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Welcome to
Fifty Shades of TwoSet Violin.
Today we will be reading some...
that some of you guys have written out there
and I'm telling you,
I have not read them yet but I am, um...
to see what kind of stuff
you guys have cooked up.
I'm not.
I don't know why you're talking like that.
I just want to say it.
- You say the parts involving you. - Ahh.
On his screen?
That's you.
What the hell?!
Ha, ha, ha.
Oh wait, that's you.
You're examining me.
(both) Okay.
I would like some coffee.
Why am I in New York?
- What— Where— I'm so confused. - I don't know.
Okay, so, we're in different places -
Yeah, yeah I guess so.
There was a little pause.
Oh, yeah, like...
Dude, this is so cheesy.
"And be on time for once!"
"Or we're going to be like two violists
jumping off a roof."
Nice reference there!
Appreciate it.
"And we don't want that, do we?
And I'll sulk.
You don't want me to sulk, do you?"
Eddy squashed his nose against the camera...
...and the picture went dark,
and he hung up.
Brett looked at the arrivals screen and sighed.
How bloody typical.
"Be at the airport, be on time for once,"
but now his plane was delayed.
One whole hour.
Brett knew he had a bit of...
Wait, wait.
So I'm late?
- Yeah. - Dude,
Excuse me!
Who wrote this?! How do you know?
What is that even supposed to mean?
It means...
you look thick-skinned,
but you're actually rather sensitive.
Yeah, I'm pretty sensitive guys.
He has thin skin.
Bro, what the -
Who wrote this?!
I'm so confused!
This is like...
- grammatical... - Okay.
Argh! All right.
"Anymore delays, and I'll think you've switched
to the viola, Eddy, mate!"
I thought.
That's right!
Step out of your comfort zone, Brett!
"It's not the technical difficulties anymore,
it's the stillness.
You look like you've found that special still place, man."
Eddy added,
"From the stillness
you get to feel the natural pulse of the piece.
Don't add to it.
Sound is good too,
really rounded...
"There's" -
*laughs* Oh god.
This is definitely [inaudible].
Brett found a bench facing the arrival screens
and sat down.
What's the R word?
But maybe they'd have to talk about
- h... how they saw - Oh, like the relationship.
the future?
Nah. You don't speak about the future either.
You stay in the moment!
That's what they loved.
That's why—
That's why they loved music.
It brought you in the moment.
Brett closed his eyes
and went through the score of the partita in his head,
with the fingers of his left hand on his...
You didn't know a piece until you
knew it by heart.
He could make up for the lost practice this way.
It wouldn't be all wasted time after all.
Oh my god.
I see where this is going.
Brett's mind got stuck. What came next?
He never—
This never usually happened.
He had the Gigue at the tip of his fingers.
Come on, man.
Oh my god.
Mate, can we skip to the part where we meet?
- Yeah, this is— Yeah, skip. - This is taking too long.
They loved to play video games after practicing.
They'd practice separately at Brett's place
because the house was big with lots of rooms,
then they'd try some duets together,
or make up their own...
- Man, this is so elaborate. - This goes forever.
I know.
I want to skip to the part where we meet!
Oh, wait.
What the hell?!
Wait, no no no no.
Something just escalated.
No no no no no no.
Let's skip. Okay.
We gotta read this.
Let's go from here.
So we're just gonna fast forward,
and apparently we're flashbacking to
how we played video games after practicing.
"You cheat, give it back!"
"You sore loser!"
"I won!"
"You didn't! Admit it, I'm your Senpai!
You can't win against me!
Say, 'yes Senpai', say it!"
He concentrated on pinning Eddy
by the wrists -
*laughs* This went...
All right.
- I think this is when it gets—starts - - All right.
This is—
This is what you guys have been waiting for.
Oh, no.
Let me say it again.
Why am I reading this?
And I ignore it? What?
I don't know why I'm giggling like a little girl,
- Yeah, I'm freaking out. - but this is very funny.
Brett felt a rush of heat travel through his toes
to the top of his head.
He'd never felt so good,
so physically good in his life.
Why am I reading this paragraph?!
I don't know, you can read it,
I'm done.
I'm meditating.
Oh, god.
He felt Eddy's hand on his back
and he wound his arm
more tightly around Eddy's waist.
He pressed
his whole
harder against Eddy's.
They were both breathing fast.
Eddy had closed his eyes.
Brett looked at his lips,
they were slightly apart.
I think that's enough for this episode.
I don't know if this is something you guys...
want to watch, in fact
please—please do not watch this video,
please don't like or subscribe,
because I don't know if we want to keep
reading these.
But they are very good!
Thank you very much,
for writing this beautiful fanfiction.
It was heartfelt,
very inspiring.
I love...
the musical references...
And yeah, I guess...
if you guys like this,
maybe we'll do some more.
But until next time...


雙琴俠(Two Violins One BAE (Reading Your Fan Fictions!)) (Two Violins One BAE (Reading Your Fan Fictions!))

182 分類 收藏
Angel Chen 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 18 日
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