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So in China, there are basically two big sales weeks.
You have 11/11 and you have 6/18.
These are sort of made-up holidays that have turned into these absolutely massive online sales extravaganzas.
They've really been built as, "this is your day as a consumer to buy something for yourself that makes you happy."
Some brands are taking it to the next level, right?
There are different levels of how you can engage with gifting product.
And all the way to the other extreme, is you're actually collaborating to create products.
They have a lot of parties related to what the brands are doing.
They do a lot of cross-collaborations during the sales weeks.
They have these fashion shows where they have a catwalk, and you can actually buy the clothing that the models are wearing on the catwalk.
Or if you're a retailer or a brand using the sales day to introduce new technology.
So, if you look at Alibaba, and Jingdong, and some of these other players, they've invested very, very heavily in improving logistics and infrastructure here.
China has some of the first automated warehouses.
So, the demand is absolutely there for very, very fast delivery.
I think the thing with sales days and why they're so successful here is, culturally, consumers like a good deal.
They want to feel that the brands are thinking about them, treating them well.
This is particularly powerful in a market like China because there's so much data.
A new app could have tens of millions, or a hundred million users.
So the ability to recommend really relevant content is much easier than it was.
There is a little bit of that same frenzy that you get with Christmas shopping.
But the biggest shopping days—11/11, 6/18—it's really about you and what you want.



雙 11 定位策略如何成功搶下中國最大商機? (Double Eleven - Singles Day - What are Chinese sales events?)

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Lian 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 15 日    Lian 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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