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Woof, woof!
Mew, mew!
Psst, I think boys have a different pee-pee!
I think so too because my dad stands up when he potties.
I think he's scared the toilet's gonna eat him.
Me, too.
The toilet ate one of my cousins.
I like Brian, and we decided we're gonna get married at recess.
Oh, lucky!
I'm in love with AJ from the Backstreet Boys.
No, I'm in love with AJ from the Backstreet Boys!
Nuh-uh, I said it first!
Why don't you marry Howie instead?
Howie, nobody likes Howie!
I have to tell you a secret.
My mom gave me a training bra and I'm wearing it right now!
Does it hurt?
Psst, I have to tell you a secret but you can't tell anyone, okay?
I got my period.
My period.
What's that?
My Indian parents never taught me anything.
This blood coming out of my...
Yeah, and I can get pregnant now, so I have to be careful.
I can't hug any more boys.
I'm a woman.
I can't wait to get my period.
Kevin told me he likes me and he wants to kiss me.
Oh my god, when?
We're gonna kiss after school in the field.
Don't tell anyone.
So, what did your mom get for your birthday?
She let me shave my legs.
Did it hurt?
No, it was, like, smooth, and I couldn't even feel the sharp parts.
Yeah, I think my mom does something called waxing.
Waxing, yeah, I've heard of that.
I don't think it hurts, though.
Yo, the guy in my science class is so fine!
I love it when guys gel their hair.
Yeah, and he has his ear pierced.
Yo, when we graduate, we should totally go on a girl's trip.
Girl, yes!
Yo, Nick asked me out!
Oh my god, what is the date?
October 29th?
I need to remember this.
Oh my god!
What are you gonna get him for your one-month anniversary?
Oh, you're right!
Oh my god, I was dancing with Nick, and he put his hand on my butt.
Oh, I know, right?
I was so nervous, but then Mr. Gibson gave us a detention.
That's awesome.
I know.
Tomorrow, I'm totally gonna try to take his shirt off.
Oh yeah, uh, I hooked up with Jackson last night.
How was it?
Good but, like, a little intense.
His tongue was down my throat.
I know, right, but I mean, he's got the v-zone.
Oh, love the V.
Jackson is pissing me off!
Like, he keeps lying about the stupidest things!
Girl, I told you he's a player.
Jackson cheated on me.
Listen to me.
Don't you dare cry, okay?
You are too good for him!
Come here.
We should plan a girl's trip.
Ugh, my god!
Why is everyone getting married?
Like, just chill.
Ugh. I know. It's like, what's the rush?
Do you not have anything else to do?
I know, right?
Get a hobby.
Alex proposed!
Girl, we still haven't had a girl's trip.
We should definitely do that.
I've been so constipated.
Ugh, same.
I don't think I'm getting enough fiber.
You know what's really good?
Flax seeds.
Yeah, I just started buying them in bulk off Amazon.
Two-day delivery, it's pretty good.
I keep getting these long chin hairs.
Oh my god, same!
What the hell?
Yeah, and I don't even notice it until someone else points it out because they think it's a piece of hair on my face.
I'm just, like, doing me, you know?
You know, I feel like this year I really found myself.
Yeah, I'm in a good place.
I write in a journal.
That's good.
Sorry, rough night.
I hope you enjoy this video.
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One love, Superwoman.
That is a wrap, and zoom.



女生總愛聊個不停!各種年齡層的她們到底都在聊些什麼? (Girl Talk As You Grow Up)

1496 分類 收藏
Fibby 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 29 日    Fibby 翻譯    Steve 審核
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