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Hi, welcome to this Master Class on how Cards, Playlists, and End Screens
can get you more views.
I'm Anshul, a creator from India, and I have a channel, Logical Baniya
where I create animated, story-based, educational content.
In the first episode we saw how to smartly use Playlists
to improve overall channel performance.
Today we will see how to smartly use Cards and End Screens
to improve channel performance.
For those of you who don't know
Cards are the interactive elements you see in the YouTube videos
and End Screens are the pieces of content that you add at the end of your video.
Let's start with End Screens first.
End Screens are something which you add to the end of your video
to encourage viewers to subscribe
or recommend them your other videos or playlists.
You can choose any of the templates from below.
Either you can choose a "2-video" template or a "subscribe or a video" template.
Once you've selected it, add a video or a playlist to it.
I personally love End Screens
because they are seen by users who have actually seen my entire video.
That means they're interested in my content and my channel.
Why would you let them go away to some other video
when you can actually add a video to the End Screen
and have a higher possibility of a viewer clicking it
and watching one of your other videos?
See this:
I have close to 5% of my views only through End Screens.
I have close to 8,000,000 views per month, and 5% of them through End Screens.
So that's 400,000 views.
That's the power of End Screens.
One thing: always remember to add an additional few seconds
at the end of the video for End Screens.
And make it interesting, otherwise the viewer will go away.
Along with videos, you can also add playlists in the End Screen.
I personally prefer using playlists in the End Screens
because with playlists
the average number of videos watched is 1.35x higher.
That means if a user is watching my video in a playlist
he or she watches more than 1 video.
Let's see what Cards are now.
I generally use 3 types of Cards: Polls, Video or Playlist, and Links.
Polls can help you to get more user engagement.
I create polls of puzzles, and use options to get user responses.
You can also create polls to get user preferences and feedback
for your videos or your channel.
Video or Playlist Cards.
When talking about a topic or a story you have explained in a previous video
you can use Cards to reference that video.
Links: I create games as well
so sometimes I use Links to redirect viewers to my games.
To conclude, to get the best out of these features
you will need to analyze how you can use these features on your videos.
For Cards, I started with Polls first
to teach my audience about the Cards' location
and then moved toward Videos.
For End Screens, I always prefer to use Playlists there.
Feel free to comment with what strategy works for you
and don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the YouTube Creators channel.
Thank you and bye-bye!


Get More Views with Cards & End Screens ft. Logical Baniya

155 分類 收藏
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