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How are holidays going??
Have you eaten a lot during these days?
It's almost 2019!
In every country, culture, or religion, there is a different way of celebrating the arrival of the new year.
Today, we are gonna tell you about eight different new year's traditions that we've found quite peculiar.
In Spain, we celebrate by eating the traditional 12 lucky grapes, while we watch on TV the broadcast of the 12 strokes from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.
Afterwards, we all toast.
In Italy, people celebrate it with lentils, a symbol of wealth and money.
At an italian's table, they can't miss a good and nice dish of lentils during New Year's Eve (Notte di Capodanno).
The more they eat, the luckier they will be in the new year.
Curiously enough, there are lots of families in Chile that also eat lentils and say goodbye to the year with the 12 grapes; traditions that have been passed on by the Italian and Spanish immigrants who traveled there.
Scotland is one of the most curious countries when it comes to their celebrations.
They do the "Hogmanay," a party where they burn a wooden barrel and throw it down the street.
This symbolizes getting rid of obstacles for the new year.
They also base their years on the face of the first person they see coming in - if he or she has a nice appearance, good things are coming their way.
On the contrary, if they don't have a nice appearance, bad luck will reign at that home.
Danish people welcome the new year in a noisy and de-stressing way.
Denmarks tradition consists on breaking dishes after the New Year's Eve dinner.
In the past, and still nowadays in some areas, the plates were smashed against the doors of your beloved ones, who were very happy about it since it represented love and good omen for the coming year.
Lots of broken dishes mean lots of loyal friends.
In the US, New York City is one of the preferred places to say goodbye to the old year.
The countdown at midnight in Times Square, gathering millions of people who come to enjoy concerts, fireworks... is really one my dream places to spend the last night of the year.
Anyone want to invite me?
We love Japanese curiosities, and we know you do too!
During New Year's Eve dinner, they always have soba - traditional wheat noodles.
Their length represents prosperity and a long life.
At midnight, temples ring their bells 108 times, in order to purify the 108 human sins that, according to Buddhism, cause human suffering.
Japanese people then go visit the temples.
In some regions of Mexico, Peru, or Venezuela, people burn all the bad aspects from the Old Year.
They usually build a doll made of old rags and staffed with fireworks and firecrackers to light them up and symbolize leaving the bad things from the old year behind.
In Germany, people usually decorate tables with figurines of a chimney-sweeper and a little pig with a clover.
Some melt pieces of lead and at midnight they toast with champagne, and people go out in the streets with fireworks.
So… how do you spend this night?
Do you celebrate in any special way?
Happy 2019 to everyone, and thank you for following us on YouTube this year!!




344 分類 收藏
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