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At the age of five, I was molested at the church my family has been members of for over 50 years.
He told me to never tell anyone and I'd be sinning if I did.
What is your biggest secret?
During my teenage years of depression, I got involved with the psychotic and obsessive guy that abused, threatened, and blackmailed me.
I swore if I had the money, I would have hired someone to kill him to relieve me of the nightmare I lived in.
My father died 14 years ago, but I still add his number to my contacts list every time I get a new phone.
I'm addicted to porn.
I am Christian, but sometimes I get terrified that this is all that there is.
I'm not religious or affiliated with any religion...
But we all have that similar feeling, and I have that same feeling that you, your eyes open all of a sudden, This is where you are and this is all that you have...
And that's scary.
I don't think much about leaving, but I do fantasize about what my life would be like if I didn't get married at 21, have two children before 25, or quit teaching because more money needed to come in.
When mom told me you had killed yourself, I was so relieved I would never have to tell you I'm gay.
First of all as a person who is gay, when I was in high school, I worked on a suicide hotline for three years.
I don't want anybody to ever feel relieved at.
I mean, what I gathered from this, is that a parent took their own life like to be relieved.
That's a lot of turmoil.
I feel for them.
I love my dad, but wish he would get a DUI just once.
Yeah, I think that's always really hard when you have a parent and you feel like that parent isn't as responsible you might like them to be.
I think you can still love someone but wish them to step up.
I think that's like a perfectly plausible thing to ask.
My best friend died because of me.
I'm 19 and I met her in a children's depression hospital after an attempted suicide.
A day after she contacted me and for some reason, I didn't reply.
I was scrolling through my Instagram feed.
I clicked their icon and read the comments, “RIP, miss you so much”.
It was.. , then I knew I had killed someone I love.
This situation hits me.
It hits me so deeply and almost instantly.
It's a subtle reminder that the influence that you leave on somebody could be eternal.
There's power in your presence; there's power in your influence; there's power in who you are.



不能說的秘密?!陌生人彼此揭露自己不為人知的秘密 (People Read Strangers' Biggest Secrets)

1808 分類 收藏
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