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  • Hey, did I catch you drinking a Coke in the streets of Tokyo?

    餵我喝了可樂嗎 在東京的街道上?

  • Yeah.


  • You know you're not supposed to do that.

    你知道你不是 應該這樣做。

  • Japanese don't drink anything here on the streets.

    日本人不喝酒 大街上的任何東西。

  • -If you buy something... -No, there are all kinds of people

    -如果你買東西... -沒有,各種各樣的人

  • -No, not at all. -No.

    -一點都不。 -沒有。

  • -Watch... two people just... -Nobody is drinking.

    -看...兩個人... -沒人喝酒。

  • Two people just walked by.


  • Japanese people don't drink or eat on the streets

    日本人不喝酒 或在街上吃飯

  • If you buy something from the vending machines,

    如果你買東西 從自動販賣機

  • you drink right there.


  • [music]


  • When you think of Japan, a lot of people associate with electronics,

    當你想到日本, 很多人與電子產品相關聯

  • computers, flashing signs, manga, anime,


  • and, you know, the best place to see all this together

    而且,最好的地方 一起看這一切

  • is this area here called Akihabara, known as Tokyo's electric town.

    這裡叫秋葉原嗎 被稱為東京的電子城。

  • You got to keep some order here, lines to go and lines to come back,

    你要在這裡點菜 行和行回來,

  • otherwise, you can't.


  • The fame year started shortly after World War II

    成名的一年開始 第二次世界大戰後不久

  • as Akihabara became a major center for electronics

    隨著秋葉原成為 一個主要的電子中心

  • and also the post-war black market, and then it just grew.

    還有戰後的黑市, 然後它就增長了。

  • Today we're gonna walk from Akihabara to Ueno

    今天我們要走了 從秋葉原到上野

  • and see what we find along the way.

    看看我們發現了什麼 一路上。

  • Look at these girls.


  • [music]


  • Isn't it like a dream come true to be in an electronics store in Japan?

    這不是夢想成真嗎 在日本的一家電子商店?

  • Can you tell the prices?


  • -Yeah, $135. -Are they good?

    是的,135美元。 他們好嗎?

  • -I know, but is that good? -I don't know.

    我知道,那好嗎? -我不知道。

  • So, this is the price for the new Sony Alpha 7R III.

    所以這就是價格 用於新的Sony Alpha 7R III。

  • ¥346 (thousand) for the body only.


  • It's more expensive than in the U.S.


  • This third ring is set up for f-stop

    第三圈成立 f檔

  • Look at that, right there.

    看那個, 在那裡。

  • This is your focus and this is your zoom.

    這是你的重點 這是您的縮放比例。

  • -This is the new lens? -Oh, yeah.

    -這是新鏡頭嗎? -哦耶。

  • You're excited, huh?


  • This was the lens that Gordon checked.

    這是鏡頭 戈登檢查了一下。

  • ¥127,000.


  • This is our camera that we got in the U.S.

    這是我們的相機 我們進入美國

  • Let's see if here it would be cheaper.

    讓我們看看這裡 它會便宜一些。

  • ¥202 (thousand), that is like US$2,000, just for the body.

    ¥202(千元),即$ 2,000美元, 只是為了身體。

  • It's expensive, isn't it?


  • How much there at B&H?


  • $2,000, yeah, plus taxes in the U.S.


  • And here if we can take the 15 percent off?

    如果可以的話 15%的折扣?

  • Salesman: Oh! Oh, my God! You know, in Japan,

    推銷員:哦!哦,我的上帝! 你知道,在日本,

  • our camera shop is every day


  • the price (goes) up and down


  • -Gordon: Yes. -Renata: Uh-huh.

    -戈登:是的。 -Renata:嗯。

  • Salesman: Today, the price is ¥230,750


  • -Gordon: No, it's right there. -[laughter]

    -Gordon:不,就在那兒。 -[笑聲]

  • I see it with my two eyes.


  • Salesman: Yeah, yeah. Oh, my God, this is my mistake.

    推銷員:是的,是的。 哦,天哪,這是我的錯誤。

  • Guess what? The price was wrong. Salesman almost went crazy here.

    你猜怎麼了?價格錯了。 推銷員在這裡差點瘋了。

  • So, it is like ¥30,000 more, then it is cheaper in the U.S.

    因此,再增加¥30,000, 那麼在美國便宜

  • That is so interesting.


  • I thought because Canon is Japanese or Sony,

    我以為是佳能 是日語或索尼,

  • it would be cheaper to buy here, but no.

    會便宜一點 在這裡買,但沒有。

  • We got 15 percent off for tax-free,

    我們減了15% 免稅的

  • but even with this discount, it is still more expensive.

    但是即使有這個折扣 它仍然更昂貴。

  • [music]


  • This is creative. A bag that becomes your own seat.

    這是創造性的。 一個可以成為您自己座位的包。

  • Now this here, it's a discount chain store all over Japan.

    現在在這裡,這是一個折扣 日本各地的連鎖店。

  • And look at what's down here


  • Pachinko, this is really big business in Japan.

    柏青哥,這真的 日本的大生意。

  • -Loud. -It is very.

    -大聲 -這個很。

  • Pachinko is a mix of arcade game with gambling

    彈球混合 賭博的街機遊戲

  • and it generates more revenue in Japan

    它產生 在日本增加收入

  • compared to gambling in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore combined.

    與在拉斯維加斯賭博相比, 澳門和新加坡合併。

  • This store is called Don Quijote


  • or simply "Donki", as the Japanese know it.

    或簡稱為“ Donki” 如日本人所知。

  • Oh, there's so much going on here.


  • You'll find all kinds of things here.

    你會找到 這裡各種各樣的東西。

  • [music]


  • Are you winning?


  • I always win. I'm a winner.

    我總是贏。 我是勝利者。

  • [laughs]


  • If you're familiar with Japanese pop culture,

    如果你很熟悉 有日本流行文化

  • you'll recognize this group here.


  • This is AKB48. It's a Japanese idol girl group.

    這是AKB48。 這是日本偶像組合。

  • Named after Akihabara.


  • AKB stands for Akihabara.


  • At some point, they had 48 members.

    在某一點, 他們有48名成員。

  • Today, it's more than a hundred.


  • And their theater is located right here inside the store

    他們的劇院位於 就在商店裡面

  • Eighth floor, it's where they perform every day.

    八樓 這是他們每天表演的地方。

  • [music]


  • A quick lunch break here.


  • And I discovered a new dish for me.

    我發現 給我一份新菜。

  • This is called doria.


  • It's a rice-and-butter-based dish and it looks very Italian.

    這是米飯和黃油的菜 而且看起來很意大利

  • This is so good.


  • Mmm.

  • You like it, too, don't you?


  • It's so delicious and so creamy.


  • Look at the rice here,


  • And I can't believe how cheap this is,

    我不敢相信 這有多便宜

  • ¥300, like US$3.


  • [music]


  • These girls are dressed as maids, like fantasy style.

    這些女孩打扮成女僕, 喜歡幻想的風格。

  • In fact, there are lots of maid cafes here in Akihabara.

    其實有很多 秋葉原這裡的女僕咖啡館

  • They served you dressed like that,

    他們為您服務 這樣穿

  • and there are shows and everything.

    還有表演 和所有。

  • Totally old school.


  • This reminds me of childhood.


  • Are you understand everything, all the settings?

    你了解一切嗎 所有設置?

  • -Absolutely. -[laughs]

    -絕對。 -[笑]

  • Oh, you won. [laughs]

    哦,你贏了。 [笑]

  • Look at you. You won.

    看著你。 你贏了。

  • Give me one.


  • -You want more? -Yeah.

    -你想要更多? 是的

  • So, let's see how good you are now.


  • How crazy. You can smoke here inside.

    太瘋狂了 你可以在裡面抽煙。

  • There are people smoking there. It's allowed.

    那裡有人在抽煙。 允許

  • It felt like childhood again?


  • -No. -Why not?

    -沒有。 -為什麼不?

  • Because you lost?


  • [laughs]


  • [music]


  • Just a few blocks from all that craziness,

    只有幾個街區 從所有的瘋狂中

  • two interesting religious sites here.


  • And, listen, how peaceful.


  • You hear the cicadas and no traffic.

    你聽到蟬了 而且沒有流量。

  • This temple here is called Yushima Seido.

    這裡的這座寺廟 叫做湯島清道

  • The Confucius temple established in the 17th century.

    孔廟建成 在17世紀。

  • Once I had a guide here in Tokyo,


  • and she told me that kids come here to pray

    她告訴我孩子 來這裡祈禱

  • to get to good schools.


  • I guess this is what they're doing.


  • The largest Confucius statue in the world.

    最大的孔子雕像 在世界上。

  • [music]


  • The gate between the sacred and the ordinary.

    神聖之間的大門 和普通的。

  • Very close to that temple, you'll find Kanda Shrine

    非常靠近那個寺廟, 你會發現神田神社

  • which is over 1,200 years old.


  • Most likely, the oldest Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

    最可能的,最古老的 東京神社。

  • Before getting in, you should purify yourself right here.

    進去之前 您應該在這裡淨化自己。

  • Let me show you what you need to do.


  • You see? First, you wash your left hand,


  • then you wash your right hand,


  • then you get some water, clean your mouth, spit what's left,

    然後你得到一些水, 清潔你的嘴,吐出剩下的東西,

  • and use the remaining water to clean the stick,

    用剩下的水 清潔棒,

  • and then you're ready.


  • [music]


  • This is very interesting about Japanese people.

    這很有趣 關於日本人。

  • Regardless of their religion, they come to Shinto shrines

    不管他們的宗教信仰 他們來到神道聖地

  • for happy celebrations.


  • New Year's Day, for example,

    元旦 例如,

  • a birth, or some kind of festivity.


  • And they go to Buddhist temples for occasions they are not so happy,

    他們去佛教寺廟 有時候他們不那麼開心,

  • like pray for the dead.


  • They go to both, pray to both, respect both.

    他們都去 向雙方祈禱,尊重雙方。

  • The current structure here of the shrine

    這裡的當前結構 神社的

  • is rebuilt several times


  • Yeah


  • Fire, earthquakes, war.


  • It's actually difficult to find old buildings in Tokyo

    其實很難 在東京尋找老建築

  • because of earthquakes.


  • And this here is unique,


  • I bet you don't find in any other shrine or temple in the world.

    我敢打賭你找不到 在世界上任何其他神社或廟宇中。

  • Manga tablets.


  • The proximity to Akihabara.


  • How interesting, a gas station.


  • Look at their pumps, they're in the ceiling.

    看他們的水泵, 他們在天花板上。

  • That's a really good use of the space, huh?

    真的很好用 空間,是嗎?

  • Yeah.


  • Here it explains, this area here was full of temples at some point,

    它在這裡解釋,這個區域在這裡 在某個時候到處都是寺廟,

  • but then there was a fire in 1657.


  • And it became a residential area


  • for people who were assisting in some way or another

    對於正在協助的人 以某種方式

  • those who were visiting Edo Castle.


  • Oh, wow. This is the 7-Eleven smoking room.

    哦,哇 這是7-11吸煙室。

  • You cannot smoke on the streets,


  • so they have these rooms for smokers.

    所以他們有這些房間 對於吸煙者。

  • Now it's already the neighborhood of Ueno

    現在已經 上野附近

  • and we're walking towards Ueno Park

    我們在走 往上野公園

  • which is like the Central Park of Tokyo.


  • And Gordon is waiting for me here in the shade.

    戈登在等我 在陰涼處。

  • -You're tired? -No

    -你累了? -沒有

  • -Just the heat? -No.

    -只是熱嗎? -沒有。

  • See that tiny street over there?


  • That's Ameyoko, also known here as American alley.

    那是Ameyoko,在這裡也被稱為 作為美國小巷。

  • That's because post-World War II,


  • American soldiers were here giving candies to the kids,

    美國士兵在這裡 給孩子們糖果

  • and then this became a place where you could first find

    然後這裡變成一個地方 您首先可以找到的地方

  • American products like blue jeans.


  • Today it's just a shopping street where you can find all kinds of goods.

    今天只是一條購物街 在這裡您可以找到各種商品。

  • [music]


  • Interesting how you see tax-free, tax free all over, right?

    有趣的是您看到免稅的方式, 全部免稅,對嗎?

  • -Yeah. -They're really catering to tourists here.

    是的 -他們真的在這裡迎合遊客。

  • -Crab? -Yeah.

    -螃蟹? 是的

  • Oh, look at how good the salmon looks.


  • [in Japanese language]


  • -A Japanese premium sake. -Yeah.

    -日本優質清酒。 是的

  • One glass, ¥500.


  • Look at their tourist information maps here.

    看他們的遊客 信息圖在這裡。

  • Everything electronic.


  • Oh, and it moves.


  • [laughs]


  • Welcome to Ueno Park, one of the first public parks in Japan,

    歡迎來到上野公園 日本最早的公園之一

  • and today this might be the most popular city park

    今天可能是 最受歡迎的城市公園

  • in the entire country.


  • [music]


  • Have you seen those beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms in Tokyo?

    你看過那些漂亮的照片嗎 東京的櫻花盛開?

  • They were probably taken right here along all this alley

    他們可能就在這裡 沿著這條小巷

  • Look at this, all over


  • But you got to come at the right time.


  • They only last for two weeks during spring.

    他們只持續了兩個星期 在春季。

  • Now, here's a tip.


  • If you come too early for cherry blossoms in Tokyo,

    如果你來得太早 東京的櫻花

  • try going to southern Japan because there it starts earlier.

    嘗試去日本南部 因為它從那裡開始。

  • And if you're too late, go to the north.

    如果你來不及, 去北方。

  • Ueno Park is also home to a number of museums.

    上野公園也有 去一些博物館。

  • It might be a great idea for a rainy day.

    這可能是個好主意 下雨天

  • Look how interesting,


  • nobody crosses until the light turns green.

    沒有人越過 直到指示燈變為綠色。

  • The entire lake here covered with lotus flowers.

    整個湖在這裡 滿是蓮花。

  • Ah, it's just gonna open. Look at that.

    啊,要打開了。 看那個。

  • Yeah.


  • [music]


  • Fortunes that should go away


  • [music]


  • Look at this, how interesting.


  • A Buddhist temple right here on an island

    佛教寺廟 就在一個島上

  • in the middle of the pond.


  • -Just relaxing? -Shh.

    -放鬆一下嗎? -噓

  • Such a peaceful place.


  • Who would have guessed? This is Tokyo

    誰會猜到? 這是東京

  • What is that? You want to appear in my video?

    那是什麼? 您想出現在我的視頻中嗎?

  • -No. -No?

    -沒有。 -沒有?

  • Imagine if you did.


  • -The humidity is killing you, isn't it? -No, it isn't. It's nothing.

    濕氣正在殺死你,不是嗎? 不,不是。沒什麼。

  • -Nothing? -Yeah.

    -沒有? 是的

  • -I've been to Thailand. -Look at you.

    我去過泰國。 -看著你。

  • I've been to Thailand and Malaysia.


  • This is nothing.


  • Okay, says the Canadian.


  • You be careful.


  • That's the fun me. The one who has all...

    那很有趣。 擁有全部的那個...

  • the character


  • I think the humidity is killing you.


  • [laughs]


  • The character


Hey, did I catch you drinking a Coke in the streets of Tokyo?

餵我喝了可樂嗎 在東京的街道上?


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