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are you awake?
booting up
the reason we choose this hotel is because
the cheapest room here is around $140USD
and the other hotels
with similar price range
is a lot smaller compared to this one
and this is a 5 star hotel
for a 5 star hotel
its considered to be more modern
with great interior design
this looks like a luggage from Louis Vuitton
it seems that this JBL speaker is very popular amongst hotels now
the interior design here feels like
a high-end retail store
this is it's coffee & tea station
I love most about this cup in this whole room
it took me a while to figure out, I was so afraid that it will break when I pour in hot water
but its actually a heat proof cup!
you are so out-dated, this has been in trend for a while now!
I've been thinking the whole morning, that it feels so insecure to go to the toilet here
we all thought
usually there will be some sort of curtain to this kind of design
but there is nothing here
I figure they were trying to force you to feel closer to each other
turns out
they've hidden the curtain switch here
so there ARE curtains here!
I think the coolest thing in this room
is this app
it can be used as your room key and elevator key
and it can fully control everything in this room
I can control the fans here too
omg, that is so fast! that's scary!
You can turn on "do not disturb" here too
wow! thats incredible!
there are really no one disturbing you!
another reason we choose this hotel
is because its right in the centre of the city
its next to Singapore river
00:02:24,540 --> 00:02:27,440 I did not buy any public transport bundle ticket on this trip
because its all with in walk-able distance
we are right in the middle, so it's all around 20mins walk
this used to be a police station
now it's a communications department
there are around 900 windows all painted
in rainbow colors
and because of it's design
it is now a designated hot check-in spot for
instagram or social media
looks like its about to rain soon
the wind is so strong, think there will be thunderstorm
but I think this temperature is just right, its perfect
I hope it stays like this
and don't rain
it's raining again...
we've given up
we give up!
I think we should embrace it....
Embrace the rain
accept it!
did you see this
Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic
00:03:25,680 --> 00:03:28,180 It looks like a building from the Tang dynasty
apparently there is a tooth from the Buddha inside that temple
at the top
do you want to go in and have a look?
you want to see some teeth?
let's get moving, I am hungry
you are saying...
you are NOT interested in
Buddha's teeth!?
I feel greatly respectful to it!
but I am hungry
if you want to see then you go!
I am actually fine too...lol
you have to go eat at a Hawker centre when you come to singapore
and we are currently at the "Maxwell Hawker Centre"
It's one of the most important Hawker centre
mainly because there is a "Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice"
recommeded by my idol "Anthony Bourdian"
but the queue is seriously rediculous
the most popular hainanese chicken rice, it's line....
let's see...
this line...
it's impossible! the queue is longer than the line at Disneyland!
so we decided to get from another shop call
Tian Tian "lai" (uncle sky singapore hainanese chicken rice)
do you speak hokken
then we are from the same root
I am from the south, so its our mother language
I am a fan of "Jacky Wu"
and ”Han Kuo-yu“
could you sing a few lines!~
00:04:52,900 --> 00:04:55,320
00:04:55,780 --> 00:04:57,239 "jacky wu" and “Kang Kang”
very entertaining
wait there is another soup, very delicious
don't judge it by it's clarity
it's been cooked with the bones
really good!
and then! black soy sauce
its the way Singaporean eat it
and then...
the chilli
let me help you, you are holding a camera
this chilli is really nice!, but it's really spicy
did you make it yourself?
it's made with small chilli and large chilli
00:05:32,560 --> 00:05:34,440 come buy again if you think its good!
remember our shop
it's very tender
it seems that they don't cook the rice to really soft,
it's still got some texture, hardness to it
together with the flavour of the chicken oil
it's really fragrant and delicious
not sure if it's got lemon grass or ginger
it's got a special fragrant that cuts off the oiliness
it's really clear
but it is quite delicious
tastes like it's been stewed for a long time
this is not made by powder right?
he was really proud to tell me that he stewed the soup!
the good thing about walking
is that when you explore the city while walking
you can enjoy the beauty of each city in detail
I am not gonna walk anymore!
I feel like i am already covered in smelly sweat
tired already
look at his hair, its so hot that its all wet
wet x 4
we are currently at Duxton hill
we plan to not do anything
and just sit here quietly
and feel Singapore
the good thing about staying in the city is that you can walk back when ever you want, and its not that far away
i should have used this to you,
after you said that
do you feel like singing
00:07:46,380 --> 00:07:48,860
00:07:49,660 --> 00:07:50,400 speechless
00:07:53,900 --> 00:07:55,340
00:07:59,340 --> 00:08:00,000 this jerky shop is very famous too
its opened by “Jimmy Lin" 's brother
is that real?
it's really opened by his brother?!
why do I always fall for your lies?!
but it's really famous!
this one you can only get in singapore
they didn't set any shop overseas
lets eat this back at the hotel
you can smell the caramelised flavour as soon as you open it
its delicious!
its got great smoky flavour
and as you chew it, the flavour stays in your mouth
its so addictive! I am gonna go back and get more!
we are about to go to a place that you have definitely seen before
but never thought to know what it is
90% of the time you will see it when you see Singapore
I call it baseball glove
baseball glove!
you've definitely seen it right!?
It's actually an museum
a museum that combines
it's a great place to boost kid's brain development
but adults can go in for the aircon
with this paper, after you color it
there are crayons you can use
and the scanner is here, you place your art work here
and press this button
then it can be scanned in to this world
we are going to have satay chicken for dinner
at around 7pm
the street outside Lau Pa Sat will be closed
and turned in to a satay chicken street
you really wont get cheated in Singapore
on our way here
there was a guy following us asking if we want to get satay from him
normally those are more expensive than others
so we didn't end up getting from him
and he just asked me " which shop we want,
I'll go get someone for you"
he was super nice!
and they told us that
its not suitable for kids to sit outside, because it is really smoky
and it wouldn't be as comfortable as inside
so they told us to sit in here and ask people from outside to come in and order for us.
I seriously respect those people making the satay chicken outside
it is SO SMOKY!
I only went out to shoot for 10 secs and I couldn't bare it already
I think
if you take a salmon
and stand there for 10 seconds
( I'll put it here you can take it yourself )
he wants mine!
Elliott : How can you just eat it!
this is harder to chew
I had lamb
and I think its totally worth it that they get smoked!
originally i felt so sorry for them for standing there taking on the smoke
but I don't feel sorry anymore!
It's ridiculously delicious!
that was so satisfying, and now we are heading back to the hotel and sleep
See you tomorrow Bye Bye


山东省 (SINGAPORE ft. Grand Park City Ha)

389 分類 收藏
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