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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 267. Today we have two quotes by
Confucius. And we have done a few other quotes by him in the past. So again if
you like this video, go back and check the others. Okay. Let's look at the first
quote. " The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute. The man who does not
ask is a fool for life. " Okay. Let's take a look at this. What Confucius
is letting you know here is there's no such thing as a foolish question. It is
better to ask and search out the answer than to remain ignorant.
He's also letting you know, don't let the fear of risking some embarrassment stop
you from searching out and getting knowledge. Okay. Yeah. I know even as a
teacher sometimes, I know that sometimes students don't want to ask a question
because they're afraid if they ask a question, the question may sound like a
stupid question. Sometimes they, it may hold them back from asking. You should
ask it. You should always ask it. Get it out there and get it straight once and
for all. Well, let's continue here. Okay. So even if
you suffer a moment of embarrassment that is much better than remaining
ignorant. Your fears may be unfounded anyway. Maybe even though you think it's
a stupid question, maybe other people may not really think it's a stupid question
or maybe they're thinking , oh good I'm glad you asked that I was thinking the
same thing.So you never know. Only through knowledge can you advance. Okay.
All right. And here's the second quote. Learn avidly. Remember, if you're avid
learner an avid reader, it means you have a lot of enthusiasm about it. You should
be excited about learning, " Learn avidly. Question it repeatedly. " So always
question again like many of the other famous people or great people or
intelligent people a lot of them actually stress this point. "Analyze it
carefully. Then put what you have learned into practice. "Yeah. Well if you learn
something from these quotes, try to try to practice or try to practice what you
preach or try to you know put it into practice, if you figure it out. It's
telling you ... All right. So here we go. Even things you think you already know
and are definite should be questioned from time to time. So even if you think well
I know that already. I don't have to look at that. No. Look again because you never
know just in case one was misled, especially if there seems to be
questions that don't make sense. Sometimes there are things in life that
we just kind of say okay well that's what they told us. That's it. But I don't
know does it really make sense ? You should question those. After discovering
truths and knowledge. Use it. Put it into practice or at least spread it to others
if you can. Okay. Good. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was food for
thought. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Quotes (267) Confucius - Two Quotes

39 分類 收藏
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