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July 2018, a young Formosan black bear was found separated from its mother near Nanan Falls in Hualien.
Taiwan's Forestry Bureau and Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association decided to rescue it from the forest.
Professor Mei-Hsiu Huang and TBBCA soon formed a team with handlers and vets for the necessary care and training.
Taipei Zoo also provided facilities to conduct 4 health checks on the cub.
After a few meetings with experts, it came to the consensus that the bear cub needed a natural wild environment to learn skills to survive in the wild and avoid any possible hazards including humans while preparing to return to its natural habitat.
With the Bunun tribal elder's prayer and the assistance from a National Airborne corps helicopter, the bear cub went back home.
This is the perfect result of public and private sectors joining in a common effort.
Two months later, her GPS collar was found.
(Bunun language) Uninang miqumicang.
Four months later, even more amazingly, her image was captured by camera traps...
At the same spot, camera traps also captured a beautiful "bear kingdom" picture.
The success of the bear cub wild release raised the conservation awareness of Taiwanese, and was a step forward in achieving the goal of harmonious co-existence between humans and nature.



【動物】你好嗎?南安小熊!台灣小黑熊的救援與野放紀錄 (The Rescue and Release of a Formosan Black Bear Cub)

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