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I'm sure you've heard all this by now, but Instagram just announced they're going to stop showing likes on the posts that you post.
How do you feel about this?
Don't answer out loud or raise your hand.
If you like it do a heart and if you don't, sad face.
Lot of sad faces.
Instagram said they're doing it because it actually lets users focus on photos and videos they share and makes it less about a popularity contest, which I think is a good idea.
But it shouldn't be a popularity contest - unless, if of course it was, I would win.
But I think if getting rid of something, they should get rid of comments.
That's what they should get rid of, is comments.
That's the problem right there.
That's where all the trouble is.
That's where people tell me about government conspiracy theories, and they ask me to visit their porn sites.
I like discovering new talent but not like that.
I don't.
Thanks though for your invitations.
Speaking of porn -- and aren't we always...
Instagram is also trying to stop people from using eggplant and peach emojis if they're using them in filthy, dirty ways.
So now it's going to be harder for me to tell Portia I want a piece of her peach cobbler for dessert.
I suddenly see their point because it doesn't sound right.
The thing is, even when things are banned, people are going to find ways to get around them.
If you can't use a like button you can leave a heart emoji for the comments.
If you can't use a peach there's a tomato.
If you can't use an eggplant there's a baguette, or a cucumber, or a corn on the cob, or a carrot, or a rocket, or a microphone, or a flashlight, or a cactus, or an inchworm.
I don't know what you're working with.
I don't know.



【Ellen】Instagram 要取消顯示按讚人數!不過艾倫認為最應該要取消的竟然是…? (Ellen Thinks Instagram Should Get Rid of This One Feature)

5072 分類 收藏
Fibby 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 19 日    Fibby 翻譯    Steve 審核
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