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What would you change about yourself?
Physically? I mean, sh*t... I'm a fine motherf**ker, you know?
I wish my hair was a little longer.
What would you change about yourself?
What would I change?
That's a hard one.
There are so many things I would change.
Um... kind of fat.
Love to be thinner.
Yeah...I could probably lose an inch or two around the gut.
Because I've gotten chunky in my old age, and I want to sharpen up my physique.
I wish I was more social.
-Social. -Sociable.
I would be more outgoing.
-Open. -Patient.
-Humble. -Articulate.
-Courageous. -A little less anxiousness would be nice.
Like just walk up to a group of people and start a conversation, introduce myself.
I would shut up more often.
I take things more personally than I should.
I wish I didn't have a short temper.
I wanna be nicer to my family.
Be a little bit more communicative when I am pissed off.
My wife's over there, looking. Yes, she's nodding, yes.
-Would like to be more fit. -Fit.
Wish I had abs of steel.
Be nice to have like, a four pack.
I'm just too strong. I'd like to be weaker.
-Stop biting my nails. -No clammy hands.
-Probably my feet. -Legs.
-I'm too short. -Wanna be a little bit taller.
-Taller. -Shorter.
-Faster. -I wish I had a perfect singing voice.
I can't dance, so I'd love to become a dancer.
I would change my ability to commit to things I don't want to do.
Maybe some enthusiasm for work.
I would try not to dwell on stuff so much.
Be in the moment and not be so obsessive.
I would save more money.
-I'd be richer. -I'd grow a full beard.
I wish I wasn't so hooked on money, like I...
I have a really bad habit of interrupting people.
Be a better listener.
What would you change about yourself?
-My face? -Cheeks.
-Hair. -My ears.
-Voice. -Freckles.
-Wrinkles. -Teeth.
I would want them like super straight, you know?
I'd like to have blue eyes like my dad did.
-I hate my nose. -Nose.
I've always wanted a smaller nose.
I wish I didn't have resting bitch face all the time.
What would you change about yourself?
Um... How stubborn I am.
-I wish I wasn't so blunt. -So loud.
I would change my name.
I wish I could grow my hair out longer.
I wish I had hair.
Not procrastinate.
I would cure my anxiety.
I wish I had more overall... confidence.
I wish I was less clingy.
How emotional I am.
How ditsy I could be.
I would be less hard on myself.
I would not beat myself up about...my weight.
Stomach. Stomach.
Having a flat belly.
-Stretch marks. -My thunder-thighs.
-I wanna be thinner. -My lips are kinda fat.
-I wouldn't mind bigger breasts. -Big boobies.
I wish my skin wasn't so white.
My body hair, I'm like a gorilla.
I would probably get rid of a couple tattoos.
Wish I read more?
Be more school-smart.
Better at math.
I wish that I was instantly better at everything.
What's one thing you would change about yourself?
Um... not a goddamn thing, probably.



改變自己很痛苦,但不改變自己會吃苦!來聽聽大家想改變些什麼! (100 People Tell Us What They Would Change About Themselves | Keep it 100 | Cut)

6513 分類 收藏
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