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People who are successful both at work and at home manage their time well.
One of the first steps towards successful time management is to identify how you spend your time.
Try keeping a log of how you spend your day.
Write down how much time you spend doing things like working, watching television or running errands.
Once you have a record of how you spend a typical day, follow these steps to learn to manage your time more effectively.
First, make a list of your tasks.
Then, estimate how much time you spend on each task.
Eliminate unnecessary tasks from your list.
In some cases, you may be able to delegate tasks to other people.
Prioritize your tasks by numbering them in order of importance.
If you have difficulty establishing what's most important,ask yourself what on the list is absolutely necessary to fulfill your needs.
Small changes to your daily routine can also help free up more of your time.
Getting up just an hour earlier can make a big difference in how your day is structured.
You have more time for life's unplanned emergencies such as car trouble, childcare issues, sickness, or miscellaneous errands.
TVs, computers, and mobile devices can be a distraction when they're not being used for anything productive.
Consider limiting how much time you spend using them.
Keep a calendar of important professional and personal appointments and events.
Whether it's a desk planner or a smartphone app, choose the type that will be easiest for you to maintain on a regular basis.
Practicing effective time management will allow you to spend more time on the things that matter to you most,
whether it's a hobby, time with family and friends, or even just some more time for yourself.
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讓你的時間發揮價值!如何做好時間管理? (Tips for Effective Time Management)

1853 分類 收藏
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