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Everybody has the desire to do something.
But they don't have that, they don't know how to really complete
the process of dedicating themselves and having the discipline to do it.
If you got the desire, you got a match.
Match that desire with your dedication, and you gotta match it with your discipline.
It may not happen at the moment that you wanted to,
but you gotta understand the process.
Everybody wants it yesterday.
What happens is, a lot of people set goals.
And they have this big goal and they look at it
like this giant staircase.
"That just seems impossible."
"I can't. I, there's no way. It looks too hard. It looks too much work."
And they don't ever start.
They set a goal, yeah, "I want to be at the top of that staircase'.
It's easy to write that down.
But when they go to actually start climbing it,
they just go: "Ahh, that's just so..I'm not sure.."
But if all you did was just look at the first step and get on that first step,
and then, when you're on that step, just look at the next step.
That's it.
Don't look up. Just look at that next step.
You have to understand that this is not going to be easy.
People think that it's, that there are no challenges.
Again, people want it yesterday.
Most people want the convenience of transformation, without the inconvenience.
What we do, is we kinda check out because it feels overwhelming.
Or we check out because we are afraid.
Or we check out because we start listening to self-doubt.
And then we make these teeny tiny decisions.
All day long.
We never realize it.
A decision to not get up on time.
A decision to not eat the right thing.
A decision to snap at your kids.
A decision to not speak in a meeting.
A decision to not look for a job.
Like, whatever it is, all day long these tiny decisions could take you so far off track.
And then you wake up and you look at your life and you think:
"How the hell did I get here?"
The reason why a lot of people won't become who they want,
is because they're too attached to who they've been.
And you hear it all the time when people say:
"I've always been this way."
Okay. Well if that's working for you, keep doing that.
Every single person who has ever done anything worthwhile,
or exceptional, or difficult, or extraordinary,
anyone, whether it's great artists or authors or mathematicians,
or whatever the f*** it is,
Everyone encounters difficulties.
There is no easy way road.
It does not exist.
It is impossible.
Everyone has issues.
When you come up with excuses for why other people are successful and you're not,
that it's dangerous.
When you give yourself and escape:
"Yeah, well that's easy for you to say, you know, you do this, you do.."
Trust me. Everybody has a hard road.
You have to look at the bigger picture.
You have to have belief in yourself.
And you have to have faith in yourself.
And faith is not really just having or understanding that everything would be okay,
but faith is, is understanding that if things don't go your way,
or if it doesn't turn out, the way you want to,
it's still gonna be okay.
We all go through hard times.
We all go through depression.
We all go through doubt and then moments in your life
where it's really difficult.
That is what makes you a person.
And those difficult moments are what build your character.
Show me a great man who's the son of a great man.
You know, it's what we're saying.
These kids that are born billionaires, you are never going to be a self-made person.
You have a backup trust for your back up trust, for your trust.
Feel the fear and do it anyway.
If you don't push yourself, you don't find out where the boundaries
of your current skill level are, and you don't fall
you don't get in better.
No matter how talented, experienced or privileged somebody else is,
you can beat anybody at anything.
You can accomplish any goal you set your sights on.
Over time.
If you are just more consistent than everybody else around you,
you will win every race that you run.
Somewhere, deep inside, you know what kind of person
you were designed to be.
If you wanna produce great acorns, think like an oak, not like an acorn.
Think like the person you intend to become.
Every seed has a tree in it.
And the potential success of that tree is in that seed.
And that's the way you are.
Whatever you were born to do and be, is in you now
and the success of your life depends on you becoming
all that is trapped inside of you.
What kind of seed is in you?
I believe, part of our responsibility in life,
is to find out who we are.
You were not born just to make a living and keep a job, and pay bills and then die.
You were not born just to retire and get some pension, and then fade away
and they put you in the flock somewhere.
You and I were born with the gift to make this a better place.
Our circumstances and situations did not lend itself to
of being successful.
Many of us were not raised in an ideal circumstance that prepared us
for where we really wanted to go.
And even though we loved the idea of being progressive
or prospering or intelligent or spiritual, the reality is
we were not aligned in the direction that we needed to be aligned
to go to where we try to go.
Ask yourself:
"How would the person I'd like to be, do the things I'm about to do?"
Success for the next year is going to be you making another step
toward fulfilling your purpose in life, while you were born making another step.
Work to your potential, not your quota.
If you wanna stay really motivated, if you wanna answer the question to
why people that have already made it keep pushing,
it is because they don't operate quotas, they operate of potential.
You're driven to reach their potential.
This is also a tad to their ethical obligation.
They know what they're capable of.
Nobody can tell you what you're capable of.
You're the only one that knows.
Work to your potential, not just a quarter and I promise you
You will be on fire day and night!
I never expected to be anything but ordinary.
I was raised to be nice and ordinary.
I expected I would grow up to be, my dad worked for the phone company,
I figure I'd go to work for the phone company, maybe work in an office.
I figured I'd work till 65 and have 1.3,4 kids, I'd retire at 65
and then I die at the statistical average age for my, you know, my gene pool.
That's what I expected.
Until one day in 1972, on the radio in the next room to mine,
I've heard a voice that changed everything.
I've heard the voice of Earl Nightingale, known at the time as the dean of the personal motivation.
He said: "If you will spend one extra hour each day,
studying your chosen field, you'll be a national expert in that field in five years or less.
That hit me like a tornado.
It rearranged everything in my life.
If you were to focus half and hour of study on one field of endeavor for five consecutive years,
you'd not only transform you, you'd transform the world around you.
And we collectively would transform the world as we know it today.
Know how you're smart.
Not just how smart you are in comparison to others
In what ways are you smart?
Know, what you care about?
What are values that motivate your choices?
Know what your personal velocity is.
The intensity and drive with which you naturally operate.
Know the background imprint.
Positive, neutral or negative that you carry with you
and what effect it has on you.
Know your behavioral style.
How you come across to other people.
Know the patterns in your choices.
So that you're continually learning more and more about
what is like to be you, so that you can do an even better job after.
What do you want me to do?
With the time you have left?
I say that if you don't reposition yourself, you can miss the best time.
In your life.
You are not reserving yourself for your highest and best use.
We are not using our life, our time, our energy
for our highest and best use.
You're missing your life, your purpose, your passion,
your excitement, your enthusiasm.
Ask yourself every day:
"How would the person I'd like to be, do the things I'm about to do?"
If you want to be successful in life, do not seek success.
Seek to become a person of value.
Make yourself valuable and they'll pay for you.
The mind of a champion, the relentless pursuit of always winning,
always conquering, always thinking what to do next, is instilled in all of us.
If you don't have what you want, stop telling yourself the story
because you don't have money, you don't have the time,
that's bullshit.
It's because you haven't committed yourself where you would burn your boats.
If you want to take the island, burn your f***ing' boats and you will take the island.
'Cause people when they're gonna either die or succeed, tend to succeed.
But most of us give ourselves a way out and that's way we don't have what we want.
So if you and I really wanna know what it's gonna take to get your dream and make it real,
is to stop all the things you told yourself that aren't.
And I'm here to tell what I said at the top of our discussion.
80% of success is psychology.
This is the secret.
As long as you're working toward your inner goal, your dream,
then success is possible.
The most important element is for you to be able to do this.
To be able to establish.
And most important, where you really are in your life today.
Where are you?
And where do you really wanna go?
What's gonna create this extraordinary life?
And then look at it brand new.
Because some of you right now, if you continue the direction you're going,
are gonna be successful and unfulfilled, unhappy and stressed.
You have to be self-disciplined.
It's necessary.
For everything, you do in your life.
If I want a better life tomorrow, I need to start working on it today.
Ambition is a minute-by-minute, day-by-day mentality.
To have the ambition to work towards a better family life,
a newer car, a bigger house, a financially secure future,
you have to live it every moment.
If living a successful life was easy, I'm sure more people would be successful.
If, where you are is not what you saw and what you are...
What's your dream?
A dream is the most valuable, delicate gift
you could ever have given to you.
And there are people out there, that will try to steal it.
Every single day of your life.
We have the ability to live a lifestyle that fits our goals and dreams.
You have the ability to put together any type of lifestyle you want your mind, and have it come true.
It's an ability that you have.
But you need to build that dream up and watch out for the dream stealers.
Going for small accomplishments along the way for however long it takes.
So let's think about this for a moment.
What outside evidence, or results, or proofs can be seen
when you accomplish your goals one step at a time?
You'll start to see things change around you.
Little things. Not major things.
But little everyday things.
Things you may not even notice unless you are paying attention.
If you are one of those who'd rather stay up late,
and get up late, only to discover that your workplace doesn't fit your schedule,
and you roll up of bed cursing the alarm clock every morning,
maybe you could start with a little change of going to bed half an hour earlier than normal.
And maybe you'll see, in time, of course, you can't train your body overnight.
Maybe you'll find out that you jumped out of bed in a better mood.
And that your day it will start better.
And that you'll get more done.
And that the people around you that caused you problems, aren't so hard to work with after all.
It all starts by making one little change.
And adding to it, every day.
If you're creative enough can you find the answer, yes or no?
If you're determined enough can you find the breakthrough, yes or no?
If you're passionate loving enough, can you get someone to help you, yes or no?
If there's no way that you're committed, can you find the money,
even if you don't have it, yes or no?
So I said.
These are the ultimate human resources.
And when you engage these resources, you can get any other resource.
The key to Kingdom Success on Earth,
is initiating and planning the change.
Change will happen with or without you.
Time will move with or without you.
Success, therefore, is always in your hands because
everybody have to deal with both time and change.
Start changing how you look at mornings.
And sure enough, people will start changing how they look at you.
When you start changing how you think, how you act, how you treat others, how you treat yourself.
When you start responding instead of reacting to life, life will start responding to you.
I'm telling you that you can do it with your life style.
You can do it with your sales career.
You can do it with your management career.
you can do it with any part of your life.
Your dream is only a dream until it has a plan.
You can dream of the kind of life you want,
you can dream of the kind of change you want,
you can dream of the kind of future you want,
but until you wake up.
And begin to plan to get there.
Or it will only be a dream.
When you get up tomorrow morning and you're standing in front of the mirror,
getting ready for the day, remind yourself that you are somebody.
That you are important.
And that you can make the changes that will move you closer to your ideal future.
The only key to regulating and controlling change is planning.
If you don't have a plan, you have no protection.
A plan doesn't only tell you what you want to do.
A plan tells you what you don't want to do.
And so, the key to success, on your journey through this planet,
is to have a clear plan.


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