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Kevin, you brought your kids back to Philadelphia.
But not for Kevin Hart Day,
you brought them back to where you're from.
Yes. To teach a lesson! LAUGHTER
Was it to impress them? Why did you bring them back?
You know, parenting is something that I take pride in.
I want to make sure that my kids understand the value of
hard work and what the meaning behind it should be.
So, I don't want you thinking that what we have
in our lifestyle is how it's supposed to be, because it's not.
There's a reality behind it,
so I'm going to take you to where Dad is from.
So, we take a trip, we take a road trip to Philadelphia,
and we land and I say,
"I'm going to show you where I grew up so you can understand..."
You land in your private jet, yep...
Life lesson, life lesson!
Listen, every lesson has a moment of...
..of disbelief. Just follow me for a second.
I'm with you.
The lesson didn't start till we got off the plane!
Yeah, duh, obvious!
We got in the car and start driving through the neighbourhood
where I was from. Then that's where the lesson...
That's where the lesson... Where are you from?
So, we pull up to my place,
and I give this long speech, it's like a moment.
It's like 7am, I got there when nobody would be there.
I'm like, look, I didn't have, OK?
This is all we...
This is the grass, you see this little thing?
This is all the grass we had.
I had to sit on the step, I waited for the bus here,
I walked two and a half miles to get
from here to where I had to go to meet my mum.
This was not a situation that she was comfortable in.
I get done and my kids are like, "We want to live here!"
No! No! No! This place is a piece of shit!
I'm trying to show you what we have is nice,
but you've got to work for it.
"We don't want to go home!"
"Let us go upstairs!"
I literally had to stop the lesson.
I had to cut the trip to Philadelphia short.
"Let's just go back home.
"I just want to show you books from now on."


美國搞笑諧星 Kevin Hart 給他小孩的忠告竟然是... (Kevin Hart had the WORST life advice for his kids |The Graham Norton Show - BBC)

502 分類 收藏
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