B1 中級 美國腔 845 分類 收藏
Yeah, all I see is a basket and Chopstick
00:00:31,779 --> 00:00:33,779 Uh won ton
Okay, my sister does this way. [oh], she does that
Let's go
Well, yeah
Because I eat them all the time in China, right mommy?
red hello
What do I do with him? Sh-should we put in should we put him in to make him smart jail?
Hey, well, course we do
especially if you talked chinese
He does know [oh]
It has chocolate in it. What is that? no, what is that? is that meat?
Yeah, it's meat. Hold on hold on hold on
Break it apart now
Some kind of poo?
Hmm feel bad for them but I hope one day they learn. They asked me to teach, I'm out
now can I look?
This looks...bad
I'm eating paper now?
Hey mom, remember this yeah? yeah
Oh, it"s rice! oh, it's meat. Oh
You said Bamboo, right?
Is there a panda here? panda?
Get a Panda, give me my doh- you ate my dumpling?
You ate it. I can't stand it this guy. I can't stand him
wait, is it seriously jellyfish? Oh it's a vegetable isn't it oh?
enough with these lies. Jellyfish not even have hearts or brains
that's what makes them crazy, and how could it even move without brains?
The only one the big is alive the jellyfish the jellyfish
Ha ha ha I'm so happy. It looks like a twisted home a
Twisted Baby's home. Oh oh
Oh, whoo. Well it looks like?
Okay, ha ha
You have scarred me for life. I open my eyes, and I see a dead duck staring right at me
You guys tricked me [on] this one everybody look love you. Have dug heads here anybody want anybody [Wanna] eat a duck head shark
I'll anything oh
my gosh [clothes] I
Can't believe this is the dog head
Murderer I hated the duck head
The head is cut off
No, no, no no no no no no no no no no no no
[well] good


孩子們對中國菜的評價是? (Chinese Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World - Ep 6 | Kids Try | Cut)

845 分類 收藏
Angel Hsu 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 4 日
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