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Jeff and Susie, so many questions about this.
Like is this a publicity stunt or does Burger King really want you to have it your way?
The Traffic Jam Whopper.
A Burger King Whopper delivered right to your car.
That's the case for drivers in Mexico City.
We use real-time data to detect our potential buyers in a traffic jam to offer them a Whopper and deliver on the move.
According to several reports, the director car delivery service uses motorcyclists to deliver food to those stuck in traffic.
This promotional video comes from the advertising company We Believers.
They say Mexico City was the test city.
Here is how it works.
Drivers order from the app when they are within a delivery zone about a two-mile radius.
Once they complete the order, their food will be delivered in about 15 minutes.
Our media is 100% dynamic, promoting our service only in high congestion zone.
The messages displayed information about the remaining time in traffic to order.
The video says that Burger King has plans to move to other cities, L.A. being one of them, something this taxi driver can get behind.
It's pretty good I think.
It saves a lot of time, you know, to everyone.
This guy likes the idea, too.
That sounds fine to me because that's what I do for a living is deliver food.
But he does have concerns.
Safety is a huge concern.
This driver agrees.
To have this person speeding through lanes tying to get you your fast-food that you can go and get yourself from a freaking drive through, makes no sense.
And I reached out to Burger King.
I'm still waiting to hear back, but it is obvious that they are promoting their app.
I also reached out to CHP asking if they heard about this.
They tell me: they have not.
Reporting live from Sherman Oaks, I am Chris Holms for KCAL 9 news.



【多元文化】塞在車陣中還能吃到熱騰騰的漢堡王?全球獨家墨西哥搶先開跑! (Burger King To Deliver Whoppers To Driver Stuck In Traffic)

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