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Shut it down!
Shut it down!
Shut it down!
Dad, strike day!
My name is Sophie Anderson, and I am 16 years old.
Revolution! - All right let's go.
I live in Brooklyn, and I am the national coordinator of Extinction Rebellion Youth US.
I'm Kiana Low.
I'm 17 years old.
Approximately half of my school, around 200 kids, we're gonna be leaving after third period.
I think that there's around like 30,000 people that will show up.
So I'm very excited to see what will come out of this.
My name is Alessandro Dal Bon.
I'm 15 years old, and I'm a high school student in New York.
Today I'm going to school, then I'm gonna head down to Foley Square where the march will begin.
We in New York City are gonna be marching with Greta Thunberg and demand climate action.
I'm pretty overwhelmed, ummm.
But that's been kinda constant over the last month.
To have this day like finally be here is so exciting.
All right we'll get a photo here.
What do we want?
Climate action!
No, justice.
I think the voice that we have as youth is really distinctive.
It's really raw, and it doesn't see through a lot of the BS that adults kinda get caught up in.
I'm happy about today because I know I'm gonna get out there. I'm gonna be in the streets.
We're gonna be there, we're gonna be striking for what we believe in and that we're gonna save our planet.
You know, usually a lot of people think that the individual can't make a humongous difference.
But I actually think that you can.
It's always hard to be the first person to make that step.
Once you have an example, it's inspiring and it's easier to follow someone.
If you want a future with blue skies, if you want a future with a livable planet, speak to the power.
Strike for our earth.
My family is actually really happy with my activism and with everything I'm doing.
Knowing that I have my parents' support is really important for me.
They are learning about this just the way I am.
Yeah, yeah, it's crazy and also all the Brooklyn schools are meeting up.
Growing up in this generation people can kind of dismiss you.
Obviously, our country's extremely polarized right now.
And I think that, especially on social media, it's so hard to have a discussion.
But when you're face-to-face with someone and you have those kinds of conversations it's so much more productive.
We are at Foley Square in Manhattan in New York City.
I'm gonna be one of the MC's here, which means that I get to do first introductions.
Guys, there are people for miles in every single direction.
Look what we have done!
It's pretty crazy, I mean look at all the people here.
Shut it down!
I do think actions like these force people to listen.
If there are so many people involved in a movement and so many people, um, who are striking for something they believe in then the politicians and the billionaires will be forced to listen.
I'm just an average 17-year-old, but there are thousands of other teenagers just like me.
I hope that this works.
The world is watching us, and we're using our voice in a really powerful way.
We are unstoppable, a better world is possible.



【環境教育】全球響應!青少年為地球走上街頭! (Meet the Teenagers Fighting to Save Our Planet)

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