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MARVIN CHOW: Good morning.
Good morning.
Hello everybody.
How are you?
MARVIN CHOW: My name is Marvin Chow, and I'll be your host
this morning.
We are extremely excited to be welcoming international sports
sensation, philanthropist, and global icon David Beckham to
Google today.
MARVIN CHOW: Thank you all for coming out.
A special hello to all of our friends from around the world
who are joining us by our YouTube live stream.
We are coming to you from Google's headquarters in
Mountain View, California.
I have to say, when David called us and asked us if he
could drop by today, excitement doesn't even begin
to describe how we felt.
He is one of the few truly global sports stars.
He is one of the most searched for athletes on Google, and
it's amazing how his fans have embraced him across Google
Search, Google+, and YouTube.
It's unbelievable.
But before I bring out the man himself, I want to welcome to
Google with this short video.
So let's take a quick look.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Why are you special in the sports world?
DAVID BECKHAM: Well I won the book chart in soccer school.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I love him so much.
MALE SPEAKER: No freakin' way!
MARVIN CHOW: Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and
gentlemen, please welcome Mr. David Beckham.
MARVIN CHOW: Nice to see you, Sir.
How are you?
MARVIN CHOW: Have a seat.
Have a seat.
Welcome to Google.
So let's kick off, no pun intended,
with a little soccer.
Or, for our international friends, football.
You know, you David, you really have had a global
soccer career.
I mean, you joined Manchester United at the young age of 17.
You won 9 major trophies in 11 years there.
Very impressive.
You then joined Real Madrid where you won another trophy,
and then since 2007, you've been here in the U.S. playing
for the LA Galaxy, where last year you
won yet another trophy.
And I think that puts you in a very rare group of trifecta
winners of three trophies on three different countries.
So congratulations.
DAVID BECKHAM: Thank you very much.
MARVIN CHOW: And then obviously, while preparing to
meet you last night, I read even more news last night.
The big news that you've decided to stay here in the
U.S. and continue to play for the U.S., the LA Galaxy.
And I think we're excited that you chose Google as a place to
come talk to your fans and the rest of the
world about that news.
So why don't we start there?
Why don't you tell us a little bit about that decision to
stay with the Galaxy.
DAVID BECKHAM: Well, good morning, first of all.
I'm excited to be here.
To be part of this is exciting for me, and to be here with
you all and everyone else watching around the world,
it's exciting.
Google's one of the biggest companies in the world.
So I'm honored to be here today.
My decision, obviously, throughout my career has
always been about my family, about my career, about my
footballing career.
And I've been lucky to have played over the years with
some of the biggest clubs in the world, some of the best
players in the world.
And it's been exciting.
I've been lucky enough to have been successful in many
different clubs that I've played for.
And professionally, coming to the U.S. was something that I
was excited about.
It was a challenge.
It was a new challenge.
I played in Europe.
I'd won everything that I possibly could in Europe, and
I wanted a new challenge.
MARVIN CHOW: When you conquer Europe, it's
definitely the next--
DAVID BECKHAM: Like I said, I was very lucky in my career.
DAVID BECKHAM: So then, obviously, coming to America
was an exciting thing for me, and I've had
a great five years.
I met a lot of good people, a lot of great fans around the
world, traveled around America, played in different
parts of America, which I'd never played in before, and
it's been exciting.
So this championship at the end of this year was one of
the most satisfying in my career, I must admit.
To have been here for the time that I've been here, to reach
the goals that I'd reached off the field, with raising the
popularity of the game.
I'd reached those goals.
The only goal that I hadn't reached was a championship
with the Galaxy, which is the main reason why I came to
America and came to the Galaxy as a franchise.
So that was missing, but now it's not.
MARVIN CHOW: Congratulations.
DAVID BECKHAM: But obviously, with the new contract now, it
was a decision that I didn't take lightly because I
obviously had other offers from other
clubs around the world.
And at 36 years old you don't expect to
still get these offers.
So that was nice.
But it was all about where I felt the future was going for
the game here in the U.S., and also where my family was
happiest. And my family is happiest here at the moment.
We love living in LA.
We love living in America.
We've adapted the culture, we've adapted everything that
this country has, and we enjoy that.
So I'm going to continue to enjoy playing soccer here, and
my family will continue to enjoy it.
MARVIN CHOW: Well, speaking of, kind of
away from the Galaxy--
I saw when you came in 2007, you made a very public
statement that you wanted to help grow the game of soccer
in the U.S. Can you talk a little bit about how that's
going and some areas around growing the game here?
DAVID BECKHAM: Well that's the thing.
It's one of the reasons why I came to this country.
It's because, for me, soccer is the number one sport around
the world apart from America.
Don't get me wrong, the other sports, American football,
basketball, baseball, they're all great sports and have
great athletes in these sports.
But the number one game in the world is soccer.
So I want to get soccer to a different
level in this country.
And I think that we've done that in the last--
I've felt it change in the last couple of years.
And that's why I didn't want to walk away from it because I
felt the change.
And to walk away at this point would be disappointing because
I've been part of that growth, and I want to continue to be
part of that growth.
So it's an exciting time.
And it's great for the family as well, great for the family
to be here.
MARVIN CHOW: Well, speaking of the family, I think we've all
read how important family is to you.
So what role did Victoria and the kids have in decision, in
making this decision?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, they have the final answer.
It's as simple as that.
That sounded wrong.
No, obviously, when you're married, when you have
children, your priorities totally change.
10 years ago, when I was playing at Manchester United,
at Real Madrid--
obviously, we were married, but it was a lot easier for us
to make decisions based on our careers.
Whereas, we've got three amazing boys now and a little
girl that we have to look after, and
it's all about them.
So our priorities are about our children.
But like I said, in the question before, the growth of
the game is growing.
And to see when I first arrived there'd be 12 teams in
the league, now there's 19.
There are stadiums being built around America solely for
soccer, which is a big thing.
And that's the exiting part of why and one of the reasons why
I wanted to stay.
MARVIN CHOW: Yeah, well I think the impact of your
presence on the game has been very clear over
the last five years.
I think one of the other questions that I'm sure is on
a lot of people's minds with this decision is really, why
come to Google to tell the world and talk to your fans?
Why not?
MARVIN CHOW: So simple.
DAVID BECKHAM: Like I said, it's one of the biggest
companies in the world, and it reaches so
many millions of people.
And I felt that it's something that you always see when you
open your computer.
MARVIN CHOW: We like that.
DAVID BECKHAM: And something I was really excited about.
So like I said, I'm honored to be here with everyone, and
thanks for coming out because there's a lot of you.
Thank you.
MARVIN CHOW: So in getting ready for this visit we saw
that you posted a video callout for questions on
YouTube, which is fantastic.
And I'd say from that video we've
collected tons of questions.
We've gone through them and we've curated them, and
obviously we'll go through some of those today.
I think, just also so you know, your Google following is
also very strong.
Obviously, you can see the people here in Charlie's, but
in addition to this group there are about 26 other
offices from around the world dialed in to watch this and
ask you questions as well.
And I think, if it weren't so late in some of the other
parts of the world, we'd have even more than that.
So congratulations on building a following here
at Google as well.
So let's dig in to some of the questions right away.
We'll start with football.
Tou Moo Yee from California wants to know, what is the
biggest difference between playing football in America
versus Europe?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, there's not a huge amount of
One of the biggest differences I'd say is just the travel.
It's literally the travel.
In Europe we only have to travel about an hour to a
game, or two hours at the most. Whereas, when we play
East Coast and we're playing in New York, it's a 5, 5 and
1/2 hour journey.
So that's a big difference but on the field, the level of
play has definitely gone up in the last three or four years.
And I think that it's at a stage now where this game is
starting to attract the interest of some big names and
big players in Europe.
And I think there has to be a certain change with some of
the things that goes on throughout the league.
But I think it's a league now, where European teams, big
European teams, are coming over for their pre-seasons and
they're playing against us.
So five years ago, the Galaxy had been heard of but I think
now, with the interest of the players that have come over,
such as Robbie Keane and obviously London Donovan as a
U.S. star, we've had that interest and it's exciting to
be part of.
MARVIN CHOW: Yeah, I think it must great to see the growth,
see the change year over year, and the speed and the power of
the players.
DAVID BECKHAM: I think that's what you always want.
You want to see something grow.
If you sit still so long-- you know this better than anyone
with Google--
if you sit there too long then things change around you.
And to see the growth, to see the change, I'm proud to be
part of that.
MARVIN CHOW: That's great.
Another question.
Mahin Zarra asks, what is the first thing you do, think, or
notice when you step onto the field initially?
DAVID BECKHAM: I think just the excitement.
I'm still--
I'm 36 years old, and every time I step on the field I'm
like a little kid.
And I know once that changes then that's when I'll feel
I'll have to stop playing.
But until that changes, I'm going to continue to play as
long as possible and as long as teams keep
offering me new contracts.
MARVIN CHOW: But it seems like that love of the game, that
childhood joy of just playing the game, is what drives you.
DAVID BECKHAM: I've always been driven.
Even at a young age, all I ever wanted to do was become a
footballer or soccer star.
And that was my only ambition.
I know it's different these days with kids.
There's obviously this fame, this fortune.
And it might be easy for me to say that because, obviously,
I've done very well at the game, but I'd still be playing
this game even if I wasn't being paid for it.
Not that I don't want to be paid for it, but I still would
be playing this sport.
MARVIN CHOW: Very good.
Very good.
Another question.
Christina Greenwood asks, do you ever listen to music
before a soccer game to kind of get yourself pumped up?
The Spice Girls?
DAVID BECKHAM: Spice Girls, of course.
I mean, one of them always gets me going before a game.
MARVIN CHOW: Everybody.
I think, who doesn't?
Yeah, so no, Spice Girls is not on the playlist. It's on
my iPod but it's not on the playlist. That's for a
different time with the kids.
But no, I always listen to music.
I'm a huge Jay-Z fan.
MARVIN CHOW: Excellent.
DAVID BECKHAM: Huge Stone Roses fan, as well, who are
getting back together in June.
Just plugging them.
And no, at different clubs it's strange.
Before games we always listen to music, but there are
certain managers at certain clubs that don't like music
before a game in the change room which, in the end, most
players end up listening with their headsets.
MARVIN CHOW: That's good.
Min Koh wants you to give up the secret.
How do you train for the perfect Beckham kick?
We've seen it.
How does it happen?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, it's just that people have asked me
that over the years.
How do I curl the ball?
Or how do I bend the ball?
And it's something that just happened.
It's not something that I thought, OK, I want to bend
the ball better than anyone else so I'm going to kick the
ball in this certain way.
I just worked on my striking of the ball.
I just practiced every day.
It's something that I've done from a very young age.
Even after every training session, I'd take balls on my
own and just go and kick and try and find new ways of
getting the ball in the net without anyone touching it.
I've been lucky enough to have done that over the years with
the way I kick the ball, and I know that it's a unique style.
And I know it's a unique style just because my back hurts a
little bit more than it did when I was 15 years old.
But it's something that I practice, of course.
That's one thing I tell kids.
Unless you practice you're never going to
get better at something.
MARVIN CHOW: Well I think there's not a goal keeper in
the world who is not terrified when you line up
for that free kick.
So whatever you're doing, keep doing it.
MARVIN CHOW: And so we have a couple questions live from
London, actually, from our office in London, which we
wanted to have your homeland people--
DAVID BECKHAM: Good evening.
MARVIN CHOW: --ask you.
Why don't you go ahead?
DAVID BECKHAM: How you doing?
MALE SPEAKER: My question is, who's more likely to win a
World Cup in the future, England or the USA?
That's a terrible question to ask me while I'm set here.
I'm going to have to say England.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I've got a lot of respect for the U.S. players and the U.S.
team, and they've got some very talented players.
But I believe, at some point, England are going
to win a World Cup.
Because we have got a lot of talented players in our
country, and we're very passionate, and it's where the
game began.
So for me, definitely, I think England are going to win a
World Cup at some point.
MARVIN CHOW: America's just pacing themselves.
DAVID BECKHAM: The U.S. is a few years behind us, but a few
years after.
JT: Hi David.
This is JT over in London.
DAVID BECKHAM: Morning, afternoon,
evening whatever it is.
JT: Morning.
Well yeah, evening here.
So I've seen you play a couple of times.
One of them was a tsunami charity game you played in
Barcelona with loads of superstars.
And I just wanted to know who was the greatest player you
played with or against?
Again, I've been lucky enough over the years to have played
with some of the best players in the world.
Obviously, being at Manchester United, being at Real Madrid,
being at AC Milan, these are three of the biggest
clubs in the world.
So, obviously, there's some great players there.
Being able to play with Eric Cantona, I think, that was a
great thing.
He's a Manchester United player.
Being able to play with a player, Bryan Robson, that was
my hero and I wanted to emulate.
But I think the best player I've ever
played with is Zidane.
He's a player with a lot of passion, a lot of skill, and
he's not just an amazing player, he's a
great person as well.
The hardest player to have played against was Roberto
Carlos, who's now actually one of my best friends.
But even when I didn't know him as well as I do now, he
used to kick the hell out of me, the whole game.
But he had this cheeky smile which--
you couldn't hate him in any way possible.
But he's definitely the most, the toughest, player I've
played against.
MARVIN CHOW: Claudine.
CLAUDINE: Hey David.
So my question is, if LA Galaxy were to play in the
English premiere league, how would they stack up against
the competition?
DAVID BECKHAM: We'd win it.
was that.
I think the Galaxy have been great in the last two years.
We've been really successful with, obviously, being close
to winning the championship over the last few years.
But then, obviously this year winning the championship,
we've got a lot of good young players coming through.
Players that teams in Europe are interested in.
So I think we'd do well in the premiership.
It'd be interesting.
MARVIN CHOW: I think you never know.
That's the beauty of the game.
I mean, I think, you work hard, you train hard.
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, that's what soccer's all about.
It's all about upsets.
It's all about teams that you don't think are as good as
other teams going in and beating them.
That's what the FA Cup is all about in England.
Lower league teams go in and they beat some of the best
premiership teams in England.
So that's what it's all about.
But I think we'd do well over there.
MARVIN CHOW: That's good.
Maybe one day.
DAVID BECKHAM: It's might be a bit cold for a few players in
December but we'd do well.
MARVIN CHOW: That's great.
JT mentioned the charity game that you played, and I think
we've seen you do a lot of philanthropic work throughout
your career.
I think we touched on it in the UNICEF work in the
highlight video, and recently we saw that you were in
Afghanistan visiting some troops there.
Can you tell us a little bit about what that trip was and
what you did there?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, I know it sounds kind of a cliche,
but charities are one of my biggest passions.
I've been lucky enough to be involved with UNICEF as an
ambassador, and that's something that
I'm very proud of.
But I want to do more.
Obviously, with my job, with my travel it's very difficult
to go into the field and to do different things, but I've
been able to go to places like Sierra Leone.
And going places like that, and seeing the change that
UNICEF are making to so many people around the world,
that's one of my biggest passions.
That's why when people say to me, after my career am I going
to go into coaching?
I need to be passionate about something that
I'm going to go into.
And coaching, I love coaching kids, but I'd prefer to go
into the field and see the kids in Sierra Leone or in
different parts of Africa and around the world and coach
them because it's making a huge difference.
Going to Afghanistan was something that I'd always
wanted to do to see the troops, of course.
When I ruptured my Achilles two years ago, I had some time
off, obviously.
And I thought OK, I need to put that to do something good,
and I had the chance to go to Afghanistan.
It was a secret at the time but then, obviously, by the
time I got there it was out.
But it was a huge thing.
The job the troops do over there in Afghanistan is really
incredible to see.
The conditions that they work under, they're putting their
lives at risk every single day.
And it must be gut-wrenching for their families to see
their loved ones, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters.
It's so many different levels that it's difficult.
To go to Afghanistan was one of the best things I've done
in my life.
MARVIN CHOW: Well I think it must be.
I mean, with your work with UNICEF since 2005, it must be
amazing to see, you as an international football star,
how the game can bring such joy or change people's lives
in these kids all around the world.
DAVID BECKHAM: That's what's great about soccer.
I've said it so many times, that when I was in Sierra
Leone, these kids are walking about with literally no
clothes on.
But you arrive, you put a soccer ball in front of them,
they play like my kids play.
And that's what soccer can do for you and do for kids and do
for families.
For that 90 minutes, you're driving along the street and
like I said, there's kids with no clothes on and running
around with no shoes on.
And then you look over and then kids are watching
premiership games on the side of the street.
It can change people's lives.
It can, for that 90 minutes of a game, it takes them away
from the life they've got every single day.
And that is the power of soccer.
It's the power of sports.
It's something that's one of the reasons why I love being
involved in sports.
MARVIN CHOW: It is amazing.
So moving on a little bit, as we looked through all the
questions that we got coming to you, I think
unsurprisingly, there were a lot of questions from people
who are curious about your personal life.
I think, when you marry a Spice Girl,
I guess that happens.
DAVID BECKHAM: Yes, it does.
MARVIN CHOW: But I think, before we get to all of those,
one of the more overarching questions that everyone had
and everyone wants to know, what was it like to be at the
wedding of the decade?
The royal wedding last April, what was it like to be there?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, we had to pinch ourselves when we got
the invite.
I've become friends with Prince William and
he's a great guy.
And obviously, Harry as well.
And I was brought up around the royal family to love the
royal family.
My grandparents were big royalists.
And so we were brought up to love the royal family.
And I think when, obviously, Princess Di was around, the
love for her and for the royal family was incredible.
And she was loved by millions and millions of people, not
just in our country.
And then obviously, you watch the lives of William and
Harry, and you see everything about them, and it's kind of
like the Truman Show.
They're growing and growing and doing different things and
being part of different charities, and growing up from
young boys to young men and to grown men.
And it makes you proud to be English to see that happen.
You watch their lives.
You watch what they've been through, and then you watch
them grow into the people that they are today.
And they're very special people.
The royal wedding was a huge thing for our country.
To have a celebration like that, it was very special.
It gave our country a huge lift at the time, and it's
continued to do that.
But being at the royal wedding was incredible.
MARVIN CHOW: Any stories?
Any favorite parts?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, one of the best things about it for
my wife, she was eight months pregnant and she was worried
about where we were going to be sitting, as she needed to
be as close to the restroom as possible.
And our seat was perfect because we could see,
obviously, William and Kate walk in.
But then, obviously, Victoria could then-- she was like five
steps away from the restroom, which was perfect.
So it was an amazing day, and I'm proud to be a part of that
as an Englishman.
MARVIN CHOW: That's great.
Well, speaking of Victoria and being pregnant, Nur Ikisi has
a question about Harper.
The question is, has Harper spoken her first word yet?
What was it?
And if not, are there any playful competitions between
you and Victoria to see if she'll say
mommy or daddy first?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, I think naturally the first word is
going to be mama.
And she's close to it already.
She's saying a few things, but I've obviously got three
amazing boys.
And with boys--
I'm sure people that have children know, or people who
have been around children know--
with boys you can throw them up.
They drop and they get up and they just run around.
And with boys it's like that.
But it's obviously my first experience of
having a little girl.
And still, I'm changing her diaper and I'm thinking, I
can't believe I've got a girl.
So everything about her is feminine.
The way she moves, the way she eats, the way she smiles, the
way she looks--
you know, everything about her is feminine.
And I know it sounds obvious, but it's an amazing thing
having a little girl in the family now after
having three boys.
But the best thing about it is she's
got three older brothers.
MARVIN CHOW: Well I have to say she--
MARVIN CHOW: --I have to say she is an impeccable dresser
from what I've seen.
DAVID BECKHAM: Her wardrobe is ridiculous already.
I'm glad I got a two-year contract.
MARVIN CHOW: Very good.
Well, staying with that, I mean, obviously, with three
boys and now a girl and Victoria, Andreas Rubio
Barigga asks, how do you keep the balance
between work and family?
Obviously, you've got a hectic life around the world.
What's that like?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, obviously, as a
family we're very busy.
As a couple we're very busy.
Victoria's got a collection that is, obviously, doing
unbelievably well.
But there's a lot of pressure that
comes with that, obviously.
I'm working every day.
I play and train every day, so it's difficult.
But like I said before, our number one priority is our
children and our family.
Nothing else gets in the way of that.
When I'm away, Victoria's at home with the boys and Harper.
When she's away, vice versa.
So we're very hands-on parents.
I take the kids to school every day.
I pick them up every day.
We go to Taekwondo.
We go to soccer.
We got so many things that we do with the kids.
And like I said, we're very hands-on parents.
So our lives, our busy lives don't affect the
children in any way.
But the children understand that we work
very hard as well.
We've got a very good balance there.
MARVIN CHOW: It's amazing to see people as busy and hectic
as you and Victoria can still take your kids to Taekwondo
and be as hands-on.
I think it's--
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, it sets the kids up for life, I think,
the way you are with them at a very young age, and we've got
very special kids.
MARVIN CHOW: Earlier you were talking about, obviously, the
travel with the Galaxy, and you've lived in
Italy, Spain, the UK.
Carolina Ramos asks, where is your favorite
place in the world?
DAVID BECKHAM: Favorite place in the world?
I would have to say--
funnily enough, I love Paris as a city, funnily enough.
And that was, obviously, one of the offers that I got to go
and play there.
But I love Paris.
As a city it's very romantic.
It's this amazing culture, amazing food and wine.
But I'm very proud to be English, and London--
there's not many better places in the world than London.
MARVIN CHOW: Very good.
I'm sure our London Googlers will be very
happy to hear that.
MARVIN CHOW: So while we're on the personal life topic stuff,
I have to say, I promised some fellow coworkers I would ask
you this question.
Please don't be embarrassed.
But I think a lot of people are interested in what's up
with the new underwear campaign.
DAVID BECKHAM: I knew this was coming.
MARVIN CHOW: You know, I mean, how big is it?
I heard Superbowl ad.
I mean, how big is this thing going to get?
DAVID BECKHAM: Another pun.
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, sorry.
I need some water.
Obviously, I was part of Armani, a campaign for a
couple of years.
And that was a huge success.
And then, I was interested in doing something along the
lines with my own range of underwear and body wear.
So I got together with a few people and part of my team and
we designed and made everything.
And we had the product already to go.
And then, H&M came in and they said look, we can make this
better for you, and they did.
They're taking it to 1,800 stores, 40 different
countries, and it's something that I could've--
probably it would have taken a few years, but it wouldn't
have reached that level of distribution.
So I'm very proud of it.
The pictures are good, which I'm happy about.
The product looks great.
MARVIN CHOW: That's the most important, of course.
DAVID BECKHAM: So that's exciting.
I'm launching on February 1st, so it's going to be exciting.
That's in London.
MARVIN CHOW: So Superbowl ad?
Can you say?
DAVID BECKHAM: There's a Superbowl ad, which is very
exciting because the amount of people that watch the
Superbowl, actually, is going to see the advert.
MARVIN CHOW: The worlds of football colliding.
DAVID BECKHAM: Which I just thought about.
MARVIN CHOW: Very good.
Very good.
A couple more questions on the personal side.
Ntiaz Adjaz asks, I was wondering, are you considering
starring in a film with Tom Cruise?
DAVID BECKHAM: I would love to star in a
film with Tom Cruise.
Who wouldn't?
People have asked me over the years, especially when I first
moved to LA, they were like, he's obviously going over to
become an actor.
And I can't act.
It's as simple as that.
It's something that I've never done.
I've been involved with, obviously, adverts and
I was involved in a couple of movies that were about soccer.
But not major parts.
Not much talking involved.
So that was great.
But who knows?
Something might happen in the future that someone comes up
to me and says you know, we want you to play this person
and maybe it will happen.
But I don't think so.
It's not something that's an ambition of mine.
MARVIN CHOW: You heard it here first. Something might happen
in the future.
Never say never.
MARVIN CHOW: Never say never.
Because you guys are neighbors, right?
You live near.
DAVID BECKHAM: Yeah, we live five minutes away.
MARVIN CHOW: Five minutes away.
So no banter around the recycling bin?
DAVID BECKHAM: There's banter.
But not banter that I could say live on Google.
Very good.
Very good.
One more question on this.
Deena Koh asks, are you feeling nervous about your
first Google+ hangout?
DAVID BECKHAM: I'm not nervous.
I'm excited.
being here today, I was excited.
I woke up at 6 o'clock this morning.
Gave the kids breakfast just before I left and I was
excited about it.
It's something that I was really looking forward to.
So not nervous.
MARVIN CHOW: That's good.
I think--
Should I be?
I think--
I think you're doing fine.
I think afterwards it will be easy.
I mean, it's just video conferencing with a bunch of
your fans, talking face to face.
It seems like something you'd really enjoy.
DAVID BECKHAM: It should be fun, then.
MARVIN CHOW: And for those of you who would like to watch
that afterwards, David will be talking with some fans at
10:30 Pacific Time, right here on his Google+ profile.
So I think now, we're going to take some questions from
Googlers around the world.
I think we'll take a couple questions live from here in
the audience, and some preselected questions.
So any Googler that has a question, please
begin lining up.
But we'll start with a question from Michael
Complidger from London.
And he wants to know, did you have a role model as a child,
and who was it?
DAVID BECKHAM: I had a role model in football.
In soccer, sorry.
That was Bryan Robson.
He used to play for Manchester United.
He was captain of Manchester United.
He was captain of England.
He wore the number seven for Manchester United and England,
and everything that he did I wanted to do and become and do
exactly what he was like as a player.
And I was lucky because I wore number seven for Manchester
United, wore number seven for England, and captained England
and Manchester United.
So I was very lucky to have done that.
So he was a role model that I looked up to.
MARVIN CHOW: Why don't we take a live question over here?
With everything that you've accomplished in your career
and your life in general, what would you say is the most
meaningful accomplishment that you've had?
My family is--
It really is.
Obviously, I've done a lot in my career and I've been able
to be successful in different countries and different teams
and different leagues.
And I'm very proud of that, but my proudest
possession is my family.
MARVIN CHOW: Why don't we take one on this side?
I wonder if you could talk a bit about the London Olympics.
Obviously, you were involved in the bid at the time.
So are you hoping for a place in Team GB and what would it
mean to you to play at the Olympics?
DAVID BECKHAM: I mean, it's exciting for our country to
host one of the biggest sporting events in the world.
I think it's really exciting.
I think the buzz around England and around London,
especially around East London, where obviously, I was brought
up, it's exciting.
So yes, I would love to be part of Team GB.
I've never been involved in an Olympics, and when the team
came to me and said, we want you to be involved in the bid
to get the Olympics to our country, into
London, I wasn't skeptical.
But I was kind of nervous because I'm not an athlete
that has performed in the Olympics.
So I was worried what I was going to bring to the table,
and what I was going to do to help bring it to our country.
But to be there and to be part of a successful bid to bring
it to London, I was very proud.
It's one of the proudest moments that I've been
involved in.
Especially, to be sat there one side and then, the Paris
side was sat at the other side, and all the media,
actually, had moved to in front of the Paris team.
So we all of a sudden got worried, and then we expected
Paris to be called out.
And then London came out, and it was an exciting time.
It's going to be an amazing game.
We're going to make it proud.
MARVIN CHOW: That's great.
We have a question from Anushe Ganda from London.
And going back to the proudest moment--
in your footballing career so far, what would be the
proudest moment?
DAVID BECKHAM: Proudest moment in my footballing career?
It would have to be winning The Treble
for Manchester United.
The year '99 was a great year.
I got married, I had my first son, and we won The Treble.
So it was a big year.
MARVIN CHOW: We'll take a question on this side.
Since moving to California, what's the funniest
misunderstanding you or Victoria have had because of
your accent?
DAVID BECKHAM: I'm not sure we've had a funnier one then
as our children had the other day.
We were sat there in the kitchen.
Well, in our first year, and Brooklyn was writing on a
piece of paper or drawing or doing some sketching, and he
said, Daddy, I need some rubbers.
And I started looking around and I looked over and we had a
couple of friends there from the U.S. and
they looked in shock.
And I didn't understand it at the time but he now calls them
erasers, anyway.
MARVIN CHOW: That is awesome.
We'll take one on this side.
Thank you for coming.