.
For 1:15 p.m.
Congratulations? No way!
We won! We won the lottery!
Oh, my God! We won the lottery!
Ah! Yeah, it's free!
Yeah. Arigato (thank you)!
Oh, this is so picturesque, so beautiful.
Another reason for you to download the app
is for you to know which attractions are closed.
For example, here, the gondolas are closed right now.
I knew because of the app.
This is the one place the Japanese aren't quiet.
-There's noise everywhere -Yeah.
A quick way to go to the other side of the park
at American Waterfront.
Wow, a much bigger line on this side.
There's nobody over there.
It's ten o'clock.
We're already going the Tower of Terror to try our next FastPass.
We're allowed to pick the next one at 10:20 a.m.
10:17 in the morning
and you can see here FastPass for Soaring is already closed
for the entire day.
And the wait time is 300 minutes.
That is five hours.
Here is what we want, Tower of Terror.
They're giving tickets between 2:50 and 3:50 p.m.
And that's the wait time, 150 minutes.
FastPass for Toy Story is already closed as well.
Wait time: 210 minutes.
This is so crazy.
These machines for the FastPass
are located next to the attraction you want to go.
-Right here -Uh-huh.
Arigato (thank you)
Next FastPasses.
We got for 5:00 p.m.
Gordon: Okay. Why don't we go find something to drink or eat or...
Renata: We can do that.
Gordon is already eating at 10:00 in the morning.
-What do you got there? -Chicken.
-Good? -Uh-hmm.
That's what happens when you get up at 5:30 in the morning.
Interesting that prices were not very expensive.
The whole bucket here full of chicken...
No. Now he had some already, but it was full.
This is 430 yen
4 U.S. dollars. And water, totally free, all you can drink.
Very soft.
Ooh, it's time, Journey to the Center of the Earth.
Okay, FastPass, you enter here. This way.
Okay, arigato (thank you).
[indistinct chattering]
Even with the FastPass, look at the line.
[crowd screaming]
The last 30 seconds of the ride are so amazing.
I'm still shaking a little. Are you shaking?
You're speechless, right? [laughs]
That is fun. It's so good.
It's a shame it goes by so fast.
It's not even 1 p.m. and all the FastPass machines are closed.
No FastPasses for the day anymore.
This has to be one of the first things to do at the park.
We need to find where to go.
It's 1:00 p.m. right now
and there were only two rides still available for FastPasses.
So, we came here to Mermaid Lagoon Theater
and we got tickets for 7 p.m.
[indistinct chattering]
The most popular rides here are Toy Story and Soaring.
It's a new ride. Just opened this summer here in Japan.
But unless you get to the park an hour or two before it opens,
you have to wait in line for four to five hours.
We won't do it.
And there are huge lines even for the FastPasses.
FastPasses go just like that.
Baby, do you want to be in line for four hours?
-No. -[laughs]
We're skipping it.
First time we win the lottery.
I hope it's the first of many times in life.
What's that about?
We got assigned seats, very close to the stage.
It's a really beautiful theater.
And we just got here 20 minutes before the presentation.
Show time.
That was very, very nice.
It's a Broadway-like presentation. It's a musical.
I couldn't film anything inside the theater.
It was so interesting because it was in English.
The first thing I could understand here at DisneySea
Everything else is in Japanese.
We just ate, baby.
Gordon: I'm hungry.
Woman: [in Japanese]
-Renata: Konnichiwa (hello). -Woman: Konnichiwa (hello).
-Please, two chicken curries. -Two chicken curry.
-Mild, right? -Mild only
¥880 for a chicken curry. Not bad for a theme park.
And, again, water is free.
Oh, my God, two minutes that I stopped to film,
and you ate your entire dish.
Is it good?
Is it like theme park food or what?
It's curry
Yeah, it is good.
Indiana Jones, great ride,
but one of the few rides I don't recommend you getting a FastPass.
Why? Because you came ride as a single rider.
For those seats that are left empty,
they bring people who are riding alone.
You don't need to be alone in the park.
You just can go by yourself.
I go first and Gordon goes second.
In this way, you go much faster.
Now, it's not written anywhere, single rider.
You got to know that it exists.
So, you come here to the entrance, the FastPass entrance.
It says, "FastPass entrance" only,
but this is also where you go for single rider.
You just need to ask the lady there.
She will give you a ticket saying "single rider."
This is just like FastPass.
You go in front of everyone.
-I want to be single again. -[laughs]
Not for singles only.
Yes, for singles.
Here at Disney, at least for this ride, it's worth being single for a few minutes.
Okay, we're going. We're going.
-Yeah. -We're going in.
Gordon, that is you and that's me.
-Did you see yourself? -No.
Look at that. That's you right there.
-Yeah. -That's you. And I'm there
Here they allow you to take pictures. In Orlando, they don't.
-No. -They immediately shut you down.
It is so nice. I love Indiana Jones.
It's probably my favorite ride.
-Yeah. -It's my favorite.
-Yeah. -For you, too?
I prefer being single.
There are advantages, for sure.
I wish so much every ride here had a single rider option, but no.
It's just Indiana Jones and the roller coaster
right after, Raging Spirits.
Konnichiwa (hello)!
The layout here simulates seven ports around the world.
So, you have a Mediterranean Harbor where you arrive.
There's American Waterfront,
Lost River Delta,
right here simulating a Central American jungle.
This is another one to get totally wet.
If there's time, it would be nice to go.
Do you know who the teddy bear is?
He's Duffy.
Probably more popular here in Japan than Mickey Mouse.
The waiting time to meet Shellie May and Duffy
compared to Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie.
The teddy bears are way more popular in Japan.
Look at this. The ocean is already here.
DisneySea is really close to the ocean.
Are you ready for that?
You know what ride that is, right?
That's boring.
No. [laughs]
Nothing scares me.
Let's see.
Our next FastPass.
Whoa! Totally insane.
Every time I go to Tower of Terror, I'm shaking.
I'm still shaking.
There we are. [laughs]
You should see your face in the picture.
-You're the best. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -You're the most scared there.
And you said that nothing scares you.
-Yeah, nothing does.
-Imagine if something did. -I scare you.
I never expected that drop to be so fast.
I expected there would be fun, you go around,
and then some fluff
But, no! You arrive and it's "pah, boom"
Yeah, the only thing I have left is a beer.
I could go for a beer.
Damn rights. Two of them, three of them
You're happy now, aren't you?
Arigato (thank you).
I got strawberry popcorn
and you want to try it before me.
So, how is it?
-No? (But he keep eating)
Mmm. I really like it. It's like, um...
-Popcorn with strawberry. -No.
Imagine sweet popcorn, but with a strawberry twist.
It's actually good.
That other one over there is caramel.
Here at DisneySea, they're famous for these unique flavors of popcorn.
Look at this place. This is all indoor.
This place alone is a theme park in itself.
And we're back here at Mermaid Lagoon.
It's time for the last FastPass of the day.
Hi, Konnichiwa (hello).
Arigato (thank you).
That was very cute.
Another musical, but in a totally different concept.
And this one with Ariel.
Sorry, I couldn't show inside any ride.
They're really strict here.
No photo or filming anywhere.
Everybody now is going to the same place. We just got to follow.
Fantasmic! This last one is so beautiful.
I think it was my favorite.
Things I learned here today:
Keep your tickets the whole time because that's what you need to scan
when you want to use the FastPass machines
and then when you want to use your FastPass itself.
Not the little paper they give you at the machines.
It's your original ticket.
We didn't go to any regular ticket entrance.
All lines were minimum two hours,
basically for every top ride.
Everything we did was with FastPasses, single rider,
and we were lucky enough because we won the lottery.
Plus, as we were there when the park opened, there was a short line for the first attraction
So, plan your date properly here.
Otherwise, you're gonna spend the whole time in lines.
I hope you enjoyed the tips. I hope they help you plan your visit here.
And if you have different tips, let me know.
I'm always looking for time-saving solutions.
Gordon: We're at Disneyland World Sea.
Renata: It's DisneySea, baby.
-You're so lucky you get to go to DisneySea Land World.
-It's DisneySea, baby. [laughs]
-They got it all here in Tokyo.
Look at the bathrooms here at Disney
It's the typical Japanese toilet seat.
And what's this?
There's some noise here.
It might be for privacy,
so your neighbor doesn't hear what you're doing.
Renata é devagar (Renata is slow)
-You look here, okay?
Don't look here. Look here.
-Look at you? -Look here.
-Look at you? -Look at the glass.
I need to teach him how to vlog. He doesn't know.


Disney Sea TOKYO, JAPAN: FastPass, lottery, single rider | ALL HERE (vlog 9)

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